iTunes Stats Survey.


11 Oct 2009, 17:24

iTunes Stats Survey

My disclaimer: I know just about everybody hates these things, but I like surveys and stats so ;lsadf. Get over it. This journal is more for my own time-wasting fun than others. You can read it if you want, but don't bitch to me about all the time I've caused you to waste because you read it. The title should be a good indication as to what this is, so ;lfj.

How many songs are in your iTunes?: 3413
Total time: 10:05:12:56
Total GBs: 13.5 GB
What song are you listening to right now?: The Truth of My Perception

Sort the songs in alphabetical order.
First song: À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)
Last song: 96 Quite Bitter Beings

Album order.
First song: Jesus Christ Pose
Last song: In Spite of Fear

Artist order.
First song: evolution of the elohim
Last song: Slow Motion Riot

Year order.
First song: Here Comes the Sun (1969)
Last song: Parasites (2009)

Time order.
First song: Third Of Its Kind (0:19)
Last song: Crimson II (41:26)

Genre order.
First song: Supersonic (Alternative)
Last song: Gates to Hell (Windows Sounds) >.>

Shuffle! - Put the music playlist on shuffle.
1st song: Killers
2nd: Ghetto Box
10th: A New Day Yesterday
50th: Wildflower
100th: Scared (2007 Edit)
200th: Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
250th: Findaway
279th: Illusions

Search for the following phrases and write the number of tracks that come up for each.
"love": 66
"hate": 62
"sex": 7
"fail": 8
"fall": 91
"you": 181
"fuck": 8
"kill": 84
"death": 116
"dead": 72
"evil": 26
"heaven": 23
"hell": 66
"dark": 68
"light": 33

Top 10 most played songs, with number of plays
1.: Under Dark Wings (102)
2.: Fear of Dying (90)
3.: State of Love and Trust (52)
4.: Linda Evangelista (49)
5.: Pumpkin Head (42)
6.: Future Foe Scenarios (41)
7.: Venus Blue (30)
8.: Buried Alive (26)
9.: Crystal Mountain (26)
10.: Instruments Of Torture (25)

Top 10 least played songs, with number of plays
1.: too many with 0 to list D:

Top 10 highest rated songs
1.: I don't rate my songs.

Top 10 lowest rated songs

Write a song beginning with each character.
0-9: 1,000 Eyes
A: Achilles Heel
B: Battle City
C: Cold Victim
D: Day of the Doom
E: En Ring til å herske
F: Fear of Dying
G: Get The Balance Right
H: Hades Rising
I: In Your Eyes (Knuckleheadz Mix)
J: Jesus Christ! Did You See The SIZE Of That Sperm Whale?
K: Kain
L: Less Tweedle More Twaddle
M: Mother Man
N: Neither Shape Nor Shadow
O: Once
P: Powers That Be
Q: Quest For Spirituality
R: Raintracks
S: Sanity Unlisted
T: Tordah
U: Unleash Hell
V: Venus Blue
W: Was it better when it was worse
X: X-Ray Mind
Y: You Know You're Right
Z: Zero Tolerance

Write an artist beginning with each character.
0-9: 1349
A: Alice in Chains
B: Bloody Hell Over Live
C: Clad in Darkness
D: Die
E: Evading Downfall
F: Finger Eleven
G: Goatsnake
H: Hopesfall
I: Ion Dissonance
J: Jack Off Jill
K: Kataklysm
L: Lacrimas Profundere
M: Moorgate
N: Necrophagist
O: Orgy
P: Paths Of Possession
Q: Quo Vadis
R: Rosetta Stone
S: Symbyosis
T: Trik Turner
U: Urban Castle Magic
V: Visceral Bleeding
W: White Skull
Y: Yes
Z: Zonaria

Random Questions
How long have you had your iPod?: I got it for my 15th birthday and I'm turning 17 in two days so almost 2 years.
Does if have a crapload of scratches on it?: yes :D
What is your most favourite song of all time?: Don't really have one.
What is your favourite foreign language song?: I have more foreign language songs than I used to, a lot of which are Russian. But probably Jibun kakumei
What's the most embarassing song that you have?: I'm not embarassed about it, but I guess anything by Kylie Minogue.
Pop or Hip Hop?: Pop
Rock or Rap?: Rock
R&B or Alternative?: Alternative
Classical or Jazz?: Classical
Dance or Reggae?: Dance
New Age or Techno?: Techno
Country or Blues?: Blues
Folk or Latin?: Latin.
Annoying theme songs or annoying children's songs?: Annoying theme songs.
Macarena or Chicken Dance?: Tie. Macarena is damn fucking catchy but the chicken dance is <3.
YMCA or Cha Cha Slide?: Cha Cha Slide. I'm a total fail at YMCA.
Artist VS. Artist (you HAVE to pick one or you're going to hell)
Going to Hell anyway if there is one at all, so that ultimatum means absolutely nothing to me.
Ashlee or Jessica?: Never listened to either of their stuff.
Britney or Christina?: Christina.
Hilary of Lindsay?: Never listened.
Avril or JoJo?: Avril Lasagna.
Shakira or JLo?: Shakira
Beyonce or Ciara?: =|
Gwen or No Doubt?: No Doubt
Beyonce of Destiny's Child?: Ugghh.
Eminem or 50 Cent?: Eminem
G-Unit or D12?: Never listened to either.
Chris Brown or Usher?: >_<
Justin Timberlake or Nick Lachey?: aufd
Panic! At the Disco or Fall Out Boy?: P!ATD.
My Chemical Romance or The Used?: The Used. Definitely.
Simple Plan or The All-American Rejects?: All-American Rejects.
Black Eyed Peas or The Click Five?: The Click Five.
No Doubt or Pussycat Dolls?: No Doubt
Blink- 182 or Green Day?: blink-182
New Green Day or Old Green Day?: Old, even though I personally hate both.
KISS or Beatles?: Beatles.
Maroon 5 or Yellowcard?: Yellowcard

Other Stuff
What's your favourite song of all time?: This was already asked.
Artist?: All-time changes for me about every 3-4 months...
Album?: Dunno.
Genre?: Metal.
What's your least favourite song of all time?: Too many.
Artist?: Too many.
Album?: Dunno.
Genre?: Country and rap/hip-hop (I'm not racist, ignorant fucks. Vocals are a crucial part in music for me, and rappers/hip-hoppers vocals are a total fail to my eardrums.)
Isn't Panic! At the Disco the best band ever?: They aren't the worst.
Ever been to a concert?: Yes, in 9th or 10th grade.
If so, who did you see? If not, who do you want to see?: Within Temptation was the main band, and I was there for the two opening bands; The Dearly Departed (or The Dear and Departed, I'm not sure...) and the other one I forgot the name of, but it was good. There are a lot of bands I'd kill to see, though.
What's the difference between rock and alternative?: What does this have to do with the price of eggs in China?
MTV, VH1, or Fuse, and why?: When I was able to watch all three, I found myself watching Fuse the most, Vh1 second most. Mtv was good for some of the shows (Parental Control always amused me and that Next show was fun sometimes) and the music videos were a little fun to watch. Just because it makes it to Mtv doesn't make it automatic shit =|. ;asdfi
Soundtracks or Mixed Tapes?: Never had a mix tape. D:
Pay 99 cents for a song or download illegally?: Download.
Borrow your friend's CD's, buy it yourself, or download it?: I'd try downloading first. If that fails, I'd borrow if a friend has it. If THAT fails also and the cd is good enough to spend 14 bucks on, I might just buy it (in this case, I'd have the money, somehow). You have no fucking idea how much I hate spending money. I also often regret buying CD A instead of CD B or C afterwards, anyways.
What's wrong with downloading illegally anyways?: I honestly don't know. 'Support the artists' people are fighting a losing war. There will always be people who "steal" music and there will always be RIAA cocksuckers that buy all their music. I know artists don't make much profit off their labels, but they are way better off than I am. I do buy CDs, though. I do like having them in my collection and being able to whip them out for whatever. But honestly, when I'm given the opportunity, I'm waaay more inclined to download an album (actually, I'm fully inclined to download it) than go waste $14 on it and probably not like it that much, and then not even get a third of what I paid for it back (it's staying on my computer, though. If I do get a third of that money back, I still spent $9.50 on it. I'm not letting that go to waste.) There are more serious issues out there, and you guys bitch about this.
Why did you take this survey?: I like surveys. :L And I like stats. :D It's been a long time since I've done an iTunes stats survey. v.v
Do you like me?: I'll have to get to know you better before I can make a judgement call like this... can you meet me at the San Diego Zoo at 2AM this Thursday?
What are you listening to right NOW?: Elements
See ya.: See you at the zoo. :D
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