1971 damn 60s 70s <3 a motorbike and a dusty highway beneath a lake at sundown and a really nice… acid acid rock acoustic als wir noch die welt veranderen wolten alt-country alternative aufzugmusik avant-garde best shit ever existing in the whole world makes me vomit over my daddys pussy while… blues british british folk brutal apocalyptic black gothic doom metal bruzum c : canadian classic nihilistic teutonic shlock classic rock cookies and milk :d country crazy ass motherfucker delta blues die besten deutschsprachigen bandnamen die wahren perlen deutschsprachiger popmusik ding ding dingeling everyone please stop tagging this with nonsense its not allowed experimental female vocalists fenriz aproved folk folk rock funk garage rock german glam rock glen campbell rhinestone cowboy gogogorunrunrun good ole homely country folk playing banjo yodeling guitar guter kerl hard rock hey dude fill it up how much primitive can you get indie music i like :p its the end of the world lets get down jazz jecks king kong kitchie kitchie ki-me-o krautrock maenner musik makes me fuckin depressed : l mc vagina melancholy noise that is more than just bzzzzzzzzzzzah boom boom boom not gay at all not nickelback not the strange industrial shit :d oisuse ovo je prezabavno old bong rock oldies people who are freakier and folkier than motherfucking devendra banhart pick of the day pink floyd political political reggea progressive rock psychedelic psychedelic folk psychedelic rock punk reggae rhythm and blues rick rolled myself rock rock and roll rock n roll gas station bang your head scientology sucks singer-songwriter smoother as a pall mall :d songs die so gut sind das ich meiner oma ihr klein haeuschen zwar nicht verkaufen… songs to sit on the grass and wonder stoner rock street singer strung out cave hippie heavy blues the most beautiful heartfelt and meaningful music i have ever heard in my life the most frostbitten and grim music from the very very very very very very inverted… the psychedelic band totally not gay tr00 kvlt christraping blaek metel with the most blasphemous lyrics written by… trippy true norwegian black metal from finland underground black metal band from kazakhstan woodstock yes - i have the coolest taste ever you cant go wrong with this one