• The Keyshia Cole Rant

    4 Ago 2009, 18:56

    Keyshia Cole needs to make up her damn mind, either keep the gap or close your fucking mouth, and what's with the crayola 48 ccolor hair dos? Bitch you look like bozo the clown and ronald mcdonald had a bastard child and called it Keyshia. And you sound like a wolf giving birth. Please stop singing now because you have pretty much ruined the hearing of every idiot who continued to listen to that retarded babbling you call singing. Who the hell you think you are huh? Yea bitch I SHOULD'VE Cheated but you were yelling at the top of your two note range so long that I couldn't muster the strength to open the door and leave. And Frankie, hoe ass Frankie, wanna get preggo at 50, BITCH SIT DOWN, how the hell you convince yo crack pimp to bone you? Nigga dat desperate huh? What he thought you was gon cut him a deal and get you to trick Keyshia to buy you ANOTHA house?? HA! You know damn well yo ass was raped hoe so don't even front. Snaggle toof ass wit that tired ass wolverine pussy. Need to get cho ass a plastic surgeon to tighten that shit back up. As many times as you've been fist fucked in prison and giving birth to Keyshia and Nefes fat ass shoulda did it buuut noooooooooo 400 hundred years lata and you wanna have anotha abomination? Bitch please anything that comes out or in that pussy is cursed for life, I mean shit look at Nefe o.O
    So Keyshia Cole wanna try and outsing the Queen Bee herself Monica? Haha, hoe idk what the hell you THOUGHT you doing but it sure as hell was NOT singing. I mean Monica to yo ass up! And Brandy got her on range and technique, the ho couldn't even do a Mary J. Blige song justice. Bitch you're pathetic. Baby you should really practice what you preach and shoula let it go cause you got stone cold UPSTAGED. And who's this little dikey nike bitch you tryna promote? Mina? You mean Mina the Coochie Cleana? That gay ass hoe. You know damn well she had to lick yo twat just to get in the video, the chic is TALENTLESS. SHIT Jerry Springer has a betta chance at a rap career than this dried up lookin crack hoe. And what's wit ya girl Nefe? The bitch look half past 300, she ugly as hell girl and you tellin me you actually related? Keyshia Cole I give it to ya you fine, but yo people look like gorillas, somethin ain't right? And bitch can you pleeeease find yo daddy? Ain't no tellin how many niggas Frankie done let taste dat twat befo she realized she was pregnant. That drunk bitch didn't even know if the nigga was the fatha, found some random as dude and told him that her daughter was Keyshia Cole, want some money nigga? Tell her you her daddy. XDDDDDD Dead@yo drunk ass actin like the nigga was legit. Bitch you don't know just give it up xDDDDD. Keyshia you got a betta chance of findin that nigga on google xDDDDD

    To be cont...
  • I love Last.Fm

    29 Jun 2009, 18:19

    I really like this site. The concept behind listening to music with an incentive has to be the most innovative idea since internet porn. For people to be in competition with one another to see who can listen to the most songs is ridiculous yet justified. People gather to see who can out listen one another on the some song and base their success on the number (usually in the high 100 thousands) of times "played". Oh and apparently there are rules to this little "competition". Like for instance, No Night Listening, which means no keeping your music player looping while you sleep your ass away gaining play counts. This is a sport for the physically inept to make themselves feel somewhat "important". These computer body building junkies sit behind their computers trolling, spamming, scrobbling, jerking, jacking, squirting, hacking, and the list is shamefully long.

    Their existence is purely based upon generating personal gratification from sucking the internet dry of all it's resources by continuously jumping from celebrity gossip site, to celebrity gossip site. Porn site to porn site (raises hand, at least the one that's free) and making the most of this little convenient invention called the "Internet".

    Lady Gaga you popular bitch, I see your play counts, people really love your ass, which is bewildering to me because you sound like your trying to sing through a toilet paper roll while someone is holding your nose with a midget punching you in the stomach with brass knuckles all the while having your pubes waxed by a Swedish nurse. No but seriously, who the hell are you and what dark, wet orifice did you crawl from? Lol, this isn't a Lady Gaga rant though so I digress.

    I like that I can show others how much I listen to India.Arie. Yeah, for some strange reason it makes me feel so cool that I have a play count for her music right over 3,100 when I have been listening to her far more than the play count listed and if anything Brian McKnight's lay count would be in the high 100,000's.

    This site is so interesting, people on artists' pages starting shit and talking about how much they suck. People telling off other people and trying to prove their love for the artist is greater because they have a signed, autographed tampon from them that they got when they were 17, blahzie blahzie blahzie it really doesn't matter! Wtfc ya know? What these weasely motherphuckers need to do is hit the gym because the majority of these internet muscle men/women/homosexuals are over weight, obese, balding, beer bellying, hot pocket eating, Pringles munching, chicken pot pie smurfling, with a Diet COke on the side gurgling fat ass rats =).

    But that's enough out of me, I will be seeing many of you suckas at Bally.


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  • A Spirtual Journey

    21 Feb 2009, 20:36

    India.Arie has transcended the level of normal consciousness and broken through the barrier of adversity.

    I know that in my life I have had many broken roads and I have achieved many new levels of wisdom and insight. I have come from a harsh environment and struggled to stay on my feet; though I was knocked down, I stood back up.

    India.Arie has been an inspiration for me in so many ways on so many levels; she provides my soul with soulful licks and runs, a smooth, creamy earth mama sound that makes my skin trickle, lyrics that are so mesmerizing that I find myself in an abyss of elevated awareness.

    With every single song, she speaks to me and something going on in my life. It's really bizarre how she does that. No, seriously. India has a knack for songs that speak directly on every aspect of my life or at a particular time. It's like she KNOWS that someone out there is going through EXACTLY what she is singing about.

    Back To The Middle, This Too Shall Pass, Get It Together, Beautiful, Always in My Head, Chocolate High, The Truth, Interested, The One, Talk To Her, Beautiful Surprise, Growth, Healing and Gratitude are the songs that I feel speak DIRECTLY to me.

    A particular lady in my life: Ayanda M. knows what I am talking about... as India has written countless songs that expound upon the nature of a precious, fragile 17 year old girl who is learning how to deal with a relationship as well as conquer her own demons and transition into a Beautiful Flower progressively each day.

    Video, Promises, Brown Skin, Strength, Courage, & Wisdom, Ready For Love, Therapy, Chocolate High, He Heals Me, Yellow, Beautiful Flower, Private Party, I Am Not My Hair, Slow Down, The Truth, Beautiful Surprise, Get It Together, Can I Walk With You, The One, Complicated Melody, Gratitude, Healing, and Growth are the tracks that talk to Ayanda DIRECTLY and on our relationship as well.

    From her Acoustic Soul to her Voyage, to her Testimony 1 & 2, India.Arie I love you - who you are through your music. It has given me strength, courage, and wisdom, lol.
    No matter how many listens I achieve here on this site, it will contest no comparison to the dedication I have for you in my heart.

    And Ayanda, I love you so much, you mean the world to me and a bag of Jalanpeño chips ♥ (your dedication).

    India.Arie Acoustic Soul Voyage To India Testimony Vol. 1: Life & Relationships Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics