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13 Sep 2006, 11:21

I had to go into college for no reason whatsoever so now I'm bored.

Ten bands/artists you couldn't live without (in no particular order):
(1) Aphex Twin
(2) Meat Puppets
(3) Explosions in the Sky
(4) Boards of Canada
(5) Incubus
(6) The Dillinger Escape Plan
(7) The Cure
(8) Toshio Masuda
(9) Godspeed you! Black emporer
(10) Pink Floyd

Nine albums that are important to you (again, in no particular order):
(1) Drukqs
(2) Up on the Sun
(3) How Strange, Innocence
(4) Geogaddi
(5) Too High To Die
(6) Disintegration
(7) Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas To Heaven
(8) 26 Mixes for Cash
(9) Make Yourself

Eight movies you'd watch over and over:
(1) Fight Club
(2) Anchorman
(3) Requiem For A Dream
(4) Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
(5) Devils Advocate
(6) Snatch
(7) Howl's Moving Castle
(8) Pi

Seven things that you love:
(1) Music
(2) Guitar
(3) Gigs
(4) Reading
(5) Drawing
(6) Aphex Twin
(7) Meat Puppets

Six of your favorite songs (currently):
(1) Avril 14th
(2) Maiden's Milk
(3) Moya
(4) 99 Red Balloons
(5) The Passenger
(6) Wish You Were Here

Five TV shows you watch(ed) regularly:
(1) C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation
(2) Scrubs
(3) Brass Eye
(4) The Day Today
(5) Jam

Four of your all-time-favorite books:
(1) Choke! By Chuck Palahniuk
(2) Junkie By William S Burroughs
(3) Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk
(4) Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas By Hunter S Thompson

Two Artists you would like to do the NASTY with:
(1) Christina Scabbia From Lacuna Coil
(2) Marla(I think its her name) From Bleeding Through

One band whose music would be described as writing the soundtrack of your life:
(1) Aphex Twin




  • fantom_slobode

    yay, i've been looking for that one for ages... but whatever happened to number 3? you have four books, and then two artists... you superstitious or something?

    14 Sep 2006, 7:22
  • cazzina

    I thought that much. Theif. :p

    14 Sep 2006, 8:08
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