Veto Live (Studenterhuset, Aalborg)


25 May 2008, 11:46

Yesterday I went to my first Veto concert, at "Studenterhuset" Aalborg. I didnt have very high expectations for the show. One of the reasons for this was that I had heard somewhere that they werent great live. And another reason was that I didnt want to feel disapointed if it turned out that one of my favorite bands sucked on stage...


It was a great concert, with a brilliant mix of high paced energy tracks and some more slow ones! I would give you a complete list of tracks they played, but i kinda suck at remembering those kinda things... anyways here are the ones I do remember:

Random order:
Built to Fail
You Say Yes, I Say Yes
Digits played together like on album, Very cool XD
Duck, Hush and Be Still
Can You See Anything?
We Are Not Your Friends
You Are A Knife
From A To B
It's A Test, pt1
It's A Test, pt2

The room they played in was also quite nice. Dark but not too dark, cosy but not too cosy, "hip" but not too hip... you get the point :)

Another nice detaile that I for one enjoyed, was that when they left the stage for the first time, it is (as we all know) mandatory for the to clap until the band comes out for an encore, a tradition that kinda annoys me, as you are never quite sure if the band is gonna come out again our you are just standing there hurting your hands for nothing... But the detaile I liked was when veto (as espected), came on stage again, while casualy talking to the audience, Troels AKA Supertroels sliped in the information about how many more songs they where gonna play. I guess that little piece of info made me enjoy there last three songs even more, and made me "freak out" to the last one: You Are A Knife :P

The only complaint I have for the show, was that they screwed up Reset, where you really couldnt hear the vocal, and made me lose track about where in the song we where several times :\

But overall a great experience. And as I said my friend after the concert: "I wanna go again!!" as if on a rollercoaster! ^ ^


// This is a from the concert... not my video though. The quality sucks, but the energy from the show seems intact //


  • earthcrossing

    I know this was written like 2 years ago...but I'd love to see Veto live! I'm jealous! hehe. I wonder if they played "Spit It Out"? I love that one!

    21 May 2010, 1:57
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