• Armor for Armor - What To Do When You Are Dead

    17 Nov 2010, 5:28

    I wrote this for some reason to a friend but never sent it maybe because I didn't really finish it. anyways it is basically a standard review besides the first paragraph so here she is. I added only an ending and anything in [ ]'s.

    although I don't think you really care about them as much as you may have or as much as i do, Smile for Them by Armor is interesting and I would consider a very good record if they hadn't put out one of the best concept albums ever just before that. What To Do When Your Dead is the best album they put out and probably my favourite album actually. [maybe at the time. it is very good. Top 10 for sure]

    The reason I think its so special is because it is completely imaginary. And I've heard so many concept albums that don't make fucking sense - like Dark side or this album Zen Arcade. pretty good songs but are they really all about the same thing? fuck them. WTDWYD is clear and real. its emo as fuck - but I don't feel bad empathizing because the writer is really just empathizing with the dead not just himself like Pete Wentz or something.

    The guitar is fucking amazing. brilliant tones and chord progressions and the players know how to syncopate just right. listen to the strumming in the second chorus of "Awkward Last Words" - it really works. It's not fucking jazz bullshit where it is complete virtuosic crap, but it is very functional and original and that is truly rare. Other great guitar examples are the layered "Basement Ghost Singing", (my favourite part is the ending though), and "I Have Been Right All Along". Actually, seeing how I just put the record on, I think every song has notable guitar.

    I don't show this record to everyone though, and that is because I think it would be stupid if someone went "oh fuck, car underwater that is so emo". and I can't say that they are wrong, it is pretty emo to be singing about killing yourself. but it's also sort of funny - intentionally too. think about it: the guy is writing about how he's planned his death out leaving a note and thought about all those emo details like the news and what his friends and family would but at the last moment he remembers he forgot some bitch that left him who he still loves. what is that? irony? he actually loved her all along even though she was a bitch to him. And that sets off a moralistic story that explains a very good lesson to emos: don't kill yourself, 'cause you'll regret it.

    The rest of the story is about him trying to come to terms with his being dead, and its not fun - but it is very creative. every aspect of a dead persons psyche is explored song by song (watching grave stone visitors, not being able to communicate, not being able to stay on the ground) The singer is not singing about his experiences, he's making it up, but the vision he makes is a sound theory. It makes the concept of ghosts easier to believe in. Part of it is that he sings like it's him - which sounds emo cause he ain't dead - but give it to him, he's not singing about himself, he's making that clear, it's compassion - and to something that isn't even provably real! That's beautiful. if there are ghosts I hope they enjoy this as much as I do because it's for them. and see, that's another thing - they aren't in it just for the money, he's singing to the least marketable people in the world: the dead. What a stand up guy, no one cares about them. :p

    [and that's all I wrote. and here's my finish.]

    You don't have to be a ghost nut (I'm not) to get this - and if you think ghosts are stupid, you might be right but entertain the idea and you will in turn be entertained.

    -scory dorgy
  • Dear Diary, I am going to write reviews.

    8 Nov 2010, 3:56

    Hi my name is scott, I'm gonna use this space to write reviews for albums. I like to be positive and I like listening to music that is enjoyable so I imagine I will not spend much time dissing records and such. I am prejudice against certain types and I'm sorry, but fuck you, I don't enjoy your jazz/indie hipster shit.

    Alright I love you and I am out like the weather.
    -scort dorgan