• Someone Should Say it

    2 Mar 2011, 21:11

    May 2009. Bloviating again with S's.

    Sitting, staring, singing, and sleeping: sojourning in solitude or sipping and socializing; stargazing or searching for someone special; screaming ones soul out or substantiating a salary, satisfaction through surreal and sublime speculation or a silent slumber. Supposition: Our search for self satisfaction succeeding start - Senses serve to sprout our strengths; strengths for surviving; surviving for sponging sentience so one can systematically shape sagacity.
    Submission to silly spirits spawns salvation. Satire, sense my sarcasm? Stop serving us shit. I shout Shenanigans on your surely specious surrogate shepherd for shunning sensibility. Be smart. Support the subtraction of socialism from sovereignty, spit on solicitors, stop swearing, and sex. Shit, stupid me; swear – freedom of speech =] <-smile too.
  • F for Farce, don't try this at home.

    2 Mar 2011, 20:53

    From 2009. I really got into this and spent an entire night relaying my thoughts on religion via an array of alliterative sentences.
    F For Farce:

    I fidget furiously, for their fulmination is fast to ferment my frequently formal and fun-loving facade of fervency. Fortunately, my forbearance facilitates my fictitious front for fasting on fastidiousness and fearing factitiousness, fixing and fogging my flamboyant flaw of favoring free-thinkers over fanatics. Funny, said fog falls faint for my fictitiousness to formality is a feint to fool further falsification from fellow freedom fighters by fixing to fail in feigning them: my forsakers of fairytale's, forgoers of fate, and fleers from foolish fixations. Fluctuating fears facing fact and fiction frequent the faithful. Family, friends, and fulfillments can flourish from flawed fundamental fixations, but frigidity forced forth upon flocks fancying foreign foundations, fagots, and the faithless fair far from formidable; figuratively, feeding folks fiber filled falsisms fluctuates fecal flux and foments fossilized feelings of faith, fabricating far from felicitous flatulence far more fatal than friendly Frankenstein. Flames, fighting, and fatalities are foreseen if faith further fattens this festering fissure fawning furcation. Fearful free-thinkers fake faith for fear of facing fractious family members or fanatics. The term fiend is a facsimile for the faithful that fence off feasible friends and facilitate world fallout by forming fraternities of faith that filibuster the formation of factions following a foreign faith. Free-thinkers, too, fall folly to fault and intolerantly fabricate fictitious farces about child birth foregoing fucking. Faith feeds on ignorance and ignorance flexes to favor intolerance. Faith functions to falsely flatter Mr. Fictitious for fear of flailing in the flames; formerly how you fawned the fat man to get presents. Frivolous? Finite in my use of F words my farce-like paragraph of alliteration must end. Fight ignorance and be tolerant of the individual. I, devout in my belief of not believing, respect all. If you cannot tolerate me then you are a fiend. An inhumane fanatic made intolerant by doctrines preaching bliss and instilling ignorance. What is so revolting about trusting human intuition when regarding morals? Why does a book hold more truth than human perception? We have freedom of speech, but why must we use it to lash out at those who have freedom of thought? Most importantly, why must fraternization be so difficult?

    For the record, I am an atheist. I am a human being.
    The "their" in the first sentence represents those of religious faiths who fulminate, or verbally attack, my system of beliefs, rather than tolerate them, forcing me to shelter my beliefs through fear of being judged - even simplistic articulation will fail on the close minded.