Part 6: Brooke Barrettsmith


23 Feb 2012, 20:17

Brooke Barrettsmith an artist I hadn’t heard of till today is bringing the energy on her self titled album. I have never been against rocking out but there is something about a female led rock band or individual artist. Good examples included Fireflight, Ilia, Stephanie Smith they all are female fronted groups and they all bring great energy into their shows.

When I sat down to listen to Brooke Barrettsmith I instantly loved what I heard. She delivers some good lyrics that do not shy away from her faith or who she is. All throughout the album you will hear solid music and the impression that she isn’t afraid to be herself.

If you are fans ofBarlowGirl, Superchic[k], Stephanie Smith, check Brooks Barrettsmith’s latest album out. You will love it.

Next Time: Silars Bald


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