• The Dickies at the Waterfront 23/07/09

    29 Jul 2009, 21:10

    Thu 23 Jul – The Dickies
    What a fantastic set!
    Usually within 10 minutes of a band coming on, I'm fishing around in my back pocket to make sure my wallet is still where it should be. The Dickies though had my complete attention throughout their fun high energy filled set. These guys combined age maybe a cricket score or two, but their certainly not ready to hang up their gorilla suits and salmon flannel pyjamas just yet. So if you get the chance, say 'hail to the all all conquering Dickies' before you banana split!
  • Random Hand at the Twist 03.07.09

    4 Jul 2009, 20:15

    Fri 3 Jul – Random Hand, The Skints, Reverend Green, Gargamel and Goliath
    Having seen Random Hand support Propagandhi at the Waterfront in Norwich we knew what to expect and were not disappointed. Dripping with energy from the first song till last, Random Hand are a band on the verge of something big (bigger than the 'Twist' - the venue was intimate but with only one fan working, far too hot).
    Front man Robin Leitch, in between vocals and trombone had the crowd eating out of his hand with his Yorkshire wit and the band as a whole really connected with the crowd (why some people had decided to leave before seeing the main act, I don't know - their loss).
    Also a quick mention for The Skints, who were well worth the entrance fee alone and a great compliment to Random Hand.
    The only downside to the gig was that I forget to purchase a T-shirt - Bands like this need our support!
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    18 Abr 2009, 21:00