Artists that need to be merged.


16 Dic 2008, 3:31

Since a lot of artists have multiple pages on (and no need to say it is annoying...), I made a list of some artists that should be merged. I will update this journal entry when I find new mistagged artists, even if I don't expect it to be exhaustive at all - there are LOADS of them, so I'm not gonna spend all my time searching for them. Add your own in the comments if you want.

For the moment it seems it is not possible to merge artists, but since it is a major issue that is debated for some time within the community, I hope the staff will be able to do something about it in the future (it was possible to merge artists like 2-3 years ago).

Thanks to the search function, I came across a lot of wrongly tagged artists, much more than I would expect, which made me think the problem really has to be solved. I ignored the ones with a really small amount of listeners, but still, the number of wrong tags used by hundreds of listeners is scary (and it's sort of disappointing to realize that so many people are not able to tag their music correctly).

If you listen to one of the mistagged artists below, you should really consider fixing your tags. It's not that much to ask.

So here's my list so far (not exhaustive at all as you can see, but you have to start somewhere):

Akiko Shikata
Shikata Akiko
志方 あきこ

Rhapsody & Sonata Arctica
Manowar & Rhapsody
(the wrong artists above contain only Rhapsody songs)
Rhapsody (of Fire)
RHAPSODY featuring Christopher Lee
Rhapsody Feat. Christopher Lee
Rhapsody ft. Christopher Lee
Rhapsody (Symphony of Echanted lands)
Rhapsody (Dawn of Victory)
Rhapsody - Dawn of Victory
Rhapsody & Christopher Lee
Rhapsody (Rain of a Thousand Flames)
Rhapsody - Power of the Dragonflame
Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody - Rain Of A Thousand Flames
Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II
Rhapsody feat Christopher Lee

Rhapsody and Rhapsody of Fire should NOT be merged, since RoF is their new name since 2006 both artists are valid.

Stratovarius & Sonata Arctica
Stratovarius - Singles B-Sides Cd 01
Stratovarius - Future Shock
Stratovarius - Singles B-Sides Cd 02
Stratovarius - Black Night
Stratovarius -

Stratovarius (Kotipelto)
Kotipelto - Coldness
Kotipelto Timo" class="bbcode_artist">Mr. Timo Kotipelto (

Luca Turilli:
Luca Turilli (Rhapsody)
Rhapsody - Luca Turilli
Lucca Turilli
Luca Turilli & Olaf Hayer
Turilli, Luca
Luca Turilli - Demonheart
Luka Turilli
Kamelot & Luca Turilli
Luca Turilli - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight
Luva Turilli
Luca Turilli [ITA]
Luca Turilli & Andre Matos
Lucas Turilli

Luca Turilli's Dreamquest:
Luca Turilli Dreamquest
Luca Turilli`s Dreamquest
Turilli, Luca Dreamquest
Luca Turilli - Dreamquest
Luca Turilli's
Luca Turilli 's Dreamquest
Luca Turilli's Deamquest
Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest
Luca Turilli´s Dreamquest
Luca Dreamquest Turilli
LucaTurilli's Dreamquest
Luca Turilli's - Dreamquest

Nightwish...." class="bbcode_artist">Nightwish (

Tarja Turunen:
Tarja Turunen (Nightwish vocalist)

Beto Vázquez Infinity:
Nightwish - Tarja Project
Tarja project

Noriko Mitose
Mitose Noriko
Noriko Mitose
みとせ のりこ

Haruka Shimotsuki
Shimotsuki Haruka
霜月 はるか
Haruka Shimotuki

Yuko Ishibashi
Yuuko Ishibashi
Ishibashi Yuko
Ishibashi Yuuko
石橋 優子

Noriko Mitose, Akiko Shikata, Haruka Shimotsuki
Akiko Shikata, Haruka Shimotsuki, Noriko Mitose

Revo & 梶浦由記:
Revo & Yuki Kajiura
Revo & Kajiura Yuki
Revo & ????
Revo, 梶浦由記
Revo & Kajiura Yiki
Revo & 梶浦由記
Revo & —|ÆÖÓÉÓ›

Kenji Kawai

asusen project:

マキシマム ザ ホルモン:
Maximum the Hormone


Leah Dizon

Tainaka Sachi
Sachi Tainaka
タイナカ サチ

Sound Horizon:
Sound Horizon (Revo)
Aramary, Revo & Jimang
Sound Horizon/Revo vo.あらまり
Sound Horizon/Revo vo.ぴこまり
Comp:Revo / Vo:あらまり
Composed by Revo
Revo / Aramary
Revo / Vo.あらまり
Revo / Vo.あらまり
Comp:Revo / Vo:じまんぐ
Revo Vo.Aramari
Sound Horizon(Revo)
Revo / Sound Horizon
Revo & Aramary
Comp:Revo / Vo:‚ ‚ç‚Ü‚è
Composed by Revo / Vocal by あらまり
Comp:Revo / Vo:‚¶‚Ü‚ñ‚®
Sound Horizon/Revo vo.‚ ‚ç‚Ü‚è
Sound Horizon/Revo vo.‚Ò‚±‚Ü‚è

Revo (Sound Horizon)
Revo [Sound Horizon]
Revo(Sound Horizon)
Revo(Sound Horizon)


霜月はるか†Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか † Revo
霜月はるか+Revo (Sound Horizon)
Haruka Shimotsuki + Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか + Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか†Revo(Sound Horizo
霜月はるか+Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか + Revo
霜月はるか+Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月 はるか + Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか†Revo(Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか†Revo (Sound Horizon)
Haruka Shimotsuki + Revo (Sound Horizon)
霜月はるか+Revo(Sound Horizon)
˪Ô¤Ϥ뤫+Revo£¨Sound Horizon
?????+Revo(Sound Horizon)

Miku Hatsune
Hatsune Miku

Didier Super:
Dider Super

Nightmare (the Japanese one)
Envíos aceptados
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  • FrankTM

    i'd like to add: 16down 16 down

    16 Dic 2008, 18:51
  • KamikaZePansen

    not to mention all the trouble with TÝR....

    4 Ene 2009, 22:27
  • busha69

    ...and like million of korean artists...for example...소녀시대... scrobbled under Girls' Generation,少女時代,So Nyeo Shi Dae,So Nyuh Shi Dae,SNSD,Girls Generation,Girls' Generation (소녀시대),소녀시대 (Girls' Generation),So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls' Generation) ETC.

    11 Ene 2009, 4:12
  • little_raven

    lol tr00

    10 Mar 2009, 5:39
  • Ryusennin

    Another one for the road: Solar Fields -> Magnus Birgersson

    25 May 2009, 13:59
  • Fyda

    This is one of my pet peeves on Last.FM as well. It's also why I use the voting system on pages for mistagged artists/tracks to put in a redirect vote (at the bottom right-hand side of the page: "Is this track name wrong or misspelt? Suggest a correction."), although that system can be extremely slow if no one else sees and participates in the vote. It's also annoying to see tracks with accented characters being less frequently scrobbled than their unaccented (and therefore incorrect) counterparts. See Gotan Project for an example; the back covers of their albums clearly show the accents on characters. And yet Época has around 540 scrobbles, while the incorrect Epoca has over 1,400. It's not just an incorrect track title; it's also incorrect Spanish (although casual typists of Spanish may think this is nitpicking). As for using romanised names rather than the original script, I'd have to go with the latter. Especially if you look at classical Russian composers, whose names can be romanised differently in English and German (and not only [i]one[/i] version per language!), it seems more sensible to use the original Cyrillic—even if that means users who can't read Cyrillic end up having it in their charts. At least then they'd be scrobbling tracks under a unified artist. (And on that note: both Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Пётр Ильич Чайкoвский exist, and they even link to each other.) Don't even get me started on "Surname, First Name" artist tags versus "First Name Surname"... :(

    11 Jun 2009, 4:41
  • aquagon

    And since the idea for merging Akiko Shikata with her doujin circle (VAGRANCY) is here, how it would be about merging Haruka Shimotsuki with her two doujin circles: Maple Leaf and tieLeaf?

    16 Jun 2009, 22:04
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