Bands+their albums that you have to check part 1


8 Dic 2011, 12:28

I've been listening to metal for almost 3 years now and I thought that it would great if I wrote them down for people who are on the same quest like me: finding great bands that stand on their own.

Bands who stand on their own have something called an identity which I like to refer as a certain kind of atmosphere.
I do not care about a good beat or a catchy rhytmn or catchy chorus neither do I care about trends. Trends die off while the good music that stands on their own lives on.

Let's get started!

I go in order of my last fm charts of the 8th of december 2011.

-Thy Catafalque-

This band fits no label, the vague label: post-avant garde black metal leaves you in the dark. Their first album Sublunary Tragedies is interesting to listen to but the production is extremely raw. I do like it because it sounds rather mysterious.
Their 2nd album Microcosmos has a better production it is alright.
Their 3rd,4th and 5th albums: Tűnő Idő Tárlat, Róka Hasa Rádió ,Rengeteg
Well this is where we hit FUCKING AWESOME level. Tűnő Idő Tárlat reminds me off an epic orchestra . Róka Hasa Rádió is lovely to relax to and Rengetag is a lovely ride through the epic corners of your mind. My ratings:

Sublunary Tragedies: 801/999,9
Tűnő Idő Tárlat:965,9/999,9
Róka Hasa Rádió:945,5/999,9


yeah,they pretty much entered the not worth my time territory after their 3rd album: follow the reaper

CoB,what to say what hasn't been said already? Their debut is nice but it's really short,hatebreeder is a fucking masterpiece and follow the reaper is a little bit less a fucking masterpiece than hatebreeder but still a fucking masterpiece. Putting CoB under a label is a pain though. While they certainly aren't such a FUCK ALL GENRES band like Thy Catafalque it still is hard to label them. I'll tag them as melodic death ''something''

Something Wild: 835/999,9
Follow the reaper: 977,4/999,9

-Amorphis -

Amorphis is pretty much the metal version of having a slow as hell but really pleasent orgasm. They just sound that good. I pretty much enter a really heavy trance when I listen to: Elegy,Tales from the thousand lakes,Eclipse and Skyforger. Their other albums are solid too but I stick to these 4 albums. Just tag them as melodic death/doom metal and later progressive metal with some death growls and folk influences.

tales from the thousand lakes:999,9/999,9
Skyforger: 999,98/999.9

-Intestine Baalism-

This lovely melodic death metal band from Japan needs more attention. BRUTALITY and MELODY,what's not to like?
They got only 3 albums: Banquet In The Darkness, Anatomy Of The Beast and Ultimate Instinct. I rate them all 999,5/999,9 because they all slay.Melodeath lovers put on some intestine baalism already!


Slayer, thrash metal at it's core. i only listen to their 80's and one 90's albums because their newer albums fail to gain my interest.

Alright the ratings:

Show no mercy: 934/999,9
South of heaven and Seasons in the abyss: 956,8/99.9
Reign in blood:940,7/999,9
Hell awaits: 888,8/999,9
haunting the chapel EP: 777,7


Ah this band,they are from Taiwan and they play a very intersting hybrid of melodic black/symphonic black metal/melodic death metal and Taiwanese folk music. The most notable of them is the sound of the erhu in some of their songs. I like it a lot. My most listened album of them is Takasago Army. I simply love how majestic it sounds some people complain that they went more death metal but I think that a bit of the energy and aggression of death metal suits their music really well. It sounds mighty. I haven't listened to their albums prior to Takasago Army in a while but they are all worth checking all. I would say: start with seedic bale AND takasago army to decide which style you like most. Rating: Takasago Army: 988,5/999,9 Albums prior to Takasago Army: between 775-956/999,9


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