• WFZR is dead

    6 Mar 2011, 19:36

    A couple weeks ago the FCC showed up at my door. It was my own fault for playing dirty, filthy, disgusting stuff on the air.

    I decided to stop streaming online too. After 8 years of doing that I felt like the FCC showing up to shut down my FM transmitter was a good sign that I've been pushing my luck for a long time. Who needs a lawsuit for no good reason?

    I guess I'll keep scrobbing though. I find it sort of interesting. Yet another thing that serves no purpose.
  • Zappadan

    4 Dic 2010, 23:49

    Today is the first day of Zappadan.

    Looking forward to 18 days of ZAPPA on WFZR!

    check google for the Zappadan blogswarm
  • 300,000 soon

    7 Mar 2010, 1:24

    Looks like WFZR plays around 100,000 tracks a year - pretty cool.
  • About to hit 200,000 today

    3 Mar 2009, 16:46

    whoooop-die-frickin' dooo!
  • 2007

    8 Ene 2007, 0:15

    It’s 2007 and what can we look forward to here at WFZR?

    Well for one thing I plan on gettinng my new antenna built and installed. It may happen soon if the weather holds, or it may wait until Spring. Either way, our FM signal will be back better than ever.

    And speaking of the signal - I intend to boost it a bit (sssshhhh - don’t tell anyone). The way I figure it I’ve been at the 1 watt level long enough.

    Added a new “feature” today - WFZR’s playlist is now “scrobbed” for Last.FM. Should make for some interesting charts once they’re cleared and up to date.

    I’ll be continuing to add more music regularly and messing around with the schedule. It’s my hobby.

    Thanks to those that uploaded music in 2006 - maybe that trend will continue in 2007

    And I got some donations near the end of 2006. Thanks so much for that. The google ads thing hasn’t worked out as well as I hoped, but I’m still hoping. Maybe some day I’ll be able to cash in (you need 100 dollars to get a check and I’m at $10)

    If anyone has any ideas for WFZR, don’t hesitate to contact me or post on the message board.

    Thanks to everyone who made 2006 a great year for WFZR.