• Schrollum

    Yeah, I suppose this is TEH movie for all the Iceland-freaks out there. Most of my favorites on Flickr were taken in Iceland too :) Have to see the movie - do you know when the official release is? Also, Amiina is on tour:

    29 Ago 2007, 17:09
  • Whiskeyface

    The film is premiered on October 24th and is then released on DVD alongside the album 'Hvarf-Heim' on November 5th. Just added myself to the I'm Attending list :)

    29 Ago 2007, 17:33
  • Schrollum

    awesome! didn't know their new album is so close already :)

    29 Ago 2007, 17:45
  • skuse

    The Hvarf part features old songs which hadn't been recorded previously, as well as a re-worked version of Von. The Heim part contains acoustic versions of previosly released songs. Someone sums it up nicely here: The new album (with all-new material) is apparently due out in the first part of 2008, although nothing is concrete yet. Back on topic: I can't wait to see the film, sounds better than what I expected based on what I saw in the trailer. Did the cinema's sound system hold together ok? During the live broadcast of the Reykjavik concert to the NFT the speakers started going wierd with all the bass.

    29 Ago 2007, 20:41
  • Whiskeyface

    Yeah, it sounded amazing, which is why i recommend you try and see it in the cinema as the sound really is impressive. There is quite a funny story at the end of the film from jónsi about one of their grandparents watching that concert but I won't spoil it for you ;)

    29 Ago 2007, 23:16
  • fionapinkstars

    Damn it. You beat me to it. And did it better. I hate you.

    30 Ago 2007, 10:10
  • skuse

    You're both bastards in my book ¬_¬

    30 Ago 2007, 16:08
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