iTunes 5.0...wait....LYRICS!!!!!!!!


9 Sep 2005, 20:20

Ok...besides the pain in the ass I had trying to install version 5.0 then fearing I had lost all my metadata that I've been building for over 2 years (I finally got it to read my library and update the database...whew!) I have to say that overall, I like the new look. Sleek, I can see more data at the same time since they trimmed every bit of "excess" off the window as possible....even the freaking edges for gods sake. And while at first I will miss the metal, I'm confident that I will learn to love the new look (particularly the center display).

Now, beauty is only skin deep so lets talk about some other features of the new version of our favorite mp3 player (we've been here before...iTunes is all that exists....Winamp what? No. iTunes.) The thing that has me absolutely nutty which you can surely tell by the entries title is the addition of a lyrics tab in the songs info panel.


I am a metadata whore and I have been long wanting a way to add the lyrics to my songs so that I could read them on my iPod. Yes, I'm a loser and I need a life. Yes, I would greatly like to get laid but I have a lyrics database to build :-D. I had even for a moment pondered learning how to write Cocoa apps for OS X just so I could build a little sibling app that could read the iTunes database and manage a separate lyrics catalog that could then be loaded onto the iPod in the notes folder. Putting lyrics into the comments tag never worked well because you can't fit the entire song there plus I use comments for things like, "live, cover, original, somber, chill, angry" so that I can build playlists around moods as well as a playlist that includes all covers that I have as well as any of the original versions if I have them too.

When they added the ability to attach album art to the files I was quite happy as well, although they didn't provide an easy way to obtain the artwork. With the use of the handy Fetch Art apple script,, and on occasion a manual google search I have managed to get artwork for about 80-85% of my 4000+ tracks. The new lyrics functionality is much the same as when they added artwork. You can put it in there but you have to go get it yourself. All they have in there is a large text field where you can paste long blocks of text.

The way things are now, it's kind of difficult to get good lyrics. There isn't one de-facto standard respectable source to which you can go and certainly not one with an accessible API so that someone can build a script or mini app to query the database and bring you the results directly. This is going to take a considerable amount of legwork on my part to get anything close to a relatively thorough coverage of all the music in my library. I'll start with only my favorite artists and if at some point later someone creates an easy way to obtain lyrics for large batches of files at a time then I'll start on the rest.

As I write this, there doesn't seem to be an update for my iPod yet so I'm assuming that the full use of the lyrics functionality is yet to be deployed. When it is I fully believe that you will be able to read the lyrics directly on the iPod in much the same fashion as you read shownotes attached to podcast now. Of course on a color iPod, it goes like this. You click once to play the song then you click a second time to see the artwork. You click a third time to see the scrub bar to skip through the song and click a fourth time to see or change the ratings. Then what you click yet a fifth time to read the lyrics? It could become quite tedious to make it a frequent habit and you'll put in a hell-of-a-lot of clicks on that little middle button. Either way, I'd rather have the option than not.

If you have any suggestions (other than the obvious find some better hobbies and the aforementioned "get laid") like perhaps methods to acquire mass quantities of lyrics quickly and then add them to my music, please comment with that information.

Current Music: Wake for Young with lyrics!


  • fontgoddess

    There are a couple of widgets that grab lyrics. Then you can write an AppleScript to copy and paste. SingPod and Sing That iTune! are the two I use. I bet it would be pretty easy to rewrite part of SingPod so instead of sending the lyrics to the Notes folder of your iPod it could send the lyrics to the selected song's lyrics field. And I too am a metedata freak. Getting laid is probably overrated anyway.

    10 Sep 2005, 22:47
  • Whyren

    Sing That iTunes just came out with a new version that transfers the lyrics to iTunes.

    11 Sep 2005, 17:48
  • Oual

    ... is a widget that transfers lyrics to itunes too :

    11 Sep 2005, 22:04
  • thefatgirl

    i don't know if i'll be alone here, but i actually kind of liked 4.9 over 5.0. sure, it looks smoother, but i feel nostalgic over the old interface.

    18 Sep 2005, 23:59
  • jasaraiwmnean

    Here's a stupid question for you guys... I'm a Windows user (please don't tar and feather me) but I have an undeniable love for iTunes and my iPod. Is there Windows equivalent Apple script to get artwork and lyrics easily for me?

    25 Sep 2005, 19:28
  • bubihusi

    For [b]Winamp[/b] users, there is a little program called EvilLyrics EvilLyrics. It's easy to use, free and uncomplicated.

    18 Ene 2006, 13:41
  • VidiotLoserX

    EvilLyrics looks good. It appears to work with a wide variety of third party players as well, including iTunes. Very nice. I may have to get that for my Windows laptop.

    19 Ene 2006, 1:28
  • pukhli

    Does anybody know, is there anything besides Evillyrics to find lyrics in Itunes? like so you can just mark all songs you need lyrics for and push a button and not wait while it will look for lyrics while you listening to a song?

    7 Mar 2010, 14:53
  • VidiotLoserX

    Hmm, wow. This is so old, I forgot about this entry,...I really am a nerd, haha. I'm using something now called Get Lyrical. Like most of these little apps, you can get lyrics for a playlist or while listening to tracks. Just put all the songs you need lyrics for into a playlist & then tell Get Lyrical to tag that playlist. Then go through & remove any tracks it found & keep looking for the leftovers.

    13 Mar 2010, 6:46
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