What's wrong with this world?


10 Nov 2009, 19:44

Now our military has to worry about terrorism from within?

It's so senseless!

This known Muslim soldier, that has openly and vocally been sympathetic to terrorist agendas, and has had confirmed ties to two 9/11 hijackers, was not only allowed freedom in our country, but was armed and trained by our military in the name of political correctness, and equality without descrimination.!

Am I the only one who is appalled by this?


  • HermanTurnip

    What's amazing is that this cancer was allowed to go unchecked for so long. I used be in the Air Force and know first hand how unusual behavior is quickly identified and weeded out. Why this guy wasn't brought before a board *years* ago is beyond me.

    11 Nov 2009, 3:19
  • Mudduck

    Hmmm, frankly I am surprised that your suprised, looking from here there has always been a clear distinction between the people who do the work there and the people that rule. Very different agendas, or so it seems from here.

    4 May 2010, 8:47
  • Tigaz

    Thanks for the SPAM

    16 Sep 2010, 2:20
  • Syd3arrett

    That's horrible. I think over-population (and Islam) will bring the next world war. Hope they use nukes so it will be over quickly.

    29 May 2014, 20:32
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