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29 Dic 2009, 2:30

It had been one year since I joined on 9th November so I thought this journal entry would be appropriate. Here are the most listened artists, songs and album during my first year at

I. Artists

1. Sheryl Crow (1126)
I know, there may not be as many people crazy about Sheryl out there as I am. She’s not the type of singer you can fall in love with at the first listen. Her songs are complex, filled with symbols, unlikely metaphors while being very expressive and original. And as a bonus, Sheryl has a distinctive sound and often uses a narrative style. Eclectic and weird, she can rock it loud, play country, put the fun in funk or sit by the fire and sing some sweet folk tracks. As far as I’m concerned, she has songs fit for every mood someone may be in. Although she has wandered through a variety of styles (while still not jumping too far from what she really is at heart, a classic rocker), nowadays she has somewhat returned to her roots and decided to rather change people opinions instead of making them dance. It’s admirable she has always fought for the causes she believed in (she's not afraid of expressing her opinions in her songs, too). Sheryl’s honest, sometimes too honest…she can get up on the stage, undress her protective layers and become extremely vulnerable in front of thousands of people…and in the same time offer so much (kudos to her talented band, too, especially to the guitarists). I prefer to see her live. Complex, intriguing, talented, different…Sheryl Crow remarks as being a great storyteller, honest, funny, crazy, (still) hot woman who even knows how to make fun of herself.

2. Weezer (455)
Definitely, one of my biggest musical guilty pleasures. I have a lot of fun while listening to them; they have some pretty awesome guitar riffles, playful, noisy tunes but also a few heartbreaking ballads. While a couple of their songs may seem childish or even retarded I’ve always appreciated their honesty and vocalist’s Rivers Cuomo's courage to embrace his childish, innocent and especially his goofy side in songwriting.

3. Manic Street Preachers (423)
This is an example of a really underrated band. The Welsh guys play for more than twenty years and have managed to release some of the most brilliant songs I’ve ever listened to. Alternative rock, industrial, punk, britpop, hard rock…most of their tracks are reflective, they have a depressive touch and sometimes refer to politics and the society. Ambiguity, complexity and brilliance are some of the words that described the best what the Manics do. Not the typical rock band, MSP still go their own way, writing bizarre, intriguing, spectacular music that incorporate more emotions and thoughts than any other bands I’ve ever heard. Sometimes shocking, weird and painfully honest, this band has proven its intelligence in the albums they have written (The Holy Bible, Everything Must Go, Journal For Plague Lovers) while still launching some shallow ones.

4. Brandi Carlile (419)
Really grew on me during the last year. Like Sheryl, she is an example of a complete artist. Not only for her beautiful voice which resonates with her inner feelings, sometimes strong and powerful, at times vulnerable and weak…but also for her songs, the live performances…they all reflect how much of complex and beautiful human being she is. Honesty is another characteristic of her, Brandi having the guts to sing her inner torments. What I admire about her is that Carlile is an artist who grows, not just as a singer but as a person (thing proven by each album she released).

5. Coldplay (357)
Coldplay, being a band of perfectionists, has some really awesome songs, extremely deep and intelligent. Their albums are true testaments of their talent. Chris Martin is also a great pianist and vocalist.

6. Ada Milea (327)
The definition of an artist and of a nonconformist. The Romanian freak-folk artist has made me a huge fan of her thanks to her witty, fun, subtle, sarcastic songs. Aside from mocking pretty much everything, Ada is the type of singer who grabs the guitar and protests in such subtle and funny ways and who unleashes her crazy and childish side on stage. Displaying a somewhat rebellious attitude, she is not the type of person/artist who aligns to the standards, choosing to have a strong identity with the risk of being controversial.

7. Bruce Springsteen (319)
I’ve known him for a pretty long time but only this year I decided to pay more attention to him. What I’ve discovered is that Springsteen is a great folk-rock singer who can write about human condition in ways that other artists are not capable. Definitely, an everlasting artist, Springsteen has gained me on his side especially due to his newer albums (I’m still in the process of discovering his older work).

8. Green Day (295)
The punk band used to be my favorite as a teenager. It all started with the American Idiot album. I listened to it and I quickly became addicted. A great influence on me, Green Day still is still one of my favorite rock groups.

9. AC/DC (281)
Rock n’ roll ain’t noise pollution. These guys proved that. I consider them the one of the best bands of all time, their impact on the evolution of music of being more than huge. Great to listen in the morning, their hits are filled with so much energy that can make you get up from your bed faster than any annoying alarm clock. Rock wouldn’t be the same without AC/DC.

10. Flogging Molly (272)
I’ve always been an admirer of Ireland’s culture and music. More of a recent discovery, Flogging Molly has quickly become one of my favorite bands. It seems like the secret formula for them is irish + punk = greatness. I have a lot of fun while listening to them.

11. Dolores O’Riordan (262)
What can I say? I’m a sucker for chicks with guitars. And aside from her guitar, The Cranberries’ vocalist has other advantages that make her one of my top singers: First of all, her voice (probably my favorite in the whole wide world) - haunting, powerful, distinctive and also her way of interpretation, like she pours her soul out on the stage made me a big fan of her. Not to mention her musical style, different and easily identifiable with Dolores. Her music is a mixture of rock, dark folk, pop, acoustic piano…they all combine into an original sound which usually has a mystic vibe, some of her songs are like hypnotic incantations.

12. Dixie Chicks (221)
Other artists whom I admire a lot as human beings, not only for their musical work. After I’ve heard about the Bush incident, I listened to more of their songs and was pleasantly surprised. The courageous Dixie Chicks have established themselves as one of the top artists (the best-selling female group of all-time) and didn’t give up when they were banned and hated all across the America after exercising their right of free speech. Not just great vocalists, the Dixie Chicks are famous for their talent as instrumentalists. They (along with Johnny Cash & Sheryl Crow) are also one of the reasons I started to like country music more.

13. Rivers Cuomo (220)
In the last two years, the main vocalist from Weezer released the Home Recordings, two musical projects consisting in the more obscure tracks of composed by Cuomo. Rivers’ solo work is simply honest, less commercial than what he does with his band. A couple of his songs are immature, simply idiotic, noisy but sincere and relatable…No matter what, I still find something appealing in his music. With experimental songs, more raw and intimate, I sometimes prefer to listen to Rivers Cuomo instead of Weezer.

14. Jaymay (208)
Very grateful to Răzvan for this musical gem, that could be the musical revelation of the year for me. Not many people have heard about her, so I guess I’m pretty lucky. The charming Jaymay (pronounced Jamie :P) stands out of the crowd by being a honest, humble folk singer. Her songs, sweet and sometimes sad confessions, are warm and make you feel blessed for being able to get a glimpse of who Jaymay really is. Gentle, romantic, she only needs her guitar to be as amazing as only she can be.

15. Johnny Cash (198)
I came upon his work after he passed away. The first thing that got my attention was his unique voice, the way it sounds, like Johnny opened the gates from his soul and let all of us hear the sound within. A great influence of how my musical taste evolved, Cash amazed me through his immortal musical masterpieces and he's the one that made me curious about older music.

16. The Rolling Stones (197)
Another rock gods who changed the face of music. A lot of my all-time favorite songs (Honky Tonk Women, I Can Get No Satisfaction, Get Off My Cloud, Gimme Shelter) belong to them. I simply can't ever get bored of this band, no matter how many times I listen to their hits. Maybe that's why they are (rightfully) regarded as the best music group ever, for passing the test of time so well.

17. Lynyrd Skynyrd (187)
They introduced me to something called southern rock. And I loved it. Like the Stones, Skynyrd’s tunes hold a special place for me. Despite still continuing its existence after the death of the lead vocalist Ronnie Van Zant, the band hasn’t reached and will never reach the heights from the Ronnie age, neither creatively, instrumentally nor vocally. Love how so many of their songs have become atemporal rock anthems.

18. James Morrison (184)
A special voice and an interesting style. Mixing jazz, soul and funk, Morrison has set high standards in his albums. No doubt he can write high quality music. He embraces his passion for soul and jazz by creating songs with strong influences from the 70s while still sounding contemporary.

19. The Beatles (173)
No need to introduce these guys...catchy, brilliant, innovative. At least for me, they will always pass the test of time.

20. Guns N' Roses (170)
A true example of an outstanding rock band. They initially gained me on their side thanks to their Sweet Child O'mine, discovered when I was 14. After listening to rest of their songs, I got hooked. I can say Guns have had one of the biggest influence on my musical taste.

II. Songs

1. Lynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird (39)
A rock classic, my 3rd all-time favorite song. Definitely a hymn to freedom. The main reason I’ve listened to it so much is the addictive second part of the song which I consider to be the best guitar solo ever. Free bird - 9 minutes of greatness.

2. Sheryl CrowAnything But Down (39)
A catchy but honest and heartfelt song which has the tendency to get me hooked from time to time. Filled with disappointment and anger, the song is pretty much about offering too much and not receiving anything in return (I’ll bring you anything that floats into your mind/But you don’t bring me anything but…down). The ending pretty much sums up that selfless isn’t the right way to be, claims Sheryl (I know you wish you were strong/ You wish you were never wrong/ Well, I got some wishes on my own).

3. Jaymay - Ill Willed Person (31)
It’s time for Jaymelancholy. Ill Willed Person, the beautiful song of a break-up, about not holding hard feelings towards an inevitable ending and trying to move on for the sake of that loved one, is the best she has written, in my opinion. Jaymay amazes me again with so much feeling in her voice and how genuinely she can express her pain in a song.

4. Massive AttackTeardrop (29)
The video (with a baby in uterus) has given me lots of creeps when I was little. I’ve rediscovered the song as the theme from House MD. And since then, there have been a lot of times I’ve listened to Teardrop. Being so peaceful, hypnotic and calm I’ve used it a lot to relax myself.

5. Coldplay - Rainy Day (29)
A cheerful song which resembles with the music from Sims. And I also love rainy days so it’s a win win situation.

6. AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long (28)
My second favorite song of all-time. From the guitar riffle in the begining, all through the song…This one has so much energy and I just love it to death!

7. Sheryl CrowMississippi (28)
Incredible how so many things can be expressed through just a song. Written by Bob Dylan, Mississippi manages to tell a lot more stories than an album can. This may be my favorite song ever, from a lyrical point of view. Fun, contemplative, intelligent, melancholic and romantic while having an upbeat rhythm. One of the recurring themes in the song are the passing of time (Well my ship’s been split to splinters/ It’s sinking fast/ I’m drowning in the poison/ Got no future/Got no past/But my heart’s not weary/It’s light and it’s free/I’ve got nothing but affection for those who sailed with me) and not having the power to undone things (The emptiness is endless/ Cold as clay/You can always come back/But you can't come back all the way)

8. Guns N’ RosesSweet Child O’ Mine (28)
The best song ever written. Fucking epic! Every single bit of this musical gem is brilliant…from Axel interpretation to Slash’s guitar solo and the amazing lyrics. Still in love with this song, after so many years.

9. WeezerTroublemaker (28)
A playful track with retarded and funny lyrics which reflects a lot how much of goofy and non-conformist band Weezer is. Troublemaker has always made me laugh and sing along. I often use it to cheer me up.

10. Brandi CarlileLooking Out (28)
The opening track of her Give Up The Ghost album and definitely my favorite from that record… Self-reflective and energic, it has some really bold lyrics (Some people get religion, Some people get the truth, I never get the truth) and captures some great moment of honesty regarding her own person (I am afraid of crossing lines/ I am afraid of flying high/ Afraid of inquiring minds/ Afraid of being left behind)

11. Brandi CarlileDreams (28)
A personal song - dreaming about somebody knowing hell will freeze when she’ll be yours (Dreams, I have dreams, When I’m awake, When I’m asleep... I can’t have you but I have dreams) It’s not a sad track, actually fun and uplifting, Brandi chooses to laugh about this unfavorable situation and mock herself.

12. JaymayGray Or Blue (27)
Probably her most famous track, Gray Or Blue is a simple, cute but awesome song in which Jaymay sings about not having the courage to express her feelings towards someone she likes.

13. Alexandrina HristovAvionul de aur (26)
Great acoustic piano song from the Moldovan jazz artist.

14. Bruce SpringsteenGirls in Their Summer Clothes (26)
The perfect soundtrack for a hot summer. Contemplative and more of a reflection to passed summers.

15. Lynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home Alabama (26)
Another Skynyrd’s masterpiece. To me Sweet Home Alabama is a great summer song, uplifting, fun. Despite listening to it a lot in the past, I still can’t get bored of this one. Immortal Skynyrd!

16. AnoukR U Kidding Me? (26)
Thanks to Timea, this song has been in my head for a lot of times. I like Anouk's style and the fact she's an angry woman :P and R U Kidding Me? was a pleasant surprise and and unexpected addictive song.

17. Relient KDeathbed (25)
Probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard (I can smell the death on my sheets, covering me/ I can’t believe this is the end…This is my deathbed/I lie here alone) Written from the perspective of a cancer dying person, Deathbed is a beautifully sung sad story, unpredictable, complex, with lots of changes in tempo. Lots of thanks to Răzvan for this one. Deathbed always gives me shivers.

18. 30 RockHe Needs a Kidney (25)
This song appeared in the final of episode of the 3rd season of my favorite comedy show, 30 Rock. A bunch of artists that I like (Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones), all gathered together for a fictional charity event. The song refers to Jack Donaghy’s dad, in need of a kidney transplant. He Needs a Kidney had to be fun and witty.

19. Terra NaomiThe Vicodin Song (25)
Terra, her piano and a song about getting high. No doubt Terra is a great songwriter but this one really caught my attention at first. I for sure had an addiction for this track.

20. Unkle BobSatellite (25)
Just like the first lyrics of the song, I heard it on the radio/ The singer's got a sad, sad song/ I think I'm gonna sing along . Satellite is another sad track from this list which got stuck in my head for a couple of days.

III. Albums

1. The Globe Sessions - Sheryl Crow (172)

This is what I consider to be a truly excellent album. It really reflects the complexity of the artist who wrote the songs and I see it as a proof of how talented Sheryl is as a songwriter. Unlike the rest of Crow’s albums, this one is slightly darker, mainly focusing on her depression, hurtful break-ups, songs filled with disappointment, brute honesty and sometimes even with rage. Personal, contemplative, introspective, spiritual, The Globe Sessions comprises songs that range from hypnotic, acoustic invocations to fun-filled rock-funk tunes. She doesn’t forget to lighten up and even mock herself on tracks such as There Goes the Neighborhood, Mississippi (written by Bob Dylan), Members Only or My Favorite Mistake

Favorite tracks: Mississippi, Members Only, My Favorite Mistake

2. Give Up The Ghost - Brandi Carlile (159)

Rare are the times when an album manages to impress me as much as Brandi Carlile’s latest work did. Slightly different than her previous The Story, more optimistic, and even more mature, the sincere Give Up The Ghost marks the transcendence to a grown human being, both on a personal and a musical level. The album, a combination of styles and themes (though mainly focusing on love and friendship) decreases in tempo, starting with the strong Looking Out and ending with a peaceful acoustic Oh Dear. Give Up The Ghost is a testimony of a singer who evolves, consistent and varied, I’m crazy about every single track on the album.

Favorite tracks: Looking Out, Dreams, If There Was No You

3. The Story - Brandi Carlile (138)

The vibe from Give Up The Ghost’s predecessor differs a lot. Sadder, darker, it all expresses an image of a woman in pain, longing for acceptance, love, peace. The feeling most taken intro account are loneliness, low self-esteem. Mostly acoustic, mixtures of piano and guitars, the songs sometimes culminate with explosions of musical instruments. Brandi Carlile tells her very own story, she detaches from her body, stares at the persons left behind and beautifully describes what she sees. Despite The Story could’ve have used some humor, it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

Favorite tracks: Again Today, Have You Ever, The Story

4. Journal For Plague Lovers - Manic Street Preachers (136)

Their most recent album returns to the brilliance of their spectacular The Holy Bible. While the lyrics are written by the presumed dead Richey Edwards (This album comes as a tribute to the songwriting of the long-time disappeared Richey), the music is the work of all the band members.. Journal For Plague Lovers - a bunch of epic songs, some of them aggressive and rebellious. The tunes dig deep into the human soul, sometimes spiritual, they are full of courageous words and at times revolt. All the tracks are unpredictable, both lyrically and musically. Although the album evokes the past it also has a present touch and in all its complexity, it still manages to be listenable.

Favorite tracks: Jackie Collins Existential Question Time, This Joke Sport Severed, Peeled Apples

5. 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day (135)

After the long pause following American Idiot, Green Day came back with a new supersized album. Like their previous work, this one also has some central characters, Christian and Gloria. Structured in 3 acts, the album has diverse and mixed messages songs, follows a narrative line while focusing on how the two characters deal with the situation of today’s world. Using more piano than they used to, Green Day still have unpredictable songs with changes in intensity and rhythm.

Favorite Songs: 21 Guns, East Jesus Nowhere, 21st Century Breakdown

6. Autumn Fallin’ - Jaymay (135)

Perfect for an autumn afternoon, Jaymay’s debut album is filled with break-up songs. Melancholic, sad and honest, Autumn Fallin’ follows the disintegration of a relationship. The sound of sweet folksy guitars and sometimes piano join a voice full of feeling. Jaymay doesn’t wander through complicated metaphors and ambiguous words, she keeps it simple but incredibly beautiful and expressive. The only out of place song from the album seems to be the jazzy Hard To Say, which sorta sounds a little bit too forced.

Favorite tracks: Ill Willed Person, Gray Or Blue, Sycamore Down

7. Scars On BroadwayScars on Broadway (134)

The self-titled album of the band lead by the System of a Down’s second vocalist managed to make a big impression on me this year. Following the same shocking, hard and somewhat apocalyptic trend in their songs, the alternative metal band put a well-balanced album together with strong guitar solos and powerful messages. Daron Malakian proves to be flexible both vocally and musically. Scars on Broadway really captures the quality of his voice. There are some tracks on the album that actually beg to be listened at a high volume (They Say, Chemicals, Exploding/Reloading). It’s really a shame that this band broke up and won’t release any new materials.

Favorite tracks: They Say, 3005, Whoring Streets

8. Detours - Sheryl Crow (126)

Her most recent album, maybe that’s why it’s so high on my list. Although I consider it her second worst record (Wildflower takes the cake), Detours remarks as being a genuinely honest and extremely personal record. The first half is represented by songs which are cries for understanding and awareness, all of them staring at nowadays problems, whether political, economical, social or ecological. While some of them tend to be sort of clichés, Sheryl states her opinion masterfully in the apocalyptic Shine Over Babylon. The rest of the album is incredibly personal, especially the haunting Make It Go Away (Radiation Song) in which she spills all the torments she’s been through during her cancer period or the Lullaby For Wyatt (her recently adopted son). Detours is a gate to Sheryl’s core thoughts and feelings, a woman concerned about the problems of the world in struggle and one who recently suffered a break up and tries to find the courage to love again.

Favorite tracks: Drunk With The Thought Of You, Shine Over Babylon, God Bless This Mess

9. Magic - Bruce Springsteen (123)

Often labeled as Springsteen’s return to rock, to his usual sound. The opener of the collection of songs, Radio Nowhere gives a strong energy. As a contrast to the first song, Terry’s Song, a touching and soulful ballad comes to end an overall great album. The first full LP I listened from Bruce’s discography surprised me in a pleasant way.

Favorite tracks: Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Radio Nowhere, Terry’s Song

10. Weezer (Red Album)(Deluxe Edition)- Weezer (122)

Their 3rd eponymous album, with a lot of statements made on it. Weezer proved their disobedience again by going their own way despite of their record label desires. They often make funny and ironic references to their nonconformist ways (Timbaland knows the way to reach the top of the charts/ Maybe if I work with him I will perfect the art…[…]I’mma do the things that I wanna do/ I ain’t got a thing to prove to youPork & Beans). Lacking a certain identity and an overall message, the album is extremely various and every band member gets the chance to be the lead singer for at least a song each. One of the most interesting tune is The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn), a song with tempo and style changes which even makes fun of rap or punk music. Aside from the fun-filled tracks, the Red Album is sometimes melancholic and even sad. It’s a record coming from a bunch of middle-aged guys (who still don’t wanna grow up), this can be seen in tunes like Pig or Heart Songs (sort of an homage song in which Rivers Cuomo commemorates the artists who’ve influenced him during his life). The Angel and the One stands out of the crowd, the longest track and probably the most heartfelt song from the album, shows a romantic and humble side of Rivers.

Favorite tracks: Pork & Beans, Troublemaker, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)

11. Songs for You, Truths for Me - James Morrison (117)

An enjoyable album with some good tracks that really stand out for me. Not quite spectacular but it certainly is as good as James' previous LP. Morrison’s voice and his unique style make Songs for You, Truths for Me a collection of honest tracks who manage to capture my attention.

Favorite tracks: Please Don’t Stop The Rain, Once When I Was Little, Dream on Hayley

12. Working on a Dream - Bruce Springsteen (115)

The style doesn’t differ from Magic. However, I liked his newer album even more, this being the record that transformed me into a fan of Springsteen. The Boss never ages, as this LP show, youthful and energic as it can be. Also meticulously produced, the album has really extraordinary and diverse tracks. Outlaw Pete is by far the best track on the record, also the longest.

Favorite tracks: My Lucky Day, Working on a Dream, Tomorow Never Knows

13. Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow (113)

Self-titled, and self-produced, Crow’s second album was destined to show that she can do well on her own. And tnrough her eponymous album, Sheryl proved more that anybody would expect her to. I adore every single track on the record and love how each of them expresses something else. The songs have all sorts of influences from jazz, funk, country, classic rock or folk, and they remark through witty, clever and complex lyrics. Love Is A Good Thing was the reason why Walmart even banned the album from its stores as a result of the lyrics Watch out sister, watch out brother,/ Watch our children while they kill each other/With a gun they bought at Walmart discount stores. Empathic, eclectic and weird, Crows tells stories, protests, becomes reflective, gets angry, laughs, is having fun, and writes beautifully depressing tunes - Home…all on her eponymous record. Definitely varied and surprisingly solid, Sheryl Crow’s exceptional second album remains one of the most representative of the 90’s.

Favorite tracks: If It Makes You Happy, Hard To Make A Stand, Superstar

14. No Baggage - Dolores O'Riordan (109)

The long awaited No Baggage made me love Dolores even more. The Irish singer-songwriter wrote this record as another step in her career, composing whatever the fuck she wants – as the title expresses. And the result was more than awesome. Personal and relatable, No Baggage is a collection of diverse songs which range from hypnotic piano songs to angry rock (and sometimes resemble too much with songs from her first solo album). Being a middle-aged women, Dolores reflects on the passing of time and the lessons learned so far. Unleashing inner demons, paying homage to persons she loves, urging to freedom, Dolores shaped a great album.

15. Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo - Rivers Cuomo (106)

The odd first solo album of Rivers comprises 18 demos recorded between 1992 and 2007. The songs from Alone are weird, less commercial and as honest as Cuomo can be. With no connection between them, the tracks differ a lot one from one another, marking Rivers’ journey through music, experimenting and pouring his feeling and thoughts in such diverse tunes. Really like how it’s not the type of polished and hyper produced album but actually a raw, and intimate record.


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    frumoasa lista si cu atat mai frumoasa descrierea ta (pacat ca nu inteleg engleza:P). acum o sa te rog sa te mai uiti din cand in cand la mine in jurnalele de aici, de pe sa ai cu ce sa te inspiri ca vad ca ideea asta mi-ai furat-o, numai limba ai vrut sa fie alta. sa nu mai vorbesc de descrierea de pe profil, unde ai copiat unu la unu ce scrisesem eu. si Gray or blue e cea mai buna piesa de la Jaymay, pt care ii multumesti lui Ra, cu toate ca daca era numai dupa el nu auzeati nici unul dintre voi de asa artista emerita.

    29 Dic 2009, 11:58
  • Underdawg89

    Ce sa suie scroafa-n copac... Ca doar esti singurul din univers care are initiative de-astea de a-si face astfel de retrospective, evident ca ti-am furat ideea, egocentristule... Aveam de gand sa fac o astfel de postare chiar din prima zi in care mi-am facut contul de Tu doar ai fost primul care a postat, nu te flata, ideile tale nu-s chiar asa de originale, le mai au si multi altii:P

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