Live: Ozzy Osbourne


9 Jun 2007, 18:08

Live @ Lerkendal Stadium here in Trondheim. \o/

Ozzy Osbourne came to Norway again, and put on quite the show. The only songs I recognized were "Mama I'm coming home" and "Paranoid", but apparently, he said he played some tracks from the new album.

All in all, I was a little disappointed. I've always heard a load of ranting about how Black Sabbath were so hardcore and satanic, so my expectations were high, being a black metal fan. But no. I don't know what music Black Sabbath plays, but Ozzy isn't even beyond hard rock, IMO. You would have to be delusional to call Ozzy any kind of satanic.

But it was a good show. I took 6 out of 7 seven buckets of water right in the face. Good times. I had a very good spot, with only a handful of people between me and the stage.

Here's Ozzy (image link), just as the first song is about to start. Not many minutes later, they dressed him up in this white reflective vest, so pictures and video became royally fucked up due to the intense light. This was intentional, as we were "not allowed" to film and take pictures. Bastards.


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