En Plein Air's brand new self-titled 2011 album has been released


25 Mar 2011, 15:11

Critically acclaimed Italian post-rockers, En Plein Air release their self-titled full-length on Fluttery Records. The CD and the digital downloads are available. Also, listeners can stream all the songs free on the label website.

Here is the link:

En Plein Air is a post-rock band from Rome / Italy which differ from their peers by using violin, cello and piano in their unique way with guitars, base and drum. The band has already moved its instrumental voice out of their country with the help of their label, Fluttery Records (flutteryrecords.com) which is distributed from United States to the rest of the world.

They have been signed to the label in Summer of 2008 and released their 4 song EP “L'alba Irradia L'inutile Parola” in February 2009. The EP got great reviews; The Silent Ballet said “En Plein Air seems to be commenting on this movement through their music: the strings represent the natural light, the drums and guitars are neutral, and the synthesizer, like the tube paint, represents the modern catalyst.” In Forty pointed on the strings “Sad elegance of an ever-pervasive violin. The EP is at its dreamy best when these disparate elements are given freedom to roam, moving the music away from more routine post-rock territory.” According to Beautiful Freaks “The result reminds various influences which the band doesn’t hide: Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, Goodspeed You! Black Emperor not to mention a certain jazz and classic approach which gives elegants to the tunes. A suggestive cd which joins indie rock and ambience music, classicity and experimentation.” In another review, their music said to be “Smells like the wood of the ancient instruments projected into the future."

After receiving great reviews around the world, En Plein Air started writing new songs for their debut album. They had experienced something awful while recording it; they left their instruments in the studio after the rehearsal, they discovered they were all stolen when they arrived the studio the next day. They haven't lost the will and went on recording the self titled debut in the Play Wave studio in Rome. Soon after the recording sessions, the album has been sent to Metropolis Studio in London, UK.

They have released their debut full-length on March 20th, 2011 on Fluttery Records. The label owner Taner Torun says “En Plein Air have moved forward to another step with this album; all seven tracks are welcoming the new rising sun. Self titled album starts with calming piano entry and the song is followed with distorted guitars and violin climbing to the edge. Various instrumentation, various feelings follows. Guitars to strings, electronics to drums, each member collaborates to the beauty at their best.”

The album can be purchased from Fluttery Records (flutteryrecords.com) and its distributed worldwide. Also, it is available for digital download in major download stores like Itunes, AmazonMP3, Bandcamp and Shockhound. Fluttery Records is an independent record label releasing Post-rock, Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Modern Classical music. All the songs can be streamed free on the label website.
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