2009: the live experience


10 Ene 2010, 20:08

Black Box Recorder - 18/2/2009
After being a fan since 2003 or so, I finally got to the infamous Black Box Recorder live. The general consenus seems that their gigs are pretty boring and that their music is better enjoyed at home. Second part might be true, but by no means are they boring. There was a fair amount of talk and jokes between songs, Sarah was brilliant in every way (but especially in the schoolmistress/dominatrix way), and did I really see His Misantropic Grumpiness Luke Haines -smile-? Setlist was great, two new songs were pretty good. Can't really say anything bad about it. But then I'm the biggest Black Box Recorder fanboy around, so yeah. Also, I had to make a 2-day trip to London just for this, so I would've been pretty mad if it had turned out to be a disappointment.

Client/Deutch Amerikanische Freundschaft 28/3/2009
London, again! Now part of a proper London trip. Hadn't seen Client since 2004, and it was so good to see them again. They still kick ass, and after this I loved them more than ever. Great support act for DAF as far as I'm concerned - no-one there apart from those hyper/crazy/drunk/high germans agreed with me though. Whatever. Second time Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft as well for me, first time was in 2003. Can't say I remember much of that gig (it was at Pukkelpop, and Gabi had a broken arm or something), but then I only really started getting into DAF a couple of years ago. Even though all the electronic thingies are pre-recorded, it was still tons of fun. Gabi is awesome, during the songs he's all agressive, between songs he's all polite and humble and thankful (I remember him saying something like "I'm happy to see so many young people tonight!" - in german of course, he only spoke 2 words of english). Great setlist as well, I heard all my favourites like Rote Lippen, Kebabtraume, and omg - Der Rauber und Der Prinz!! Unbelievable.

Polsslag 2009
First time I went to this indoor festival, which can be considered the little brother of Pukkelpop. Generally don't like indoor festivals, but this was pretty good. I, like everyone there, was blown away by Fever Ray. Easily the most unique live experience in 2009. There were other good bands to enjoy like Fischerspooner, Noisettes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more.

Bat For Lashes 15/5/2009 (and 31/10/2009)
And the award for best live act of 2009 goes to...Fever Ray! No wait, Bat for Lashes! Saw Bat For Lashes twice, and both were so, so, so good, and really better than anything else I've seen this year. Including Fever Ray. I mean, just Two Planets live does things to me I can't really describe. It's like tiny, insanely colourful fireworks going off in both my brain and heart. I guess eargasm is also an acceptable term. Oh yeah, and the rest of the gigs were pretty good as well. Heh. No really, awesome stuff. I knew she was good but I could've never imagined it was going to be this good.

Dour Festival
I only went one day, just to see Santigold. And it was worth it. Awesome performance, she's such a great entertainer. Oh, and her two dancers! So good. And maybe the best festival audience I've ever been part of. Everyone got really into it, with people even howling along on Anne heh. Again, I never expected it to have enjoyed it as much as I did. Definitely hope to see her again in 2010.

Pukkelpop festival
Worst Pukkelpop ever! And I mean it this time; the organisation clearly wasn't ready to handle the amount of people that showed up - even though 99% of people bought their ticket in advance. First time ever that the PP organisation disappointed me. BUT the music (partly) made up for it. Too many bands to mention (or just see my mini-review a couple of entries back), I'll just say that Patrick Wolf was my highlight. Saw him again in october but vastly prefer his Pukkelpop apperance, it was more fun and the setlist was much better. Other enjoyable things: Ebony Bones ("to the left! to the right!"), Kraftwerk (duh), Health (blew me away), all the dub/grime stuff in the chateau on the last day, especially The Bug.

Pet Shop Boys 15/12/2009
I've been a (casual) Pet Shop Boys fan ever since I saw Go West on MTV (which has been what, 18 years ago?), so I -finally- decided to go see them live. And I wasn't disappointed. I have to say that the atmosphere at this gig has been one of the best I've ever experienced. So nice and relaxed, and with a very positive buzz. It's really hard to explain, but certainly part of the reason why I really liked the gig. Setlist was pretty good, I had fun singing along with most songs (and didn't feel weird about it! Thank you, everyone around me, for singing along as well). And the highlight of the gig was the encore: a christmas song, complete with dancers dressed up like christmas trees and fake snow. Awesome.

Oh, and I have some pictures of the above gigs (and more) right here.


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