Getting myself into hip-hop


5 Mar 2007, 19:38

My friend Julius started getting a bit pissy about me not listening to any rap (well, barely), so I'm deciding to give a few tracks ago as an experiment to see how far I can go with this open mind. If I manage to stay until the end of it without having to turn it off, I'll rate it out of ten, and briefly review it. If not, I'll just say it was skipped and explain why.

I've never been able to get into rap in the past. A lot of the time it's just a riff that stretches so far on it gets beyond banal, along with a beat that sounds like a table falling down the stairs in slow motion, which tends to give me a headache. The rapper tends to sound like a concrete block has dropped over his head and seems to always be rapping about something on a similar vein (being beaten up, beating people up, driving a car, getting a girl, drugs in the neighbourhood, a friend of theirs who helped them out in such a time, guns, money, bling), most of which don't say anything about me.
However, I'm going to give these guys another chance with an open mind, as if I've just heard them in my favourite record stores.

So, with the things I've been sent, let's go.

Shame On a Nigga
This track starts with the sound of someone being beaten up, and then the beats come in, which between alternating seconds sound very catchy and unbearable. It amused me when one of the vocalists made a thrusting sound but the fact it's basically just a drum beat with someone speaking over it (mostly with swearing) made it irritating as for me to skip it at around 2:17.

Liquid Swords
An absorbing 'soundtrack' feel is given with the child's narrative at the start, which after a while goes into a voice that seems less likely to explode with rage unlike the previous track, and this time it's accompanied with a melody, albeit two notes which I can clearly stand, being a punk fan. However, this went on far more than expected, so I just felt I had to stop play at around 2:35, when it started repeating itself once again as opposed to me hoping a new part would be introduced.

4th Chamber
Another introduction brings in a more promising tune, which holds together a classical rap structure with a melancholy drive which seems to have appeal. I can't find much of a hook in there to enjoy through out, but when I'm told rap is the 'sound of the streets', this is admirable.

In the Flesh
Not the best J5 I've heard (it's very tiresome how they bring up old school), but it remains accessible for me to the extend that it's enjoyable.

N.Y. State of Mind
I can stand it, but it does go on to the extent of pushing it.

Award Tour
Catchy... but in a rap sort of way... I think I'm getting it.

If anyone has any suggestions for me for band recommendations or if I'm missing something out about what hip-hop really is, throw yo shizz forward.


  • Mynoreti

    MADVILLAINY. by Madvillain. listen to that album.

    20 Mar 2007, 11:37
  • Mynoreti

    also, Labor Days by Aesop Rock

    20 Mar 2007, 11:40
  • Mynoreti

    and...Spank Rock is the most addictive crap ever. seriously. and Kill The Vultures. original jazzy noisy rap. i realise i'm leaving these recommendations in about ten million comments, but you can't delete journal comments

    20 Mar 2007, 11:43
  • slickdpdx

    Swollen Members Dr. Octagon/Dr. Dooom/Kool Keith Ultramagnetic MCs People Under The Stairs Prince Paul Dan the Automator Anti Pop Consortium Jurassic 5

    20 Mar 2007, 15:11
  • GrapePuppet

    Listen to Oh My God. Awesomely catchy.

    7 Abr 2007, 12:29
  • soudou

    Yeah, I would suggest some of the more avant hop artists. Examples follow: Dälek Kool Keith Oldominion Madvillain (seconded) Del tha Funkee Homosapien (or Deltron, as he has released under) And such. Anything much more mainstream is usually vomitworthy.

    10 Abr 2007, 0:39
  • ThusIsOurKrao

    Worst post ever.

    29 Abr 2007, 11:53
  • deathtobo

    well from someone else who isn't really a big fan of hip hop, i greatly enjoy eminem. he is a very good rhymer and his lyrics are often funny and interesting. i also enjoy fort minor, but other that don't really know any rap.

    14 May 2007, 6:01
  • OtherBen

    Jedi Mind Tricks. MF Doom. Aesop Rock. Atmosphere (raps about things more common with rock music). Sage Francis. A Tribe Called Quest. Souls Of Mischief.

    11 Jun 2007, 17:59
  • munk77436

    Check out: De La Soul- De La Soul is Dead for avant garde ridiculous neo hippie fun. A Tribe Called Quest- The Low End Theory for mildly intelligent and jazzy fun. DJ Shadow- Endtroducing... for groovy hip hop tinged instrumental fun. Mobb Deep- The Infamous for slightly depressing existentialist fun. You might not dig Mobb Deep so much, but check out those other three.

    17 Jun 2007, 17:33
  • ThusIsOurKrao

    Manchester United? I'd quit now if that's what you support.

    22 Jul 2007, 20:13
  • Shadayuki

    It's okay, I couldn't take N.Y State of Mind when I first heard it too. As dllfinal said, I think you need to be a little more of a seasoned listener to begin appreciating beats of all varieties and the lyrical abilities of rappers like Nas and GZA over those beats. And yeah, Deltron would probably be a great introduction for you.

    28 Jul 2007, 15:05
  • Shadayuki

    Oh, and if you're a fan of more lush production, going off on a limb, you may enjoy Nujabes and his work. It isn't essential hip-hop canon, but it's damned good.

    28 Jul 2007, 15:43
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