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18 Abr 2006, 3:23

When your home during the holidays, sick, you get reeeeally bored.I'm bored, so doing alotta these survey type things sorry if its annoyin :P

Well, to start off simple, what song will be played at my marriage?
Song: We Belong Together
Artist: Mariah Carey
Comments: Well, thats kinda scary, in my last journal i think it was, i said this reminds me of my future.wo0ho0!!

What will my husband's personality be like?
Song: Caught Up (Remix)
Artist: Usher
Comments: Not sure, but its changed since hes been with me :)

Will cheating become an issue?
Song: With You
Artist: Linkin Park
Comments: Hmmmm thats kinda a hard one, maybe he thinks im gonna cheat on him?

What will me and my spouse do on our honeymoon?
Song: Down in a Hole
Artist: Alice in Chains
Comments: gonna hide in a hole!

Will the marriage last, or will there be some sort of divorce?
Song: Right Here in My Arms
Artist: HIM
Comments: i think itll last, we'll be so in looovvve!

What sort of wedding will it be?
Song: Escape From Reality
Artist: 8 Foot Sativa
Comments: lol...

What will my in-laws be like?
Song: We Be Burning
Artist: Sean Paul
Comments: they want me to help legalise?ha yeah sounds bout right!

Where will the wedding take place?
Song: Turn the Page
Artist: Metallica
Comments: omaha?

What will be the scariest thing about it?
Song: The Ex
Artist: Billy Talent
Comments: it reminds me of my ex

What will be the best thing about it?
Song: Cant Let Her Go
Artist: Fabolous ft. Lil Mo
Comments: my husband wont be able to let go of me?

Will my parents like my spouse?
Song: Nothing Else Matters
Artist: Metallica
Comments: it doesnt matter what they think

What should I wear?
Song: Lose You Tonight
Artist: HIM
Comments: I dont think that matters either

Any other bits of helpful advice for my wedding?
Song: I Wanna Be Sedated
Artist: Ramones
Comments: lol it mite be stressful!!

What's for dinner tonight?
Song: Slither
Artist: Metallica
comments: ewwww a worm!

yeeeah that is interesting..


  • Cloverbell

    [quote]Comments: they want me to help legalise?ha yeah sounds bout right![/quote] Hahahaaaa~ That's funny! =D

    18 Abr 2006, 3:41
  • Sykotic_X

    I don't get it, do you write both the song and the comment, or is the song taken from recently/most played? PS You look [u]very[/u] familiar, but we're in different cities... weird...

    18 Abr 2006, 9:26
  • Halcyon9

    your planning your wedding? creepy...

    26 Jun 2006, 4:10
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