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13 Ene 2009, 19:44

Wednesday, February 4th
Scion and Church of the 8th Day present Pig Destroyer, Trash Talk
8:00 PM, free admission (visit Scion website for details)
Virginia’s extreme sound nihilists PIG DESTROYER deliver savage grindcore that is both intentionally confrontational and thoroughly pummeling. PIG DESTROYER formed in 1997, when vocalist J.R. Hayes and guitarist Scott Hull decided to unite in their efforts to create utterly destructive grindcore. The trio began rehearsing and immediately found that their common musical interests produced intelligent and incendiary music.

With their latest, Phantom Limb, PD boil metal down to its muscle, sinew, and bone - razor-sharp guitar, percussive pummeling, and a lone, stark howl - and use them to commit a vicious assault. The music is a manifestation of the violent experience of the human animal, and cements their already legendary status.

Friday, February 13th
The Appleseed Cast
7:00 PM, $12
"While both the mainstream and underground music media has been frantically scouring the scene in search of this generations definitive band, the Appleseed Cast has fit the mold for the majority of its existence without much pomp or circumstance." -- Skyscraper

Saturday, February 21st
Sadistic Intent, Nunslaughter, The Cauterized, Unholy Lust, Phlegthon
7:00 PM, $18
Sadistic Intent is a death metal horde hailing from Los Angeles, CA which was formed in 1987, influenced by the original death/black metal groups such as Slayer, Possessed, Dark Angel, Destruction, Venom, Sodom, Celtic Frost and so forth. Lurking in the depths of the underground for over a decade, Sadistic Intent has gained a cult following and now the group is signed to Necropolis Records. The next release will be the long awaited full-length LP The Second Coming of Darkness.

Friday, Saturday 27th
Goblin Cock, Warship
8:00 PM, $10
From Pitchfork.com -- “Is Goblin Cock as "joke-metal" as it sounds like it should be? Just about. Its chugging, Tolkien-core centerpiece is an ode to "Kegrah the Dragon Killer". Plus the liner notes include lyrics written in runes.”

“Goblin Cock never quite goes Spinal Tap, though; this is by no means your simple "Metal is pretty funny" put-down record. There was always a seriousness of chops and a whiff of that gloriously bloated prog- and/or death-metal surrounding ‘90s- (Rob) Crow (of Pinback) projects Heavy Vegetable and Thingy, and (Goblin Cock’s) Bagged and Boarded is the noxious encroaching cloud that whiff's blossomed into over the years…It’s hard not to laugh and cringe simultaneously.”

Sunday, March 1st
Creepshow, Demonia
7:00 PM, $12 advance, $15 day of show
Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut Sell Your Soul, Creepshow’s latest Run For Your Life delivers 11 blood-drenched, country-tinged punk rock shockers straight from the unholy underworld. Fronted by the lovely Sarah Sin and featuring the eerie keys of The Reverend McGinty, Creepshow is definitely a step apart from the psychobilly brethren. From sweet, mournful ballads to horrorbilly boot-stompers to raging punk-fueled anthems, this record has it all.

Thursday, March 12th
Mad Juana, Jail Weddings
10:00 PM, $10
From the L.A. Weekly’s Falling James -- "You take the world for granted as you float up on your cake," Karmen Guy purrs with a deceptive sugariness on Mad Juana's new album, Bruja on the Corner (Acetate Records), before digging in the knife. "You think you're some kind of a dignitary, but you're nothing more than a fake," she declares while accordionist Marni Rice, saxist Danny Ray and trumpeter Nico Camargo serenade her with merrily bittersweet, soused and swanky rejoinders straight out of old-time New Orleans. So many musicians invoke witchcraft and voodoo without ever sounding magical, but the New York group are indeed bewitching, with a timelessly exotic blur of Gypsy-punk influences akin to Manu Chao and Gogol Bordello that's taken to another level of enchantment altogether by Guy's sultry chanteuse persona. Her songwriting partner in crime, guitarist-bassist Sami Yaffa, lays down some considerable groovy grooves that go far beyond his previous contributions to Hanoi Rocks and the reconstituted New York Dolls, such as the dreamy dub interlude in the otherwise madcap "Strangers in Paradise" and the stormy acoustic guitars and haunting melodica-flecked sadness of "Circus Downtown." It all culminates most impressively in the sinuously mesmerizing "Revolution Avenue," whose dueling horns, loping dub bass, psychedelic sound effects and Guy's border-dissolving imagery echo the febrile moods of Tijuana No's classic album Contra-Revolucion Avenue.”

Friday, March 20th
Sean Healy presents Paul Wall
7:30 PM, $20
Growing up in Houston with a devout passion for music, Paul Wall became one of Texas’ most successful independent musicians, with hot releases featuring him with Chamillionaire as well as solo work. His independent success earned him a major record deal with Swisha House Records/Atlantic. His 2005 national debut The People’s Champ debuted at #1 on The Billboard Hot 200. His followup, Get Money Stay True topped the Billboard Rap chart and his subsequent tour with Fall Out Boy widely expanded his fan base. Also in 2005, Wall was nominated for a Grammy with the song "Grillz," along with Nelly, Ali and Gipp. The song sparked a global trend for the diamond encrusted gold caps for which Paul is famous for making and selling to various celebrities that include Kanye West, Diddy, Shaq, Lil Jon and many others. He is currently a member of the diverse group Expensive Taste which includes Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob. Wall plans to release his seventh album in the fall of 2008.”

Monday, April 20th
Cinema Bizarre
7:30 PM, $13 advance, $15 day of show
This Berlin-based quintet initially got together finding a common ground in their shared love for the Japanese youth culture Visual Kei. The result is an individual look, explosive shows and the glamour of the movies tied in with a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed. Their music fuses glam, new wave, electro, new romantic, and basic rock. Interest and passion for the band has extended to luminaries like Malcolm McClaren, who has offered to write for the band and Depeche Mode, who gave the band rare permission to sample one of their hits, Everything Counts, on Escape to the Stars. Some high praise indeed!

Sunday, April 26th
Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Cute Lepers, Prima Donna, Johnny Madcap and the Distractions
7:30 PM, $12
Eddie and the Hot Rods began life in 1976, when four teenagers from Southend on Sea got together playing their own style of fast, energetic rock ‘n’ roll / R ‘n’ B. Soon, they became a big hit on the London pubrock scene. Catching the eyes and ears of the music press and major record companies, they were soon signed up by Island Records and went on to have three hit albums and four top forty UK singles including the hit ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do.” In the year 2000, the band were asked to take part in a 76-date tour of the UK alongside Dr. Feelgood, John Otway and The Hamsters. The tour was a great success and the band have been back in demand ever since. In 2003, after recruiting Richard Holgarth on guitar, they recorded an album of brand new songs, “Better Late Than Never,” which was snapped up in France by Bad Reputation Records and then by Voiceprint Records in the UK.

Saturday, May 9th
Curtis Peoples, Josh Hoge, Tony Lucca
8:00 PM, $10
From Fazer.com -- “Is there room out there in today’s bloated music business for another straight-up pop-rock performer? Curtis Peoples is certainly hoping as much – and he just may be able to sell it home with his debut recording (released through The Control Group a few months ago). Chock full of sensible writing and clever musicianship, this excellent debut plays like an album crafted by an industry veteran with years of experience. As for the name-dropping… where do I start? At times, Peoples can sound a bit like Tom Petty, Bon Jovi and John Mayer. Not just like them, mind you… Peoples has enough of the good stuff to keep a sound all his own. Curtis Peoples would make a welcome addition to their legion. I’ll not bother selecting a track or two for this review. To me, they all lead to the same end result – a good CD from track one through ten.”


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