How varied is my music taste?


28 Abr 2007, 19:28

First, make a list of your top-20 artists overall. Then, for each of these artists, add the 8 most similar artists to your list. Delete any duplicates, count up the number of entries on your list and this will give you some idea of how eclectic your listening habits are. A score of 9 represents an extremely unvaried musical taste while a 160 represents an extremely varied one

My current top 20:

Tim Sweeney
The Kleptones
Snoop Dogg
Prefuse 73
Aphex Twin
1971 Japanese Cast of Hair
Thomas Brinkmann
The Beatles
Sigur Ros
Tom Waits
Van Morrison
dj BC
Bomb 20
Henry Mancini
Tom Hazelton and Gene Ciszek
Rhythm & Sound
Anthony Rother
The Gunter Kallmann Choir

Similar Artists:

Tim Sweeney and Gamall (Demon Days)
Carlos & Quiet Village (Whatever We Want Records)
Manu (Supreme Records, Vertige)
Hot Chip (and Tim Sweeney for the last bit)
Serge Santiago and Tim Sweeney
Shit Robot and Tim Sweeney
Prince Language
Prins Thomas & Lindstrom
Massive Attack
PJ Harvey
dj BC
A Plus D
Go Home Productions
Party Ben
DJ Danger Mouse
Dean Gray
Dr. Dre
50 Cent
The Game
Busta Rhymes
Notorious B.I.G.
Four Tet
Boards of Canada
DJ Shadow
The Books
Zero 7
The Rocky Horror Show - Original Norwegian Cast
Keita Asari
Gene Marshall
Lee Hazlewood
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
Slim Gaillard
Lucille Bogan
Ricardo Villalobos
Reinhard Voigt
Thomas Fehlmann
Mikkel Metal
Vladislav Delay
Michael Mayer
Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
David Bowie
John Lennon
The Who
The Arcade Fire
Explosions in the Sky
Sufjan Stevens
Broken Social Scene
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Velvet Underground
Leonard Cohen
Johnny Cash
Neil Young
Nick Drake
Bruce Springsteen
Simon & Garfunkel
Paul Simon
The Beach Boys
Christoph De Babalon
Nic Endo
Alec Empire
Lolita Storm
Atari Teenage Riot
Ennio Morricone
Frank Sinatra
Lalo Schifrin
John Barry
Louis Armstrong
Peggy Lee
Ella Fitzgerald
Quincy Jones
Dick Schory
The Three Suns
Gene Rains
101 Strings
Enoch Light
Les Baxter
Riz Ortolani
Sy Mann
Basic Channel
Little Computer People
The Hacker
Ellen Allien
Alexander Kowalski
Alter Ego
AUX 88
Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra
Roberto Delgado
Giancarlo Gazzani
David McCallum
Berto Pisano
Alberto Baldan Bembo
Cal Tjader

My score: 126 (now I realize why it has been so tedious to compile this list!)

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  • brbas

    Damn this is goin to take a long time ill post back later

    29 Abr 2007, 16:37
  • brbas

    I got 56 for my top ten

    29 Abr 2007, 16:49
  • XNet

    Well, with the top ten I guess the number could be up to 80. So you're above average!

    29 Abr 2007, 17:24
  • brya1290

    i got 4

    13 May 2007, 22:55
  • XNet

    Out of 160!? Don't believe you.

    13 May 2007, 23:03
  • XNet

    Well it took me such a long time to make this chart. And now I found this: tool: How eclectic is your musical style? My eclectic score is currently [align=center][size=18][b]87/100[/b][/size][/align] The 87 related artists for my profile are 101 Strings, 2Pac, 50 Cent, A Plus D (2), AFX, Air, Alec Empire, All Too Much, Autechre, Basic Channel, Beck, Björk (2), Boards of Canada (2), Bob Dylan (3), Bruce Springsteen, Carlos & Quiet Village (Whatever We Want Records), Christoph de Babalon, DJ Shadow (2), David Bowie, Deadbeat, Dick Schory, Dr. Dre, EC8OR, Ellen Allien, Ennio Morricone, Enoch Light, Explosions in the Sky, Farben, Four Tet, Frank Sinatra, Gene Marshall, Gene Rains, Go Home Productions (2), Hill of Beans, Hot Chip (and Tim Sweeney for the last bit), I-F, Jay-Z, Joey Santiago, John Barry, Keita Asari, Lalo Schifrin, Led Zeppelin, Lee Hazlewood, Legowelt, Lenlow, Leonard Cohen, Little Computer People, Louis Armstrong, Madvillain, Manu (Supreme Records, Vertige), Marion Black, Martin Creed, Massive Attack (2), Maurizio, Mikkel Metal, Mogwai, Monolake, Neil Young, Nic Endo, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Party Ben, Pink Floyd, RIAA, RJD2, Radiohead (4), Reinhard Voigt, Ricardo Villalobos, Scion, Serge Santiago and Tim Sweeney, Shizuo, Sigur Rós, Squarepusher, Sufjan Stevens, The Arcade Fire, The Beatles, The Game, The Hacker, The Kleptones, The Rocky Horror Show - Original Norwegian Cast, The Rolling Stones (2), The Three Suns, The Velvet Underground, Thomas Fehlmann, Tim Sweeney and Gamall (Demon Days), Tricky, ccc (2), dj BC

    23 May 2007, 19:30
  • ookiikukki

    ookiikukki's eclectic score is 94/100

    30 Jul 2007, 3:50
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