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  • hatsuuna

    stop being dead. where'd you go!!

    19 Dic 2:27 Responder
  • int3rn3t

    Yeah, it really sucks :c i might go into other career... well, you can add me anyway if you want. That'd be nice.

    17 Dic 18:19 Responder
  • int3rn3t

    Damn, well, at least things are better now. I'm here to talk if you need to. I have been fine. Had to put uni on hold for a semester though, money been really hard on me. I'm gonna start giving english lessons in january so i got that going. Got back into WoW and Diablo3 again. My BattleTag is WildRaccoon#1501 if you want to add me.

    16 Dic 4:30 Responder
  • int3rn3t

    Thank you for the invitation! How have you been?

    15 Dic 1:54 Responder
  • int3rn3t

    Am i invited?

    14 Dic 15:46 Responder
  • int3rn3t

    Why do you hate me dear Lu? ;~;

    13 Dic 20:30 Responder
  • Nepgaige

    Holy fuck, that sounds rough. Good to hear things have been better, at least. As for me well, after having a really shitty year off, I'm back in school and working towards a degree in computer science.

    10 Dic 18:06 Responder
  • Nepgaige

    Heeeey Vorli how've you been?

    3 Dic 18:50 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Haha, that sounds like fun. I hope it goes well for you. :3

    29 Nov 2:34 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Oh yeah, my friends and I had fun haunting the DT shoutbox back in the day (like three years ago or something) but it's super lame now. I think I already mentioned to the others that I was thinking of inviting you, so you should get in without a problem. :3 Or at least, as soon as the group leader notices that you've applied.

    28 Nov 7:07 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Oh no, I nearly forgot to answer you. I'm really sorry about that. o.o All right, I respect your decision either way. The other one seems pretty dead these days, unfortunately. Yeah, one of the people in my group did this for me so my avatar would match everyone else's since they pretty much all have gifs.

    26 Nov 9:47 Responder
  • aworldofice

    That's right! I probably should have mentioned the name of it, sorry about that. :0

    15 Nov 5:54 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Maybe! This one is from three years ago and it was pretty inactive for a while, but people have been talking more lately.

    13 Nov 5:46 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Yoooo, would you like to join another group with Fooshi and Pengy and some other people? :3

    7 Nov 22:25 Responder
  • Sutsuga_Red

    i almost immediately knew what it was from without even seeing the series or knowing what any of the characters look like.

    6 Jul 19:27 Responder
  • Sutsuga_Red

    hey, what's your avatar from?

    4 Jul 3:52 Responder
  • Izale

    Always pinned you for a L4D2 fan...not sure why

    19 Jun 18:56 Responder
  • Izale

    Something occured to me the other day. Ive known you for ages, but we've never played anythng together @.@ I shall have to challenge you to some L4D2 or some shit @.@ I don't play anything these days though... boo. What's up with Lu!?

    19 Jun 17:55 Responder
  • neutrinoid

    Hello, nice stranger :3 Visible appreciation of m.i.a.b always makes a good first impression on me, so does recognizing American Psycho. Take care!

    12 May 20:32 Responder
  • AlienEuphoria

    What do you think of my thoughts/this subject?

    10 May 5:06 Responder
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