• Bittersweet Changes....

    8 Sep 2009, 16:26

    Sometimes you cant help but sort of wander around for a few days, not knowing what's concrete or certain in life anymore. So, you embrace life as it comes and try to fake excitement or even joy because the only authentic and honest emotion is pure apathy. Life is merely adorned with just enough optimism, or maybe, my morbid dissatisfaction is so large that everything loses its value. Whatever.
    I did manage recover about 75% of my files and Beatles rockband is released tomorrow....and Im happy?

    But then, a huge cloud of disappointment cover this meaningless happiness. Other "issues" take over.

    In the meantime, here's the brilliant acoustic of All We Ask by Grizzly Bear. Which expresses one of those many feelings....

    Till better times,

    red, out.