Epic Extreme Metal Songs 101


21 May 2008, 15:27

In no particular order and limiting to 1 song per artist I'll try to list my favourite and most unforgettable extreme metal (mostly black, folk and avant-garde) epics! All fans of the genre should check out those that they haven't heard. These tracks tend to feature complex structure and unusual elements making them stand out of the mass.

Windir - Journey to the End

Arcturus - Nightmare Heaven

Unexpect - Desert Urbania

Borknagar - Colossus

Skyforger - The Shortest Night of the Year

Agalloch - Not Unlike the Waves

Solefald - Crater Of The Valkyries

Devin Townsend - Earth Day

Summoning - Land of the Dead

Pelican - March to the Sea

Isis - Weight

Nokturnal Mortum - Hailed Be the Heroes

Thurisaz - Circadian Rhythm

Moonsorrow - Jumalten kaupunki incl. Tuhatvuotinen perintö

Bathory - Blood Fire Death

Mayhem - Freezing Moon

Turisas - Battle Metal

My Dying Bride - The Cry of Mankind

I've probably forgotten a ton, so all worthy suggestions for additions to the list are welcome!


  • nezumi-szczur

    quite a good list, but 'Land of the Dead' is overrated. 'Long lost to where no pathway goes' and 'Loud music of the sky' are better

    21 May 2008, 16:33
  • DWarsong

    lol you are overrated also.

    21 May 2008, 18:44
  • Khanatist


    21 May 2008, 19:42
  • draterami

    No, they aren't, but they do have a couple of epic songs. Desert Urbania is one of them, and I would say that Summoning Scenes is as well. Xarthok: I have a similar journal if you want to have a look at it here.

    22 May 2008, 12:40
  • Kinetic-

    A good list! I find 'Land of the Dead' to be one of the most epic songs of all time. Add "Fire Above, Ice Below" by Agalloch, and .. god, people are gonna shoot me for this .. DragonForce - 'Soldiers of the Wasteland' from their second album.

    23 May 2008, 12:38
  • Xarthok

    Err did you read my comment :P It's 1 song per artist and power metal isn't extreme enough :P

    23 May 2008, 14:44
  • Devon8999

    Here's My List Celtic Frost - Synagoga Satanae Between the Buried and Me - White Walls Darkthrone - Kathaarian Life Code Katatonia - Brave Immortal - Beyond the North Waves Anaal Nathrakh - When Humanity is Cancer Behemoth - At the Left Hand ov God Lamb of God - Black Label Dark Tranquility - Punish My Heaven Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side In Flames - Stand Ablaze Arch Enemy - Dark Insanity Dethklok - Go Into The Water (No Denying this is epic as hell) Anal Cunt - You're Gay (Most epic song ever made period.) Seriously check all these out.

    12 Jun 2008, 3:18
  • TheMusicalVito

    Great call on "Not Unlike The Waves". I prefer Fire Above, Ice Below, but hey, your pick doesn't detract from the list at all!

    8 Jul 2008, 20:07
  • DarkPrince_

    Fagning is far epic than journey to the end

    6 Mar 2009, 19:03
  • radio-tractore

    and ofcourse Mistur - Attende

    21 Sep 2009, 13:32
  • BFD31095

    Blood Fire Death, Land Of The Dead, Freezing Moon... Yes, very epic.

    28 Sep 2009, 5:18
  • tihsymtae

    Good call on Isis - Weight

    8 Dic 2009, 4:49
  • PsychoVertical

    I add Deathspell Omega - Apokatastasis Panton. Fucking Epic!

    29 Mar 2011, 13:40
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