My top 5 Evanescence songs


26 Mar 2012, 21:07

1. Bring Me to Life
2. Going Under
3. Everybody's Fool
4. Imaginary
5. Tourniquet

Fallen, what can I say, a masterpiece and a breakthrough debut album... I could easily enlist the whole thing as a top 10 (plus extra track).

I'm glad I bought this record when I was younger, 'cos since rediscovering the CD in spring 2011, it has helped me a lot; crucial timing. Amy Lee rocks! The trouble with writing this kinda killer material (akin to, though unlike Siamese Dream) is that it makes the output that followed seem rather weak in comparison! Although I'm not very familiar with their latest two albums... I also believe this is my first (and only) record of the gothic rock genre.


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