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14 Ago 2007, 23:06

Friday, September 7th
The Perishers
7:00 PM, $10
From “Let There Be Morning marks the stateside debut for the Swedish alternative rock act the Perishers. There's a bright sense of optimism on this album, but not in that gushing kind of way that made Coldplay international stars. Let There Be Morning is such an appropriate title because of its warm hints and hopeful overtones. Songs such as the lilting title track and "Weekends" play into this, capturing a gingerly kind of freshness. "Sway" yearns for slumberland. Singing about unrequited love never gets old. The Perishers do it in such a way that's not overbearing.”

Wednesday, September 12th
Evoekore Media Presents SektaCore
7:00 PM, $18 advance, $22 day of show
A quick listen to these guys’ Myspace page shows they are not messing around. Formed in 1994 in Mexico City, Sektacore play a musically dense, ridiculously energetic mix of ska and hardcore. After releasing Terrorismo Kasero on an indie label, the band made the move to Sony Music, who released Morbos Club. The band began touring outside of Mexico, hitting Europe first, where their sound and explosive stage show was a huge success. We’re proud to welcome them to Los Angeles.

Wednesday, September 19th
Necro, Psycho Realm, Sick Symphonies, Subnoize soljaz, Danny Diablo
7:30 PM, $30
The man known as Necro is a hardcore hiphop artist with his finger on the pulse of extreme music. He is recognized worldwide for his work as an established recording artist, rap producer, film director and as the owner/CEO of Psycho+Logical-Records.
A Brooklyn native and resident, Necro began his musical journey in his teen years as a rock guitarist, but he switched up to hip hop. His interests in all extreme music is apparent in that he has shared the stage with Run DMC, Beatnuts, Sepultura, Kool Keith, Napalm Death and Biohazard. It's all about the fans and Necro already has a small army of followers waiting for everything he has to offer, whether it’s music, films or his growing collection of t-shirts and merchandise. Taking notice of the No Limit and Cash Money work ethic and independent success, Necro is prepared to do it his way, on his terms, by any means necessary.

Saturday, September 22nd
The Only Children (featuring Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary), Acadia & The Asteroid
8:00 PM, $10
Created by Josh Berwanger during his final days as a member of indie-rock act the Anniversary, the Only Children came about from the sheer necessity to move forward with his ideas and creations. “The Anniversary broke up, and I think the Only Children started practicing about five minutes after that,” says Berwanger. “I took the time to realize that I really wanted to do this, to make music and make it a living. I really believed in the songs and getting them out and to keep going at it. I just wanted to put something out that other kids could listen to and find something that doesn’t sound like anything else. I don’t pigeonhole myself into one genre of music. It just comes out how it comes out.”

Wednesday, Oct 3
Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers
7:00 PM, $12
Kellogg has built a solid fan base and a growing national buzz the old fashion way: by logging thousands of miles on the road. In the last two years alone, Kellogg & The Sixers have played more than 300 shows and sold over 10,000 copies of their independently released albums, including last year’s breakthrough, "Bulletproof Heart." With the release of their eponymous major label debut for Foundations/ Universal they’re ready to stake their claim to greatness with eleven original tunes showcasing Kellogg’s expert songwriting and the skillfully understated backing of the Sixers. The self-titled disc features guest shots by Braddigan from Dispatch, Mike Daly from Whiskeytown, Rob James of the Clarks and Rich Price. Special guests aside, it’s still The Sixers who do most of the heavy lifting, supplying the kind of muscular, sympathetic support that comes from long hours on the road and a common sense of purpose.

Thursday, October 10th
Lotus, The Frequency
8:00 PM, $12 advance, $14 day of show
Lotus is a five-piece instrumental band from Philadelphia. Their music is highly tempered by electronic styles such as deep house and drum 'n bass, but inside the sonic layers seep heavy doses of jazz, funk, and world music. Their high energy live shows feature tightly composed material balanced with stretched out improvisation. The sounds shift from spiritual and meditative to jubilant and energetic from dark dance floor burners to spaced-out waves of ambiance.

Thursday, October 11th
7:30, $13 advance, $15 day of show
From the Los Angeles Times: “The underrated, Weezer-endorsed quintet, dormant for most of 2004 and 2005, (released) a new album Pasadena — a nod to its hometown — on May 15. The music is more muscular and mature than the crunchy power-pop that gained Ozma a large Southland following over its first three albums. Did the band spend its time off in the gym working out? Quite the contrary, singer-bassist Daniel Brummel says. While his mates played in another project, ‘I got really into folk music, things like Harry Smith, Appalachian music....It helped me see lyrics a little differently, and see the value in using things like idioms and tropes, powerful archetypes that stand the test of time.’”

Tuesday, October 16th
U.S.S.A. (Duane Denison of Jesus Lizard/Tomahawk/Hank III & Paul Barker of Ministry/Revolting Cocks), Oxbow, Weedeater, BUTCHER
8:00 PM, $12 advance, $14 day of show
About a year ago, bassist/programmer/producer Paul Barker ( ex Ministry/Revolting Cocks) and guitarist/composer Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard/Tomahawk) decided to start a new band. They got together and wrote some material, liked what they heard, and then recruited an unknown but extremely talented young vocalist/multi-instrumentalist named Gary Call. They wrote some more material, liked that too, and then recruited drum wizard Johnny Rabb (clinician, author, inventor) to finish the lineup. They began rehearsing and recording in the fall of ’06 and have now finished their first album. Paul, Duane and Johnny, you should know all about by now; Gary, you want to know (though you don’t know it yet).

Monday, October 22nd
Twiztid , Ill Bill, Mower
7:30 PM, $17 advance, $20 day of show
From Wikipedia: “Twiztid is a hardcore hip hop/horrorcore rap group from Eastpointe, Michigan, formed in 1997. They are currently signed to Psychopathic Records. The group consists of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child. Since their 1998 debut, the group has gone on to become the most popular group on the record label just under Insane Clown Posse themselves, and has a loyal following of juggalos of their own.”

Friday, November 2nd
Dia de Los Muertos starring Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone
7:30 PM, $16
In their sixteen years of existence, the Voodoo Glow Skulls have an impressive list of achievements. Seven albums, one million records sold, appearances in exotic locations like Brazil and Japan as well as the creation of a record store, record label, recording studio and a music venue attests to the remarkable creativity and energy of the band. Formed in 1988, Voodoo Glow Skulls meshed hardcore punk, traditional ska, tough guitar riffs and the Mexican music of their roots to create the prototype for the West Coast ska-core sound, influencing a wide range of bands from Sublime to No Doubt. Unflinchingly honest, their songs often used humor to comment on harsh political realities – from racial inequity to unrest overseas. Singing in both Spanish and English, Voodoo Glow Skulls’ bilingual musical tradition has been a hallmark of the band since they began.

Monday, November 5th
Longhair Illuminati Night starring Casket Salesmen, Auditory Aphasia, Mongoloid, MythMaker
7:00 PM, $8
Casket Salesmen is an experimental progressive-rock band from Corona, CA and the brainchild of Nathan Lindeman and Phil Pirrone. It's sonic, driving, uplifting, and thought provoking music. Being compared to and drawing influence from Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cave In, & Queens of the Stone Age to name a few, they have created a very refreshing version of rock music. The band is constantly on tour or in the studio creating new music for Casket Salesmen or one of their many side projects, which all find a home on Pirrone's Longhair Illuminati Record label.

Sunday, November 11th
Moros Eros, Stiletto Formal, The Ax That Chopped the Cherry Tree
7:00 PM, $10
From Associated Content: “It appears that Victory is determined to shed their (punk/metal/emo) with the 2006 release of Moros Eros, I Saw the Devil Last Night and Now the Sun Shines Bright. It has a strange yet endearing quality that makes the final second of the last song seem premature. Like any album that is a fresh burst of originality it leaves the listener with a lust for more tunes, notes, riffs and lyrics. Immixing ambient guitars, steady yet brisk drumming, plumping bass, 80's pop-esque keyboards and a vocal repertory that is grander than the Victory Records roster, Moros Eros provides enough sensory stimulation to raise the dead.”

The Dickies show originally scheduled for Thursday, November 8th, has been moved to:
Friday, November 16th
The Dickies
8:00 PM, $15 advance, $17 day of show
Debuting in the grand year of all things punk—1977—by 1978 the Dickies had become the first L.A. punk band to score a major label record deal. Their A&M releases are considered classic punk and formative pop punk, essentially the blueprint for mega platinum punk such as the Offspring and especially Green Day. Though occasionally taking hiatuses, the band have never broken up and as such are the longest continually running punk rock band, period. Their humor and refusal to take themselves seriously are offset by a savvy pop songwriting skill and a level of musicianship most bands of any genre can only wish for. Come for the fabulous memories mixed with new material, stay for the puppets!

Friday, November 30th
Chemlab, Skeleton Key
7:00 PM, $12 advance, $15 day of show
From In Music We Trust: “Jared Louche's Chemlab is back. Following their 1996 offering East Side Militia, the band imploded. But, Louche never gave up, keeping it on the backburner through several other projects he was working on. Now, with the time ripe for its resurrection, Louche and friends went into the studio to record the long overdue follow-up, Oxidizer, an electronica-based heavy-hitter of pulsating industrial wrapped around tight melodies. The outcome is a danceable, head-pounding record of enormous strength. From razor sharp guitars through bone breaking rhythms, alongside the undeniable grooves that line the album, Louche and crew have proved that time hasn't dulled the edges. To the contrary, if anything, it made the band stronger, and the music even more essential in today's pretty face, empty value market.”


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