Five Random Non-Impacts...#1


11 Jun 2007, 18:59

In addition to recognizing my absolute favorite songs, I've decided that I might as well feature the 'underdogs' as well. These are songs that I find to be good, yet not impact-worthy. All of the songs in this series are notable.

1. Genesis- Harlequin

I am a big fan of Genesis, and my favorite album by the progressive rock band is Nursery Cryme. Among the best songs on the album include "The Fountain of Salmacis", "Harold the Barrel", and "The Return of the Giant Hogweed". However, one of the songs that is often left out of compilations is "Harlequin". This short little ditty is quite a charmer. I recommend it to many.

2. Mastodon- Seabeast

I can't say that Mastodon is my favorite artist, but I do think that some of the songs off of Leviathan are quite entertaining. "Seabeast" is one of those highlights. The vocals here are sludgy and the instrumentation is doomy. Ultimately, it's very fun.

3. Slayer- Reborn

I still think that Slayer is the most overrated band on the face of the earth, despite the fact that Sepultura is a close second. Still, "Reborn" is worthy of being listened to for its fierce vocals and brutal speed. You've just gotta love the guitar here :).

4. Led Zeppelin- Over the Hills and Far Away

Led Zeppelin is probably the king of classic rock, and the band has went far when it comes to experimenting and releasing quality records. One of those great releases is the famous Houses of the Holy. One of the best songs on the album is this one. The folk-ish influences are very nice to listen to.

5. Weird Al Yankovic- Bedrock Anthem

Ugh, another Weird Al tune. I've gotta say, I love the guy, but his stuff just gets old wayyyyyy too fast. One of his crowning achievements debuted back in the early 90s, called Alapalooza. Among the best on the album was a tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers style. The lyrics were about none other than the famous Flintstones. I'm sure you can imagine how the song goes...


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