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  • hoosier_buddy

    The Bobs rule! of course I would say that, as I am one. Saw them perform in Boulder once and they rocked the house.

    18 Jul 2012 Responder

    Hello Violet - Xmas and new year greetings. Warm regards Paul. Stay blessed!

    23 Dic 2011 Responder
  • Muffinigans

    OH god, Porcupine Tree are an endless discovery to me. I had all their albums at some point and discarded a few right away (samples, repeating music, early music), but I still have some albums to try and every time I find something new and awesome! Yes, please look into them. What would you recommend, based on my library, that I should try? I desperately need new music.

    26 Oct 2011 Responder
  • Muffinigans

    Hey! I find your genuine interest fascinating!

    25 Oct 2011 Responder
  • greeniezona

    I discovered the Bobs when Neil from rdtrn made me a mix tape and included their version of "Whole Lotta Love." My serious love of that song has led me to the conclusion that other people either passionately love or hate The Bobs!

    25 Ago 2011 Responder
  • greeniezona

    Hello, Violet! I like your profile statement! I pay way too much attention to what music my friends are listening to as well. And I love that one of the bands we have in common is The Bobs!

    23 Ago 2011 Responder
  • amosluver

    Thx for accepting my friend request. Wooot!

    15 Jul 2011 Responder


    26 Abr 2011 Responder
  • rtms1988

    Thank you!

    22 Oct 2010 Responder
  • cheshire2059

    great Steve Miller quote... I guess I've never really listened to the lyrics. Thanks

    26 Mar 2010 Responder
  • neonYEN

    Thank you very much for your time and compliments!

    7 Mar 2010 Responder
  • fuzzydicephl

    Aw, thanks! I was just a young pup when that av photo was taken -- literally like 25yrs ago. :)

    3 Mar 2010 Responder
  • neonYEN

    Amazingly Great Hair in your Avatar pic! Hello. This is a Label request to include Artist Baya Michaelson to your Group's Radio Station "David Bowie". Examples would include a Faster Track Tin Gypsi - 2004 and a Slower Track Tokyo Joe - 2005. Thank you for your time and consideration! Your feedback is most welcomed.

    26 Feb 2010 Responder
  • LordTriLink

    Hey there Violet! I see that we're still practically musical soulmates. :-) Rock on!

    26 Feb 2010 Responder
  • AlinaAlens

    Hello! I'd like to invite you to check out my project, Alens. There are three new songs from the upcoming album on my site. Feel free to take them for a test listen. Thank you! Best from

    5 Feb 2010 Responder
  • Karl-1100

    Hello Violet, I hope your having a great Xmas and i wish you the very best for the New Year.....Karl.

    25 Dic 2009 Responder
  • jinxnscooter

    thanks for the add on

    8 Dic 2009 Responder
  • TheCannie

    Hi. I would like to invite you to my Music Page. Its a new Kind of Electro. enjoy. greetz Cmon

    5 Dic 2009 Responder
  • Karl-1100

    "Greetings Violet, hello from Australia". I was'nt in London in 1973; but I was in Queen Elizebeths' Australia. I was 13 and it was "bloody awesome". We had the music of "Bowie", T.Rex, Slade, Roxy Music, Sweet, Pink Floyds' "Dark Side of the Moon", Suzy Quatro, Sparks and much more. The last 2 groups were from the USA, but they made England home. It was a UK invasion, not just in music but fashion as well; long hair, platform shoes, flared jeans. I'm 49 years young now and I am reliving my youth, it takes a bit of work, but is possible. (I mean the freedom)! By the way, what are your favorite "Bowie" albums?

    24 Jun 2009 Responder

    no! berkeley isn't changing into fremont is it?! i haven't heard the cannabis ost. sounds interesting. i've just done a french prog mix cd. it's not for sale. maybe one day it will be. there's 32 tracks on it. nightmare to get clearance for all of it. like you said, there was definitely something in the water in france during the 60's and 70's. bad acid probably. the darkest stuff i've ever heard.

    26 Mar 2009 Responder
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Come check out the group I Wish I Could Teleport To 1973 London.

I'm an artist, webmistress (, animal rescuer, and weird girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm here because I want to connect with people who listen to cool artists I've never heard of. Finding new music is the best thing in the world. It would be boring if I was only "friends" with people who had the exact same taste as mine. I want to branch out and expand my musical — and yes, even social — horizons. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with an account here ... I'd just put on my favorite album and sit in front of a mirror and talk to myself.

And you're here hoping someone will actually care what you listen to, right?

So if I add you as a "friend," it's because I genuinely find your taste interesting ... it doesn't mean I want to marry you or be your BFF. *lol* People take themselves soooooo seriously sometimes. Just because our stupid-ass compatibility scores don't "match" doesn't mean we don't listen to a lot of the same artists; it just means we also listen to different artists as well. And that's a good thing.

If you add me, I promise I'll add you back. No snubs here! Besides, it's not like friending someone means they suddenly get access to super-secret journal entries or private phone numbers or links to scandalous porn photos. It just makes it easier to keep track of them in the flotsam of

I started a group here called "I Wish I Could Teleport To 1973 London." It's still pretty new and I hope it will take off, because damn, I seriously wish I could teleport to 1973 London and figure there must be loads of other people who feel the same way. The folks who have joined so far are fantastic and friendly and they all have amazing taste — I've found a lot of great music through them.

My accounts at other services, in case anyone is interested:


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