• Future of Music,

    30 Mar 2008, 4:54

    I have never been much of a philosophical person to others; mostly because I can never find the words, but here it goes.

    There are two sides of music, the side I can at least tolerate, and the side I try to ignore. I have felt the power of music first hand; but what I hear on the radio, on TV clearly isn't music. For whatever reason people have decided to stop listening to music and have settled for the atrocities that is popular music.

    What bothers me most is indie music; well not all indie music. Indie music who have no clue that indie is just short for independent. Bands like: Motion City Soundtrack, Linkin Park, or Fall Out Boy This is music designed by committee not musicians. This isn't music rather it's clever marketing being fed to the public. In fact this so called music seems to more of a very successful attempt to sell cloths, cell phones, and iPods. To be completely honest admit to listening to this crap, I just discovered underground music a year ago.

    Now this has been going on for awhile. This is how our Backstreet Boys or Brittany Spears came to be. Even the Beatles can be noted as a marketing trick. A few misguided teens attempt to get a job as model and walk out with a degree in lip syncing accepted at of the four major record labels. In fact people have been saying music is going downhill since the demise of classical music.

    The basis of cultural information is a Meme. Memes are ideas, songs, habits passed on from one person non genetically. The problem is mass culture is too powerful and basicly force feeds the public with these memes. People of the same culture generally act alike in a way. But due to mass culture basically all of the western world act and does alike. We mimic what we see and we all see basically the same thing.

    Sun Ra said this about racism, these words apply to many things
    I couldn't approach black people with the truth because they like lies. They liveblame for everything, but then I found out that they were just puppets and pawns of some greater force, which has been using them … Some force is having a good time and looking, enjoying itself up in a reserved seat, wondering, "I wonder when they're going to wake up." lies … At one time I felt that white people were to blame for everything, but then I found out that they were just puppets and pawns of some greater force, which has been using them … Some force is having a good time and looking, enjoying itself up in a reserved seat, wondering, "I wonder when they're going to wake up."

    So what does all these mean for the future of music? Were screwed. As long as mass culture stays the same music will continue on a downward spiral until people wake up and see the world for themselves.

    I guess my opinion has changed a bit. For the most part I hate movies. Yet, occasionally I will view a movie that I actually like; for at least a moment that film changes my perspective on the world. I think music has a very similar effect on me but in a more abstract way. When listening to radio (sometimes even eclectic) it seems that the music is very consistent and to some extent very shallow in almost every way. So maybe some people don't want to be impacted by music emoutionally.
  • February Recommendations

    4 Feb 2008, 22:44

    ::February Recommendations

    Fully Streamable Music for the Fanacially Deprived Music Lover Inside All Of Us
    Music is very expensive; I need a job. Maybe if I purchased it in bulk but I really don't see the idea of a three pack of the same Bob Marley CD (apologies for being an American).

    4hero Parallel Universe This brings me back to the 90's living in a Chicago suburb underground music managed to find it's way to us so when I wasn't jamming out to the Backstreet Boys I always had an odd mix tape to keep my ears from committing suicide. The CD or LP traditionally goes for about $150. But I should warn you this album is trippy. Sounds from the black hole

    Hooverphonic The Magnificent Tree
    Hooverphonic is a strange band, I am sure the band itself is perfectly normal, but the music grows on you to an extreme extent. I found Blue Wonder Power Milk for $7 and haven't looked back since.

    Nouvelle Vague Bande a Part
    Nouvelle Vague mixes lyrics from New Wave songs with Bossa Nova and surprisingly it works; well. Most of the album is streamable.
  • January Recommendations

    4 Feb 2008, 22:17

    ::January Recommendations

    1. 4hero - Two Pages 1998
    2. Bonobo - Days to Come 2006
    3. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2001
    4. Amon Tobin - Foley Room 2007
    5. Mazzy Star - Among My Swan 1997

    February: Music for the poor!

    Sorry if the years are wrong, too lazy to check (:
  • Shure SE110 Review

    26 Dic 2007, 5:35

    I needed a new pair of headphones for my Walkman (MP3 players takes out all the fun out of music) and wanted quality without the price. SE110's can be purchased for about $80-$100 and can be found almost every where and feature noise oscillating "technology" (thing earplugs). For $100 you get 2 styles of ear pieces (foam and rubber) each coming in three different sizes.

    For the most part the headphones seem extremely well built, the splitter is right above the plug which I believe is to make splitting music easier, because of that the headphones also come with a three foot cord which seems a bit too long for every day use, luckily buying a shorter cord is relatively cheap. Cosmetically they look very nice until of they are put in the ear. All the connections are gold plated. They seem be getting increasingly comfortable. The cord needs to wrapped behind the ears if you want them to stay in this can be difficult at times. The back of the ear buds have a piece of rubber on them to keep them from slipping. If you have smaller ears I would be worried about the 110's fitting

    It seems like a was uses a earpiece that was to big, now that I am using a smaller one they seem much lighter and almost as if they arn't there and they seem to block noise even better

    The headphones sound very nice. The bass is very impressive, Angel it's not over powering at all but you still can hear it very well but in [track artist=Nelly Furtado]Say It Right the bass seems very muffled but it may be the actual track and in that case I'm impressed. The SE110's audio seem well balanced if you play your music accessibly loud I would be worried about the high's, but these did play The Water with grace. The lows seem fine too. It They can get much louder then you want them to which is good I guess. Shure SE110's block out noise very well, right now it blocks almost all the sounds of a keyboard and a television downstairs what impressed me the most is how the SE110's blocked out the sound of a noisy vacuum almost completely. Although I am a bit worried it will block out my alarm clock on the off chance that I fall asleep with them in.

    Decent Sound...
    Blocks Outside Sound...
    Very Comfortable at least for me...
    BIG Very Noticeable...
    Somewhat Intrusive they go very deep in the ears...
    Probably Uncomfortable For Most People apparently
  • Happy New Years A year of in Review

    22 Dic 2007, 18:01

    Since I started using (about 8 months ago) my music taste has became a lot more eclectic. About 1 year ago what I listened to can be described simply as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur, and Radiohead. All very talented and popular groups but that's all I listened to. But then something happened, Air popped into my recommendation with their song Mer du Japon, and I couldn't get over it, so simple so pretty, it was like nothing I had heard before long I was exploring the world of . Trip Hop was something new, something revolutionary to me, and soon I began to learn to listen. Before I knew it I was listening to everything I can find from Bossa Nova to Drum and Bass to Rock. More recently I have discovered bands like 4hero and Bonobo both amazing bands and I love listening to their similar artist station.

    Looking ahead to the future I think I get even more lost in the world of Electronic Musics with (Inner City Life wow! and maybe even (I live an hours train ride from Chicago, the birth place of house). Beyond that I want to get deeper into Jazz, all jazz , , I don't care, I love Jazz.

    I also want to get into Indian Music but don't know where to start if someone can point to the right spot that would be great.

    Happy Holidays
  • "Free Samples"

    27 Jun 2007, 19:20

    There is a lot of things wrong with the recording industry. We all know that by now.

    The food industry will often offer free samples of their food in grocery stores and restaurants to inform people that the product they are sampling protect exists and that it is a quality product that you enjoy often giving people the impulse to buy that right away product. I feel this can (and is) be(ing) translated into the recording industry well. Recently I was looking into the Cinematic Orchestra's new album (Ma Fleur. Being ran from an independent label ninja tunes they offered a shortened sample of To Build a Home. Downloading it and adding it to my library out of impulse, I listened to and absolutely loved it. In about two days I listened to it several times, and loved every second of it, I felt obligated to listen to the samples of the other tracks and loved those sounds also. I even went the extra mile and recommended it to my friends.

    When a label offers a free MP3 I usually download it, listen to it, and if I like it I will usually give it higher priority on my CD list. Obviously if I don't like it I may avoid it completely. I think you have to be confident about your product to offer something like this.
  • CD Collection [canceled]

    9 Jun 2007, 20:53

    Sorry, but this is starting to become too much of a pain to update, sorry, I will try to database it.
  • Headphones

    31 May 2007, 2:40

    Recently my left earbud has become mute on my cheap Philips headphones I bought for $30 at target. That was my last pair of earbuds, and I am back to using some cheap old headphones.

    I have been looking around and I think I am set on these,
    Shure E3c's they cost between $130 to $200 and feature great quality for the buck.

    I also looked at the v-moda vibe, but decided against it when I realized it didn't have much of a warranty which could be problematic since earphones are not a high yield product.

    Now I am leaning towards these:
  • Summer Album Wishlist

    31 May 2007, 1:17

    In no Apparent Order Purchased Album Will Have Some Comments in italics:

    I will not review the albums in great detail, since every art is perceived so differently. I recommend you listen to the music on youtube (or its amazing what you can gout of 30 seconds) to see if you like it. I am doing this to give people with similar

    I think this list has outgrown my wallet

    Explosions in the Sky
    _The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
    _or whatever else is cheap
    The Flaming Lips
    _Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
    __Its intrestingm, it tells a story like a country song but throughout an album, it features a combination of rock and pop beats, but it doesn't seem to convey the emotion that other music does, who cares if it was designed with machine like precision it still seems cold in some ways, I really haven't taken a good listen so this may be premature.
    __Great Vocals; enjoyable, easy, mellow, dark, dynamic, gentle, sound, it can be appreciated in distracting situations. I like it! I like the use if the turntable in Wandering Star. Listening to the entire album can become repetitive.
    _Moon Safari
    Great album overall, think I enjoy their later work better
    _Virgin Suicides
    _10,000 Hz Legend
    I expected more, not that good but I think I need a second look
    Massive Attack
    _The Sea
    The Dandy Warhols
    _Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
    1 Giant Leap
    _1 Giant Leap
    Red Sparowes
    _At The Soundless Dawn
    The Cardigans
    _Gran Turismo
    The Rapture
    _Pieces Of The People We Love
    Thievery Corporation
    _The Mirror Conspiracy
    Good but RMB is better \/
    _The Richest Man in Babylon
    The Shins
    _Oh, Inverted World
    Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Buying Music is Enjoyable,

    16 May 2007, 3:42


    Album Art is Cool
    Artist Need Money
    Sounds Better Then MP3's

    Recently purchased
    -Greatest Hits
    -Talkie Walkie
    A legit version of Pocket Symphoney