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13 Mar 2006, 14:11

1. Dżem 71 plays

The kings are back on top. Recently I downloaded 3 movies about Ryszard Riedel and thus I kept on listening to his music a lot. And also personal reasons are included here... I just feel like Rysiek's singing about my life... Everything's so fuckin' similar ('cept the drugs...)

2. Jimi Hendrix 33 plays

I've never been much into Hendrix, but I have a small collection of his work which I was listening to a bit lately.

3. Jim Jidhed 25 plays

Sweden - a pearl in an ocean of dirt. While other countries' charts are filled with shit, Swedes really prove to like good music. Jim Jidhed, Alien's frontman, is one of the best examples that you can sing beautiful songs, appreciated abroad, even in Swedish language.

4. Britny Fox 21 plays

Glam slam n rukk n rull uhh... Guess I used to like it more... But still better than indie stuff. Well, everything's better than indie stuff...

5. Breakout 14 plays

Classic Polish blues band. Tadeusz Nalepa's vocal is more reciting than singing, but still they produced couple of nice songs. Well, Mira Kubasińska's version of "(Remember) walking in the sand" is... weak. Just weak.

6. Toranja 13 plays

Portuguese band. They somehow remind me of Coldplay. Not bad.

6. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate 13 plays

Ali Farka Toure died few days ago... In his lifetime he recorded many beautiful albums ranging from folk to blues... So sad he's no longer among us...

8. Hunter 12 plays

Latest album "T.E.L.I." is really a good piece of metal music. However, I don't like the lyrics...

8. Jean Beauvoir 12 plays

From hard rock to pop and even r&b. One of few living black vocalists that I respect as artists. Good thing about Jean is his work with Crown Of Thorns. Bad thing is that he wrote a song for Kaja Paschalska...

8. Jeff Scott Soto 12 plays

Voice of rock. Thousands of different projects, great potential. Very hard-working man.

8. Evanescence 12 plays

Say what you will, but I like them. I like their music, I like Amy Lee's voice. You can now stone me to death.

BTW: Last.fm recommendation system sucks. It recommended me Radiohead this week. It couldn't have insulted me more...


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