• Scrobbler??!?!?!

    31 Mar 2012, 3:49

    The Last.fm scrobbler on my computer seems to have a wibbly problem (well I just recently scrobbeled my ipod after a few months. And well as you can see the plays sky rocketed. TFK had close to 900 plays skillet kutless and all those were near 500 it was crazy but it seems to say I listened to them 1 min ago and hour ago. It is a bit odd, is it a glitch or is it something with my system??
  • Part 10: Royal Tailor

    29 Feb 2012, 20:28

    Royal Tailor is a fairly new band but has made headway in the music scene. With hits like “Hold Me Together” and “Make A MoveRoyal Tailor’s success is becoming more and more.

    Royal Tailorcomes from a sound similar to that of Anthem Lights, but unlike Anthem Lights, Royal Tailor seems better at the music makes and they also have a good variety. Make A Move is probably one of my favorite upbeat songs it gets you movin and energetic. Death of Me is another good song that shows variety it had some hip-hip/pop moments but it felt more acoustic then anything.

    While Royal Tailorhas a long way to go, they are off to a very good start with “Black & White”.

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  • Part 9: Jonny Lang

    29 Feb 2012, 20:24

    When I think of blues music I don’t usually think exciting, energetic, or fun. When I think of blues I usually think depressing, sad, sorrowful, unenergetic, but Jonny Lang proved me wrong. When I embarked on a journey to listen to every single artist in the JFK artist database I wasn’t sure how it would go. After 9 different artists I am thoroughly enjoying it (well then I haven’t reached Sandi Patti yet)

    Jonny Lang, a virtually unheard of artist but he delivers something that I haven’t heard before in the Christian world, well then I also don’t look for Blues artist in the Christian music world.

    After listening to “Wander This World” by Jonny Lang, which featured awesome guitar riffs and some great vocals, I couldn’t wait to listen to his next album “Long Time Coming.” There is a noticeable difference in styles from the first album and the second. “Long Time Coming” does sound very similar to "Wander This World” for the first half of the album…the last half he brings on a very new style that was unexpected Rock n roll. He went from a very bluesy sound to more of a energetic form of music.
    Long Time Coming” is a for anyone that loves blues and a bit of Rock N Roll. Jonny Lang definitely improved his music and his writing for his second album. Now after listening to “Long Time Coming” I was ecstatic to hear what Jonny would bring for “Turn Around”. Once again he manages to sound the same but so different. This album was a mixture of Plus One mixed with gospel mixed with blues. All in all “Turn Around” was a phenomenal album.

    If you are looking for variety in music and want to try something new Jonny Lang is the artist to try.

    Next Time: Royal Tailor
  • Part 8: Jonnie & Brookie

    24 Feb 2012, 18:12

    After listening to teen pop group Jonnie & Brookie I was amazed at how well their music was and how passionate they are about God. The only disappointing thing is that I was only able to listen to 53 min. I just can’t wait to hear more from them. These are very talented young ladies with what looks like a bright future. If you are a fan of Brit Nicole, and Krystal Meyers you will enjoy Jonnie & Brookie.

    Next Time: Jonny Lang
  • Part 7: Silers Bald

    24 Feb 2012, 17:41

    Seven artists in and it justs keeps getting better and better. I have never been a big fan a Cademon’s Call and I still am not but a few members branched off to create a side project called Silers Bald. While Silers Bald doesn’t stray far from a Cademon’s Call sound it offers just enough of a different sound to enjoy it thoroughly. Now if you are looking for something groundbreaking you will not find it here with Silers Bald but what you will find is some good lyrics and some folky music.

    Next Time: Jonnie & Brookie
  • Part 6: Brooke Barrettsmith

    23 Feb 2012, 20:17

    Brooke Barrettsmith an artist I hadn’t heard of till today is bringing the energy on her self titled album. I have never been against rocking out but there is something about a female led rock band or individual artist. Good examples included Fireflight, Ilia, Stephanie Smith they all are female fronted groups and they all bring great energy into their shows.

    When I sat down to listen to Brooke Barrettsmith I instantly loved what I heard. She delivers some good lyrics that do not shy away from her faith or who she is. All throughout the album you will hear solid music and the impression that she isn’t afraid to be herself.

    If you are fans ofBarlowGirl, Superchic[k], Stephanie Smith, check Brooks Barrettsmith’s latest album out. You will love it.

    Next Time: Silars Bald
  • Part 5: Phil Whickham

    23 Feb 2012, 18:24

    Phil Wickham is probably one highly underrated musician. He has delivered some great songs like last years hit Safe. But even with all this he still hasn’t receive very much publicity.

    When I sat down to listen to Phil Wickham I was thinking “Here is gonna be another typical worship artist. You know what I mean the typical mediocre lyrics, not so amazing music. I was surprised when I started listening to him, he delivers something different then all the other worship artists. He has strong lyrics and even better some really good music.

    If you are looking for an artist that breaks the boundaries of a typical worship artist Phil Wickham is an artist to listen to.

    Next Time: Brooke Barrettsmith
  • Part 4: Audio Adrenaline

    21 Feb 2012, 14:52

    After listen to 3 not so known artists, I was excited to listen to a staple in the Christian music industry. Audio Adrenaline had always been a good band but I had never listen to their music. I heard there singles (Big House, Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus, King) but had never taken time to listen to the rest.

    Audio Adrenaline would have to be one of my favorite bands in the pop/rock genre. Some of AA’s older work was some of their best with the older albums producing hit singles. SO enjoyed their older albums a bit more than their more recent stuff
    There first major release album had a bit of rap which was fun to hear and brought something different to the plate with AA. “Don’t Censor Me”, their next album had more pop/rock element and introduced us to one of their biggest songs…”Big House”, “Don’t Censor Me” is probably the best CD of their early career. The released a “Live Bootleg” and then released “bloom”. “Bloom sold the most copies then any other album AA put out. This released was followed up with a slightly under par record called “Some Kind Of Zombie”, while having the classic AA sound it seemed to lack something (but it did include my favorite song “Never Gonna Be A Big As Jesus.”

    Fast forward 8 years and you have the sad end of AA. While AA might be gone their memory will live on for a long time. Their last album they made was a live album called “Live From Hawaii” and was a fitting end to a great legacy.

    If you want a band that is funny, like to party, delivers great music and lyrics, and shows their devotion to Jesus…this is the band. AA was worth listening to for hours. Once again Audio Adrenaline is a must listen for pop/rock fans.

    Next Time: Phil Whickham
  • Part 3: Slow Coming Day

    10 Feb 2012, 15:20

    So three artists through and I am loving it!! Slow Coming Day hit my speakers with a sound similar to Stellar Kart and Everyday Sunday. Their music is not as polished as, those mentioned above, but deliver some good music.

    After listening to their music I only came to dislike one-thing. The lead signers voice. Sometimes it didn't seem to fit the music at all but then other times he was right on.

    After listening to them my favourite song would probably be "Recollections" it delivers some rock (similar to Hawk Nelson's" Like A Racecar)

    If you like pop/punk or pop/rock this is a band to check out

    Next Time: Audio Adrenaline
  • Part 2: Radial Angel

    10 Feb 2012, 1:59

    Yesterday after finishing Meredith Andrews. I jumped right into a band called Radial Angel. I kinda rolled my eyes at first thinking that this band was going to one that I couldn't wait stop listening to. But, man I was wrong. This band, while not diverse, brings some solid lyrics and some amazing music. (My favorite album was their acoustic album called "How We Grow." Acoustic albums in the past haven't been my favorite but over the past few months I have been appreciating acoustic covers of songs and Radial Angel delivers a great acoustic album.

    Now listening to them and reading about them I was sad to see that they folded. But none the less their music is great.

    If you are a fan of Alternative Rock, try Radial Angel. The lead singer, i think, has an amazing voice. This is the first band that I have discovered as a hidden gem. My favorite song would probably be "Numb." Great music...great lyrics!!

    Thanks again for reading my treacherous grammar & writing (LOL).

    Next Time: Slow Coming Day