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Only thing I can say is I love music just looking to meet others who share my taste in music, if I add you as a friend the main reason is to bookmark your music so when I have time I can listen.

Ist der Hunger, ist der Durst
Ist die Kraft, ist die Zeit
Ist das Leben, ist die Liebe
Ist der Schmerz, ist das Leid
Ist die Stimme, ist der Wille
Ist dein Leben, ist dein Weg,
Ist ein Ziel, ist dein Ziel
Ist dein Geist...
... bereit?

Sehnsucht heißt leiden
Sehnsucht heißt lieben
Sehnsucht heißt kämpfen
Sehnsucht heißt siegen

Never before, at the beauty of spring
Have I noticed the scent, of so many things
Of maple and cherry, and roses of red
And the lingering stench, of the wandering dead
Never before, at the beauty of spring

Have I noticed the scent, of so many things
Of lilies and daisies, and red pimpernel
And the fluttering scent, of the fires from Hell

For the music lover who can sit and enjoy the evolving sound of someone's nightmare, who molds it into their own to pass to another.

Quarter past midnight,
Sittin' here in the moonlight
No offense my dear
I hope you know
Tonight... I write... to you.

Love is a question,
And a conversation
And did I mention,
the foul intention

In any way, in any case
I'm losing faith to find myself in your warm embrace
just today
Maybe tomorrow baby, but...

Not today, Honey,
Not today, Baby

You walk along the stream
Your head caught in a waking dream
Your protector's coming home

Another day will go astray...
Another tear in this life so grey
If you ever saw me smile
You should know I felt sick inside

O, death, with thy ebony cloak sublime,
How abstract thy harvest rose doth fall
Consigned to the flames of woe in sweet modesty...
I renounce myself from the everdawn

Thermo1984's top albums (overall) 1. TriORE - Three Hours (401)
2. Triarii - Ars Militaria (352)
3. Triarii - Pièce Héroique (330)
4. Triarii - Muse in Arms (319)
5. SIG:AR:TYR - Godsaga (300)
6. Draconian - Turning Season Within (175)
7. Derniere Volonte - commemoration (150)
8. Derniere Volonte - Devant Le Miroir (142)
9. Company Of Heroes - Company of Heroes (139) 10. Derniere Volonte - Obeir Et Mourir (132)

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