Fall 2006 Playlist


25 Nov 2006, 16:48

It's that time again - the end of the season and whatnot. So here comes my latest, greatest (maybe?) playlist. I'm sure you're all thrilled as hell. One thing to note about this list is that although I did listen to each of these at least 20 times during the past three months, some haven't come up as that high because I listened to them on my Palm, which doesn't have a scrobbling-type program yet.

1. A Kiss to Build a Dream On
A great song to start something on, be it a playlist or an amazingly awesome post-apocalyptic RPG. And yeah, I played a lot of Fallout 2, so this ended up on the list. Simply an amazing song. Louis Armstrong's singing is irreproducible.

2. Summertime Blues
For me, this is one of the greatest songs of the 50's. Everything from teen angst to rebelling against authority to sticking it to the man ("I'd like to help you son, but you're too young to vote") starts with this song. Well, maybe not, but it sure seems like it while you're listening to it.

3. Runaround Sue
I've come to realize what an amazing songwriter Dion was recently. There's this, and The Hives' cover of Born To Cry almost made it as well. However, I've also noticed that the covers are always slightly better than the originals. This is true for this song, which means that it's fucking amazing.

4. I'm Gonna Get You Yet
Cover of an old track by The Dixie Cups. I missed two chances to see the Gore Gore Girls this fall, but at least I got turned on to their music. This is probably my favorite of their tracks. I love the ified old-schoolness of it.

5. Mongoloid
The first song here that isn't older or nearly as old as my parents, heh. A beautiful and very weird punk classic, before Devo strayed too far from rock into New Wave (although that stuff is pretty good too). I'd listen to this and the next track every morning as I walked to breakfast in the cafeteria. Great songs to wake up to.

6. Spitting Out The Demons
WHY IS THIS SONG NOT ON THE ALBUM!? This song is better than most of the tracks that made it onto Demon Days, and that's coming from a big fan of the album. Damon Albarn's a hell of a composer, and this mostly instrumental bassed out piece of drugged-out weirdness should prove that to any doubters. Great, simple bass and guitar riffs join together to form a Voltron of chill music.

7. Herculean
Wow, music that was actually released during the making of this playlist! Crazy!
Anyone who hasn't yet heard of Damon Albarn's latest project needs to. The talent in this one is legendary - Paul Simonon's first work in rock music since The Clash, Simon Tong, who's worked with Albarn in the Gorillaz and Blur in addition to his time with The Verve, and the incredible Tony Allen, sometimes credited with the invention of . And produced of course by DJ Danger Mouse.
Anyway, this song is clearly inspired by Ennio Morricone, which should come as no surprise considering the name of the band (is that even their official name? I'm kind of confused on that point).
Listen to Allen's drum work on this song, it blows me away.
Also, two tracks in a row by the same writer but in different bands is not something that happens often in these playlists. Not that you care, just... I felt like pointing it out.

8. Swordfishtrombone
Tom Waits' rise on my charts has been pretty impressive. Six months ago I'd barely listened to the man. Anyway, this song has some great lyrics and delivery and instrumentation and yeah it's great. Another song from the same album, Underground, nearly made it onto the playlist but I wasn't sure I'd listened to it enough to justify it's inclusion. But it's a great song too. Great album overall, as with most of Waits' work.

9. Your Happiness
Beautiful from the legendary (to cool people anyway geez) Jack and Greg Oblivian's other band. Think I mentioned these guys in my last playlist writeup (what with Greg's "Bad Man" showing up). They're amazing and if you haven't listened to them you need to right fucking now. The fact that these guys' projects are so obscure to most people is proof of the tasteless evil of the music industry and pop culture in general. Anyway, this song is fucking gorgeous and lovely and stuff and it's great GET IT!

10. Numbers
Okay, I have a confession to make. I love this track to death and yet I still have not listened to a single other song from The Adicts' library. I found this song because of the Hives' cover of it, but I actually like the original better in this case. Great classic punk.

11. Bad Man
What's this? Didn't this song show up in my last playlist? Yes, yes it did. But it is so incredibly good that I still have not stopped listening to it. This song is for me the perfect sound for so many different moods; the crunch in the guitar is amazing and beautiful and perfect in all ways, Greg's singing is great, and damn, just listen to the fucking thing! It's the best song ever! Hint for the curious: if you do not like this song, you do not like .

12. Teenage Kicks
And of course we need some more classic punk, because you can never have enough of it. Never. I think I actually heard Thee Headcoatees' cover of this song before I heard the original. Anyway, from the moment the drums kick in, you know you are in for rock and roll. This song embodies a lot of what punk rock was (and is!) about - stripping rock back down to it's roots. Simple as shit guitar riffs, singing about light petting, clap effects, and emotional vocals. What else is there to this song? Not much, and that's the beauty of it.

13. Rainbow in the Dark
Wow. This cover of a Dio song is great in a trippy dreamlike way that really gets me. I think I listened to this around 20 times nonstop after I first LEGITIMATELY ACQUIRED it. I don't know anything about this woman, just what little's on her page here, but I'm tempted to check her out. Haven't heard the original either, heh.


  • PeachCup

    I just got the Chubby Checker cover of Runaround Sue, and am listening to it for the first time. Hee hee, its pretty nifty. XD I wish I could listen to like 10 songs at a time, I am getting so much... that while I listen to one I have to stop myself from looking through the other songs so I don't change the song. Anyway, just wanted to say that... its a good song and yay and happy and I will see you tomorrow! Love you!

    1 Dic 2006, 5:59
  • tenacious_tamon

    I've been listening to Compulsive Gamblers, and they are fuck'en amazing!! Your Happiness is really an addictive song, its been in my head for like a whole week!

    24 Feb 2007, 0:59
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