• 26 Years

    20 May 2009, 5:13

    Sat 16 May – The Tragically Hip -

    For almost 26 years I've been blessed to see these lads mature into one of Canada's premier recording artists... They were AWESOME in Canada's 'darling on Shuter Street', and the Massey Hall shows were beyond energetic; they were ELECTRIFYING. Gord Downie held a spell over the audience, as he 'swam', strutted and pranced about with evocative song intros. Over 90% of the audience was on its feet for the entire show, and this is at Canada's finest and oldest soft seat theater venue; this is RARE.

    Only one non-original member played alongside them during their sold out Massey shows, Ottawa native, singer/songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jim Bryson, who is perhaps best known for touring and recording with Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer. Bryson played keyboards and sang backing vocals during the almost three hour shows, which were separated with just one ten minute intermission.

    If you get a chance to see this magnificent tour, GO! Only then will you perhaps begin to appreciate why Canadians love The Tragically Hip SO MUCH.
  • Lucinda Rocks!

    12 Oct 2008, 21:19

    Lucinda Williams supported by Buick 6 hit Toronto last night and literally set Massey Hall ablaze.

    The show featured many of her hits, but was dominated by her forthcoming album. The Country-pegged award-winning singer/songwriter has clearly moved into a more Rock vein with upbeat rockers and even a cover of AC/DC.

    Look for the new LP on store shelves in about a month.
  • Goldfrapp Mesmerizes

    15 Sep 2008, 16:24

    Sun 14 Sep – Goldfrapp, Great Lake Swimmers Goldfrapp's show last night was special... The band and musicianship were spectacular and Alison's vocals were energetic and flawless. Highlights were "A&E", "Little Bird", and "Happiness" from Seventh Tree and "Ooh La La" from the Supernature release, which finally got the crowd up onto its feet. It's unfortunate that Alison never introduced her stellar supporting band, who were most impressive. The audience seemed to be sedated and comfortable in their plush theatre seats until "Ooh La La" woke them up.

    Toronto-based Great Lake Swimmers were a 'chilled out' opener, with beautiful songs; featuring some interesting arrangements with strong vocals supported by banjo, guitar, and drums.