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23 Feb 2006, 9:30

I decided to compose a list of the best vocalists, including both dead and alive. And please don't be surprised that there is no Thom Yorke or Matthew Bellamy in the list... IMO they're overrated as shit and very irritating ;) So here it goes (not in any particular order):

Ryszard Riedel
Czesław Niemen
Marek Piekarczyk
Krzysztof 'Uriah' Ostasiuk
Stan Borys
Grzegorz Kupczyk
Felicjan Andrzejczak
Krzysztof Cugowski
Roman Kostrzewski

Robert Plant
Geoff Tate
Elvis Presley
Graham Bonnet
jim morisson
Jon Bon Jovi
Eric Burdon
Meat Loaf
Rob Rock
Jeff Scott Soto
Johnny Gioeli
Ian Gillan
David Coverdale
Axl Rose
Joey Tempest
Steven Tyler
Ozzy Osbourne
Joe Lynn Turner
Enrique Bunbury
Glenn Hughes
Bruce Springsteen
Tom Keifer
ZP Theart
Ronnie Van Zant
Freddie Mercury
Paul Rodgers
Jørn Lande
Howlin' Wolf
Lou Gramm
Steve Perry
Jeff Buckley
Glenn Medeiros
David Lee Roth
Sebastian Bach
Art Garfunkel

I intentionally skipped Halford, Yorke, Bellamy, Jagger and many others, as they are overrated as hell...


  • Geracka

    Axl Rose a good vocalist? If you can include him, I don't see how you can't have Jagger.. How about Bob Dylan and Bob Seger? The latter especially; he's at least Springsteen's equal.

    23 Feb 2006, 12:12
  • Meler

    And where the f*ck is me? :P

    23 Feb 2006, 13:50
  • negativnein

    roman kostrzewski is a god :D

    23 Feb 2006, 13:54
  • Vami

    Imo Tyler is years ahead of Halford not the other way round ;)

    23 Feb 2006, 15:49
  • Trichiliocosm

    and as far as thom york being overrated, that's a bunch of're just one of those people who think they are too scene or 'hip' (or whatever you want to call it) to be a fan of radiohead due to them having a large following...and I'll likely take heat for this but I'm goin to say it anyway: I find Robert Plant to be overrated and his voice to be extremely irritating...without jimmy page zeppelin was nothing.

    23 Feb 2006, 18:28
  • Vami

    I recommend listening to Plant's solo records... And no, you're not right concerning Yorke. IMO he's just terrible and annoying over the limit.

    23 Feb 2006, 18:36
  • Trichiliocosm

    and i'm laughing.

    23 Feb 2006, 18:42
  • Trichiliocosm

    23 Feb 2006, 18:53
  • Trichiliocosm

    you've got quite the following here Mr. Karpinski...I believe it may be an assemblage of the worst possible bands all together in one place, for the first time, here, on your page. thanks...i needed a good laugh...

    23 Feb 2006, 18:55
  • Vami

    Musically, yes. Needs to be shamefully forgotten by history.

    23 Feb 2006, 18:55
  • rimkuss

    I love Morrison

    23 Feb 2006, 19:38
  • theorange28

    Klaus Mein. He's my number one and the only dude you left out.

    26 Feb 2006, 14:46
  • Vami

    I left him out ? o_O Oops... mistake ;) And also Jack Russell should be there.

    26 Feb 2006, 15:18
  • dyon88

    roger daltry?

    3 Mar 2006, 11:07
  • Vami

    Yeah, can be

    3 Mar 2006, 21:26
  • LilTheater

    Halford? Well I'm biased as fuck, but I do think he's marvellous, or I wouldn't listen to so much of his work with Priest, Halford and Fight ;) I do think Glenn Hughes is probably the greatest singer I've ever heard. What a voice, incredible.

    3 Mar 2006, 22:47
  • masterplan_rob

    Think you left out a key one in Liam Gallagher there. IMO the best Rock'n'Roll frontman in the past 20 years. Also, I disagree with your naming Bono and Art Garfunkel in there. U2 and Bono are a bit overrated and Art Garfunkel is just weedy and over shadowed by Paul Simon.

    5 Mar 2006, 8:12
  • aydozz

    it is nice to see joe lynn turner in the list

    14 Mar 2006, 2:01
  • Mazon

    haha, what a list. but BIG mistake! Halford is one of the best vocalist ever! and overrated!?? HELL NO! he is not called [b]the Metal God[/b] for nothing, huh!? one thing: [quote]I've never sung in falsetto. Falsetto is a soft version of the high range. It's like faking a high and I've never done that. All of my highs are pure and intense in the octave that I am performing them in. When Phil Anselmo said to me, 'You never sang falsetto -others do but you don't, bro.' - that's a compliment. - Rob Halford, Metal Maniacs, May 2005 [/quote] I love him!! damn he's gay ;'(

    14 Mar 2006, 21:04
  • carlsten

    Rob Halford is overrated, and OZZY OSBOURNE is not?

    17 Abr 2006, 16:43
  • BigFatPhony

    Steven Tyler is an awful vocalist IMO, but i'm glad you included Glenn Hughes.

    2 Jun 2006, 21:45
  • KingOfSomeIsle

    [b]Ctrl + F: Chris Cornell[/b] Ctrl + F: Eddie Vedder Ctrl + F: Layne Staley Ctrl + F: Mike Patton Ctrl + F: James Hetfield Not Found... You left off Thom Yorke and Rob Halford for being overated and left on Jon Bon Jovi, Ozzy, and Axl Rose... This list is garbage

    26 Jul 2006, 20:19
  • gnrmcr

    hahahaha! Ctrl + F!!! I didn't know that! Thanks man!

    29 Jul 2007, 17:56
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