Because I love stealing these things from Robotu


20 Mar 2012, 2:07

▶ Ignoring solo artists, list your TOP 10 overall duos/groups/bands.
▶ List your original bias and then your current bias of each one.

01. 소녀시대
Original bias: Taeyeon
Current bias: Taeyeon

02. SHINee
Original bias: Onew
Current bias: Onew, Key

03. Super Junior
Original bias: Leeteuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Henry
Current bias: Donghae, Kyuhyun, Henry

Original bias: TOP
Current bias: TOP

05. f(x)
Original bias: Krystal, Amber
Current bias: Krystal, Amber

06. T-ARA
Original bias: None.
Current bias: Jiyeon

07. B1A4
Original bias: Jinyoung
Current bias: Jinyoung

08. C.N.Blue
Original bias: Yonghwa
Current bias: Jonghyun

09. miss A
Original bias: Jia
Current bias: Jia, Suzy

10. 2NE1
Original bias: Bom
Current bias: Bom

Funny, my taste is always changing but I barely change of bias.


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