• Falling In Love

    3 Oct 2009, 19:31

    Its so crazy when you falling in love with somebody how songs you been playing all your life is all of sudden something you can relate to. I've falling in love real hard this time and everything I play reminds me of him. So I'm just goin 2 put up lyrics that expresses how I feel.

    Groove Theory]Tell Me
    I've been doing my own thing, love has always had a way of having bad timing. But to my great surprise, even since I looked in your eyes I had one question for u. Tell me if u want me to give u all my time. I wanna make it good for u cause u blow my mind, I promise boy that I'll b true you'll the perfect one so tell me if u want me 2.

    Mary J. BligeBeautiful
    All my days and nights so lonely til you came into my life. You came and brought my life back to me cause I was dying deep inside. You brought the light when my life was so dark, you took the fight and you made it your own I really love you. No other love can measure up to the love that you give to me, and with all this love comes trust. So beautiful (since you came into my life)

    Mint ConditionForever In Your Eyes It came unannounced this feeling I feel for you. I had to know was it love you felt too. Not through your words, but the way that you looked at me told me just how. How much you really care. So don't you try and hide your feelings cause it's so very plain to see. I can see forever, Forever in you eyes. Just let your heart faithfully guide you, guide you to love infinity. I can see forever, Forever in your eyes

    Brian McKnightNever Felt This Way
    There will never come a day you'd ever hear me say, that I want and need to be without you. I want to give my all, baby just hold me, simply control me. Cause your arms, they keep away the lonely. When I look into your eyes, then I realize that all I need is you in my life. All I need is you in my life. Cause I've never felt this way about lovin. Never felt so good. Never felt this way about lovin, it feels so good.

    There are millions more but just a few that sticks out in my mind that word for word I feel expresses how I really feel. Music is so beautiful.