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  • MadAzAHatter

    i actually had heard one track by Calle 13 and didn't even know it... giving their top listened album a shot now... no clean up yet.. we'll let insurance company and the contractor who takes the job do that kind of stuff... i have a feeling there's going to be a LOT of clean up before this whole thing is over with.... ugh!

    15 Jun 12:13 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    and now it's MY turn to apologize... thank goodness you dropped by earlier today since it caused me to question whether or not i'd replied your last shout (i remembered you'd recommended Calle 13 ~ which i haven't tried yet).. i questioned it because you usually leave me a shout when you do... there's no telling how far i would have had to search if you hadn't visited today!!... shouts left on the weekends can get buried because it's hit or miss if i get into my studio room (especially on Saturday).. so how long are you part of your current placement?.. it's not longer than a semester, is it??... i went into a part of our basement that was once the holding room for coal (back in the day when the furnaces used coal) and found that part of the wall had caved in!!!!... it's been one very crazy day!

    13 Jun 22:41 Responder
  • AlejandroAcost_

    Putting Khaled Hosseini in my list ^^ I know I haven't had so much time to read I hate when that happens I like Murakami cuz' once I've started reading a book of him something makes me wan't to know what's next?.. Yeah Trent Reznor It's an amazing artist in almost every aspect I liked him since I found out that he created the "quake" game soundtrack since then I have liked everything he produces, it's kind of crazy but I would love to see him and Steven Wilson creating something ^^

    25 May 5:15 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    btw.. i love shouts from you ~ especially the long ones シ

    24 May 17:29 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    math rock is, more often than not, associated with anything other than "happy" but Adebisi Shank makes me downright ecstatic ~ they've got such a great grove and just bouncy playfulness in their music ~ it's an album i just love to hear when i need a bit of positivity... sorry about the work Mo.. it's just another step ~ not you actual life's work..... that's my 3 sec. fatherly advice ^_*

    24 May 17:15 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    don't bother with my last shout Mo, i've now listened to Wild Light, the artist, and 65daysofstatic's album Wild Light ~ and enjoyed them both!!.. but i was already a fan of 65daysofstatic so that one was a win/win ^_^ .... i hope all's well with you my handsome friend... i did send you several rec's to your Inbox.. i've got my fingers crossed that you'll like at least one of them

    18 May 12:55 Responder
  • AlejandroAcost_

    Hello there, nice to meet you, well before anything if you haven't you should read Kafka as well, but about Murakami his an amazing writter, I recommend 1Q84, Tokio Blues, Afterdark, sputnik my love and the one that I'm readin rigtht now: A hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world, pretty interesting one, if you have any authors suggestion their are welcome! Btw i see you like NIN pretty amazing band and members! ^^

    17 May 20:00 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    ... Wild Light or album Wild Light?... sorry Mo, sometimes i get overwhelmed with rec's in both the Shoutbox and Inbox... although, to be honest with you, both look interesting!!... i love 65daysofstatic and i'm certainly up to check out a band i've not listened to..... hmmmm a recommendation? check your Inbox in about 10 minutes

    17 May 19:12 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    the four boys making up the band were your age when Spiderland was released... as noted: "The recording sessions for Spiderland are reputed to have been difficult for the members of the band and were, according to AllMusic, "intense, traumatic and one more piece of evidence supporting the theory that band members had to be periodically institutionalized during the completion of the album." Rumors circulated that at least one member of Slint had been checked into a psychiatric hospital"... although it had been a process to reach the sound they created the actual album was recorded in FOUR days!... it barely made a blip on the music radar at the time but they are now known as the fathers of post/math rock... to this day there is no album that is anything quite like it.. and believe me i've searched... Good Morning Captain is loosely based on an actual happening ~ the song still brings shivers down my spine every time i hear it.. especially when he cries out "I miss you!"

    26 Abr 22:24 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    btw, i've never given a listen to 65daysofstatic's Wild Light.. not sure why since i do enjoy their work... guess i'll have to give it a spin soon ~ thanks for the reminder! haha

    25 Abr 20:36 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    you've met our young Polish composer! .. good!... a very enjoyable young man to discuss music with and a very good natured fellow indeed!.... yes, Godspeed ~ i understand the distance feeling of their music... many years ago i came across them only because of their admiration for Slint's exquisite creation Spiderland... i was in a desperate search for a musical equivalent and gave a listen to their album F♯ A♯ ∞ (which i'm sure you're very familiar with)... i was hooked instantly, not only on that particular album (of which i purchased on vinyl immediately) but also on all their creations.. some albums drew me closer than others to their dark and unnerving post rock sound but it wasn't till 'Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress' that i felt the emotional bond that i experienced with their first album ~ but then that's just me Mo... there are some of their fans who are not "feeling it" the same way i do...

    25 Abr 20:33 Responder
  • Pewosz

    So happy that you liked my stuff ;) And glad you enjoyed your stay in Poland - I'm from the east of Poland

    25 Abr 17:42 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    aahhh... a handshake it is then Mo.... (so boring)... are you a fan of Godspeed You! Black Emperor??... i would highly recommend their newest release... really quite brilliant!

    21 Abr 18:40 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    yah, i agree.. the app is horrible at best..... i know the boy will most certainly appreciate your feedback and i, personally, look forward to your pm Mo... a medal?.. ummm no.. i could give you a kiss but i believe that may prove to be uncomfortable for both of us, no matter how handsome you are! ^_*

    21 Abr 18:12 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    Mo!.. so good to hear from you!.. nope, you hadn't told me about this new chapter in your life.. what all does "social work placement" involve and more importantly how do feel about the work you're doing?... i'm trying not to be an impatient fellow and just chill as far as being responded to anymore ~ and i'm finding i enjoy a lot more because of that attitude.. i just love hearing from you but i know you have an actual life.. haha... i have the very rare situation where i can listen to music and write shouts, blog, etc while i write programs for industrial lasers 10 hours a day.. not many get to do that!.... the artist Raspelf is my own sweet little composer friend Pewosz who i'm sure would love feed back from you when you get the opportunity.. look forward to hearing from you.. in a month or so haha ^_*

    19 Abr 14:12 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    see.. i was quite right in my prediction of the overall adventure!... i just figured, with your personality and nature you'd enjoy heading off to other countries ~ i believe you'd be a perfect traveling mate and would love to see the world with someone like you!!.... how wonderful Mo!..... it's funny you ask as to what is new in the music world (my part of the world anyway) because it is a young Polish composer who has caught my heart ~ he is still working things out to be sure (and he's the first to admit it) but he has such imagination and a strong handle on theme and construction ~ please give him a listen my friend... it is a free download (it says name your price but the boy has no PayPal account set up so i just pay for a Subscriber deal for 2 months for him)... Don't Bury Your Eyes, You'll Use Them Yesterday... and so happy you're home safe! ^_^

    29 Mar 18:59 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    i wish for you to have the time of your life Mo!!... and if you need luck, so be it!... i know you're going to have a great time!! ^_^

    14 Mar 18:06 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    Nuvole Bianche was a popular track?... really?... i'm afraid Einaudi is not well known here in America at all except in a very limited way within very specified circles...... Poland!!!... absolute aces my young friend!.... i'm so excited for you!... experiences like that can be so fulfilling and will certainly last you a lifetime!

    13 Mar 14:28 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    hmmm i'm not really sure Mo.... i really don't remember when i first started listening to Mr. Fang (yikes!... saying his name like that makes it sound like someone from the Twilight movies).... he helps me with a center of self peace (if that makes sense).... do you know of Ludovico Einaudi?.... if not, may i recommend Divenire?... wonderfully tranquil ~ if you like that sort of thing

    11 Mar 0:41 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    hahaha!!... compatibility is overrated ~ it's whatever moves you Mo and if 22 Jump Street does it for you ~ well, who am i to tell you to listen to anything different... i will admit that it puts me at a disadvantage as to what i should recommend to you though xD

    9 Mar 11:27 Responder
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