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安室奈美恵Ups & Downs duet with Nao'ymt 3 May 21:05
安室奈美恵My Darling Tema favorito 3 May 21:02
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  • takaminas

    thanks! yeah me too, and i really like ayumi's short hair *~*

    15 Abr 9:19 Responder
  • takaminas

    yeah there's still a little bit of snow in here, last week it was actually quite warm, but now it's cold again :/

    23 Mar 7:51 Responder
  • takaminas

    thanks, i am :D

    16 Mar 8:34 Responder
  • takaminas

    you're in thailand? that's cool :D yeah i feel you, pretty much everything's expensive here in finland too haha. aw that sucks :/ but it'll probably start growing in a month or so. i haven't really done anything special lately, and now that i got sick i can't really do much, so i'm just plain bored :/

    14 Mar 14:26 Responder
  • takaminas

    oh i see :) ikr haha. so how have you been? :D

    13 Mar 8:58 Responder
  • tvmopes

    yes, fire emblem is a tactical rpg series. so far for the 3ds there is one game (awakening) but there is another one in production! i am so excited! i looked up resonance of fate and it looks very cool! i see it was made by the creators of star ocean, which tells me it's a good game. ;) i really need to get a ps3 because there are a lot of great games for that console!

    12 Mar 18:26 Responder
  • Purple-hime

    Yes, I have said that but it's not exactly the truth actually ^ ^ My parents said that but I'll even go when I have medium grates

    12 Mar 8:23 Responder
  • tvmopes

    i might just have to try it, then! yes, i love video games! right now i am hooked on the nintendo 3ds! my favorite console of all time is the ps2. my favorite series are final fantasy, fire emblem, and animal crossing! how about you?

    11 Mar 15:50 Responder
  • tvmopes

    i have yet to play the updated version of ffx, but i have listened to the soundtrack. i agree that the original versions are better... i generally feel like most originals are better than remakes, but i probably have a few exceptions! do you like to play video games in general?

    11 Mar 14:10 Responder
  • takaminas

    oh she was at the berryz concert? :o

    11 Mar 8:07 Responder
  • takaminas

    yeah me too, i don't really like her voice :/ i used to like koharu's songs when i was younger :D my current fave is ayumi too.

    9 Mar 6:37 Responder
  • Purple-hime

    Yeah ! Sugoii I remember you because of one of you icon (Yukirin)

    7 Mar 15:19 Responder
  • Purple-hime

    My old account name was yasmine-jpop

    7 Mar 15:05 Responder
  • tvmopes

    ffx is my favorite, too. i could probably talk about it all day! there really isn't anything i didn't love about that game. i adore the music soooo much. besaid island and zanarkand make me really emotional when i hear them, lol

    6 Mar 22:48 Responder
  • Purple-hime

    Do you that I was already your friend before ? But under an other name

    6 Mar 16:19 Responder
  • takaminas

    i miss the platinum era too, imo it was the best momusu era + that's when i became their fan. ikr! i'm already missing berryz :/ yeah me too, they're all really cute *-* my favorite is (was) sayumi. what about you? :D

    6 Mar 15:28 Responder
  • takaminas

    no problem, nice to meet you! i see :) i love h!p too, especially momusu :D

    6 Mar 10:45 Responder
  • Purple-hime

    You're welcome (it means Princess XD)

    6 Mar 9:19 Responder
  • yume2kki

    Lol, I understand. I'm usually too shy to leave shouts, so every once in a while I decide to become more talkative on, but I always feel like I'm not 'cool' enough or knowledgable about music to talk to people. Kind of sad and silly, lol. Fave H!P group or J-pop band in general? I think my favourite H!P group used to be Morning Musume, but I'm leaning more towards Berryz工房 lately. (I'm mourning as well. I feel so bad I ignored their recent releases. I kind of felt like they'd be around forever, you know?) Fave j-pop group in general is currently でんぱ組.inc! How about you?

    5 Mar 16:11 Responder
  • tvmopes

    definitely! i love ffx so much. my favorite characters are lulu and rikku. do you like it as well?

    5 Mar 16:08 Responder
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I love travelling, cats, J-pop (especially Mika Nakashima), video games, manga/anime and Hello!Project. My all-time favorite idols are Chinami Tokunaga and Koharu Kusumi!

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