My Musical Weekness - June 24, 2007


25 Jun 2007, 4:30

Cool.. my charts updated before bed time and I just happen to be bored at the moment.

1 Earth 39
Yah, I couldn't get enough of their album Hex: Printing In The Infernal Method. Still hoping to get a copy of their latest soon as I've heard some great stuff from it as well.

2 Music A.M. 37
I think I bought their album A Heart & Two Stars under high praise and a sticker that mentioned members of Mogwai. Now, the Mogwai connection is actually Luke Sutherland who played violin on Christmas Steps and My Father My Kind. The group also features members of Tonetraeger and To Rococo Rot. The album is a warm mixture of experimental electronics and indie-pop. I had this album and This is not here by Tonetraeger occupying my CD trays exclusively for most of the week.

3 The Link Quartet 34
Totally cool Hammond driven mixture of Italian funk, instrumental rock, and 60's instrumental pop.

4 Mice Parade 28
Picked up the new self-titled album.

5 Air Formation 27
Still sounding great. Picked up the album Ends In Light from Emusic this week.

5 Tonetraeger 27
One of my favorite bands at the moment. Criminally underexposed soft, warm, and soothing post-rock with electronics.

7 Pig Destroyer 26
Phantom Limb has entered the building. It didn't take control of my CD player the way I expected but you know it has been a generally quiet'ish weekend for me.

8 Flunk 21
Picked up the new album Personal Stereo from Emusic this week. Definitely my favorite pop group.

9 Bill Laswell 20
Yah, hadn't listened to any Laswell in awhile. Decided to put in Hashisheen for a spin. The album really needs to be re-tagged since it's a concept compilation produced by Laswell instead of an album.

10 Black Moth Super Rainbow 17
This band get's some comparison to Boards of Canada. Well I can see the comparison I don't see the validity in it. It's a cool album though. Lots of long and lush psychedelic voyagers through mellotron. I think it just needs a bit more time.


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