love for top 20 most played artists


28 Nov 2010, 17:20

a - The first song you remember hearing from this artist
b - The song that made you love this artist
c - The song you love most as of today

1. BoySetsFire
a) High Wire Escape Artist
b) White Wedding Dress
c) vehicle

2. Thrice
a) All That's Left
b) The Artist In The Ambulance
c) Red Sky

3. Rise Against
a) Black Masks And Gasoline
b) Tip The Scales
c) Swing Life Away

4. Biffy Clyro
a) Glitter And Trauma
b) My Recovery Injection
c) Machines

5. At the Drive-In
a) One Armed Scissor
b) One Armed Scissor
c) Napoleon Solo

6. dredg
a) Bug Eyes
b) Catch Without Arms
c) Same Ol' Road / Quotes

7. Tegan and Sara
a) The Con
b) Nineteen
c) The Cure

8. Killswitch Engage
a) Numbered Days
b) Rise Inside
c) Vide Infra

9. AFI
a) Bleed Black
b) Bleed Black
c) God Called In Sick Today

10. Alexisonfire
a) Accidents
b) This Could Be Anywhere In The World
c) Get Fighted

11. ASP
a) Ich Will Brennen
b) Und Wir Tanzten
c) Werben

12. Tocotronic
a) This Boy Is Tocotronic
b) Hi Freaks
c) Schall Und Wahn

13. Brand New
a) The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
b) The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
c) Archers

14. Soilwork
a) Rejection Role
b) Overload
c) Distance

15. Thursday
a) For The Workforce, Drowning
b) War All The Time
c) Circuits Of Fever

16. Arcade Fire
a) Black Mirror
b) Wake Up
c) Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

17. Samsas Traum
a) K.ein einziges Wort
b) K.haos-Prinz und Wind-Prinzessin
c) Dort oben sterben Tiere

18. Coheed and Cambria
a) Blood Red Summer
b) The Crowing
c) Time Consumer

19. Alkaline Trio
a) We've Had Enough
b) We've Had Enough
c) Radio

20. Jimmy Eat World
a) The Middle
b) Hear You Me
c) Kill


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