• The Dark side of Agustín Acevedo Kanopa

    7 Mar 2008, 17:55

    Siempre me gustaron los New Radicals

  • Rankings obsesivos: Sonic Youth studio albums (1982-2006)

    19 Feb 2008, 4:15

    01-Daydream nation (10.0 pts)
    02-Goo (8.5 pts)
    03-Evol (8.5 pts)
    04-NYC Ghosts and flowers (8.0 pts)
    05-Washing machine (8.0 pts)
    06-Sister (8.0 pts)
    07-Sonic Nurse (7.5 pts)
    08-Bad moon rising (7.5 pts)
    09-A Thousand leaves (7.0 pts)
    10-Rather ripped (7.0 pts)
    11-Confusion is sex (7.0 pts)
    12-The whitey album (6.5 pts)
    13-Dirty (6.0 pts)
    14-Sonic Youth (6.0 pts)
    15-Experimental jet set, trash and no Star (4.5 pts)
    16-Murray Street (4.0 pts)
  • All time favourite records (sujeto a revisión)

    8 Feb 2008, 15:11

    01-Radiohead- Ok Computer
    02-Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation
    03-Buenos Muchachos-Uno con uno y así sucesivamente
    04-The Mars Volta-Frances the Mute
    05-John Coltrane-A love supreme
    06-Led Zeppelin-Houses of Holy
    07-GY!BE-Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven
    08-Frank Zappa-Hot Rats
    09-Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited
    10-The Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground and Nico
    12-My bloody Valentine-Loveless
    13-Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
    14-King Crimson- Red
    15-Dinosaur jr.-Bug
    16-Can-Tago Mago
    17-Guided by Voices-Bee thousand
    18-Pink Floyd-Dark side of the moon
    19-La hermana menor-Todos estos cables rojos
    20-Nick Cave and the bad seeds- Your funeral, my trial
  • Futuras compras en Amazon

    1 Feb 2008, 14:00

    Primera partida:
    -Cat Power - Dear Sir
    -The Telescopes - Taste
    -GY!BE - Lift your skinny fists...
    -Suicide - Suicide (con el bonus disc)
    -Guided by voices - Bee thousand

    -Jon Savage - England's Dreaming

    Otro material para tener a consideración
    -NEU! - NEU!
    -Sr. Chinarro- La primera ópera envasada al vacío
    -Triangulo de Amor Bizarro (puta, no se pueden comprar en Amazon)
    -Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
    -Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted
    -Dinosaur jr - Bug
    -GY!BE- Slow Riot for new Zero Kanada
    -The Pop Group- Y

    -Please kill me
    -No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980 de Thurston Moore, Lydia Lunch y Byron Coley
    -No Wave: Marc Masters y Rob Young
    -CODEX Seraphiniaus
    -Rip it up and start it again, de Simon Reynolds