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23 Feb 2010, 13:11

Yeah wel.. this isn't late at all, I can write this whenever I want to.
Anyway if I forgot something I should have mentioned you might want to let me know.

I'll just mention some nice albums from the year 2009 now.

The Mercury Arc - Paint the Sun Black
So it was some nice modern metal, tho kinda too metalcoreish sometimes and the lyrics are kinda bad, but I still liked it. The song Kings of Kingdom Gone was nice.

Velvet Acid Christ - The Art Of Breaking Apart
Oh man new Velvet Acid Christ. And it was so much better than the previous album which was kinda gay at some points. Psychoactive Landscapes? I mean come on... Doesn't get much more "Look at me I'm so psychedelic" than that. Anyway The Art of Breaking Apart was really good and it had an interesting interview thing as the last track. That guy was bitten by a dog. In the ear. Yes I'm excited about pointless things.

pg.lost - In Never Out
So Pg.lost was more sad and "dark" on this album than the previous one, but I still prefer the previous one over this, even tho this was totally awesome too. This is pretty much my kind of Post-rock, really beautiful and epic stuff. I'm not into that 20 minutes of quiet guitar melodies and the song names are usually like "I swallowed my captains load of liquid white magic powder and then he said to me that I did it very nicely, and then I went back to my cabin. We were on a ship!"

Livsnekad - Den Sociala Vanforheten
Yay some negative suicidal winter darkness black metal. This is a pretty good album, nice melodies and well, it's not really the most atmospheric one, but it doesn't need to be. Anyway I'm into this kind of black metal mostly, well noise-black-metal is ofc even more preferred, but apart from that. People who listen to stuff like Firethrone are on the bad (=lofi-shit garage poser) side of black metal anyway.

Flymore - Millenium IV V
So Flymore sounds exactly like Korn. I personally have never heard anything that sounds this much like Korn. Anyway it's really good stuff, since it sounds like old-school Korn. No-one would want to listen to a band that sounds like See You On The Other Side era Korn anyway. So if you can handle the fact that they're a total rip-off, you might enjoy this.

Sybreed - Pulse of Awakening
I think this is officially a 2010 album or dunno, anyway I heard it on the side of 2009 so I'm counting it in. This was one of the best albums of 2009. Seriously. Some really nice sounding Modern Metal with some cyber electronic stuff going on. This is for people who like Mnemic and Raunchy, just in case you yet haven't heard Sybreed. (If you haven't and you're into that kind of stuff, go eat cyanide pills...)

The Psyke Project - Dead Storm
I already mentioned this in one of the previous journal entries I wrote. Anyway this is also definitely one of the best 2009 releases too. Nice sludgy stuff, if you're still on the Lamb of God/Slayer level of pussy metal, you're going to disembowel yourself out of fear so don't even bother trying this. Anyway if you liked the first albums of Psyke Project, you'll like this one too. Beware. This is not like Apnea.

Khanate Clean Hands Go Foul
Yes, I love Khanate. I know it's not the only drone sludge doom whatever band out there, but it's still better than most of them. This was one awesome album. One downside is that well, there is too much pointless nonsense droning that is propably there just to make the tracks longer. This might be a bit challenging for most to listen to, but if you're into this kind of stuff like me then it shouldn't be challenging at all.

Gnaw - This Face
This...this is something cool. Gnaw, with the guy from Khanate doing vocals. (You gotta love that.) It's not like Khanate really. If Khanate is like 10/100 metal, then this would be like 0/100 metal with guitars being there just for noise and non-metal related "melodies". Anyway this is really hard to describe, some sort of drone-noise-rock-chaos with some really interesting stuff going on.

Buried Inside - Spoils of Failure
This is by far the best album Buried Inside have done this far. It's sludge, quite melodic at times tho, but it's still sludge. Also well the growls are the best ones I've heard in my life. And I mean from the low-pitched growls I have heard. I do not count middle or high pitched harsh vocals into this. The tracks don't have track titles which can sometimes be very confusing if you want to listen to a certain track or something.

Stendeck - Somnambula
This album has a lot more positive atmosphere than the previous one. It's pretty nice stuff anyway. For those who have never heard Stendeck, it's sort of a idm-ambient-something. Dunno what to call it really. There's not much to say about this one, I liked it.

Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs
Awww this was so cute. I wish they would make more. The female vocals and the atmosphere is just really cute. Cute is the word to describe this album. This album could have done it with the occasional grim and frostbitten black metal parts tho.
Post-Punk mixed with black metal. Cute, so very cute.

Prurient - Rose Pillar
Prurient. Yes, Prurient. I was quite prurient for a new release from Prurient. This isn't a harsh release, so people who are not so much into "ear rape" can enjoy this. Totally awesome stuff at times, but then well, it's not 100% gold, the tracks with Kevin Drumm are kinda boring at times. Spin The World's Wheel and Yellow Trumpets Grow in Darkness are pure awesomeness. It's great for visiting Birkenau. You gotta love the concrete toilet rows in there.

And now I'll just mention a few albums that came out, but I'm sort of tired to highlight them any more than that now.

- There was a new Static-X album in 2009. It was quite good.
- Also a new Mudvayne album came out but dunno, it wasn't anything special.
- Also the first full lenght of Icon In Me came out, so check that out if you're into The Arcane Order kind of stuff, tho it's not as good as Arcane Order ofc...
- Eryn Non Dae album came out, it was awesome.
- Also new Solstafir album CAME...
- There was also a release of the new Scar Symmetry album but the new vocalists suck and the album was quite boring so dunno, waste of time really.
- A Bone Awl EP. Lol yeah, worth mentioning.
- The last thing to mention is a nice album from Monarque. Check it out if you like atmospheric depressive whatever black metal.


  • platedheadpot

    I never heard many of these albums, i'm glad you enjoyed Flymore - Millenium, i think it's the best album of the year. Another band that sounds almost exactly like old Korn is Scarry5, they're a bit heavier than Flymore. New Sybreed is also pretty good. I haven't heard much of the new Psyke Project and The Mercury Arc but they're not bad. I can say 2009 was a pretty terrible year for heavy music, with only a few good releases.

    23 Feb 2010, 17:41
  • platedheadpot

    Also the new Mudvayne is really boring, i barely forced myself to listen to the entire album.

    23 Feb 2010, 17:42
  • Velvet_Myx

    I thought 2009 was a really awful year for this sort of music, but then when I was writing this I noticed that it wasn't all that bad. I hope 2010 will be better tho.

    23 Feb 2010, 20:02
  • CS_Cuillere

    Cute, what the fuck am I reading? Anyway, the cool thing about Amesoeurs is that the female vocals are in fact awesome and don't ruin it for me. I'll just go ahead and add some of these that are relevant to my intrests to my to-check-out list, booyah.

    23 Feb 2010, 21:49

    i only know VAC and yes, it's <3

    24 May 2010, 20:49
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