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  • LiirisC

    I think the album has REALLY great songs while most of them are not that good. Alive, Trigger and Odd Eye saved this album and though Love Sick is not so good as the ones I said... it is worth mentioning too, mainly by all the emotions :> Not only Key, Minho one more time surprised me, at such times I wonder why some people only consider Jjong and Onew :< What you said is exactly the truth, EXO’s song was so much better, I agree LOL I saw some of the SNL videos, and ofc KEY WAS THE QUEEN/KING OF EVERYTHING xD Also I laughed f*cking hard with the ill brothers. And omg, Taemin really need improve his action haha

    16 Jun 14:59 Responder
  • LiirisC

    My hair is not so long but I want to let it grow for now. I am considering leaving it at least with a brown tone, I'm so tired of black. Odd Eye become my favorite song, finally I’ll let Lucifer and Symptoms alone >< They betta perform that masterpiece at least once so I’ll be completely done with this comeback, but seems that It'll not happen. WTF they choose Love Sick and An Ode To You instead of that song ._. Damn this album is their best, just because in no other before their voices were that so valued like in this one. SM did a really great job with them! I like all the songs, I just don't care that much about An Ode To You, they already had a lot of better ballads before like Selene 6.23 :L View is good but compared to their previous title tracks this one came to the last place xD The choreography looks so simple in the mv but seeing the performance focusing on all of them we can clearly see that is not that easy, a lot of complicated things that 'normal' people can't do :v

    22 May 19:40 Responder
  • LiirisC

    My hair is black and my hairdresser said I could turn it into a red without discoloring ... Then I tried and nothing changed D: I'm so afraid of discolor so I'll never do this, I prefer not to risk and still have my hair :T I lose the streams :/ so now I'm just waiting for good fancams. Since the album is out my fav is Odd Eye, I just die each time I listen to those falsettos omg. Also Trigger and Alive is AMAZING, never expected this kind of music on their album. You're right, I think none of the songs of Hyosung's album is powerfull enough to be promoted tho. I listened to some of BoA's albums, were Hurricane Venus, Girls on Top, My name and the one who has The Shadow, and none of them caught me :L Usually I only like the title tracks.

    18 May 2:16 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I think is exactly what I said, he is still so good as before (even better in my opinion) but he can't show it like everyday xP Hopefully I'll be right with the comeback IoI I don't want that any of them lose that energy that always had. One of my dreams is try to end up with my toooo black hair but it must be so hard that I just gave up, I already tried turn into a red but I failed and lost my money :v God, I wanna hear it and my pc is right now without sound .---. I'm just.... dying ugh --.--' seeing the teaser I can imagine it'll be great, loved the concept! About Hyosung, the title song is boring, you're right, and is so... Nice Body from Hyomin '-' But at least I LOVED the other songs, Taxi Driver is the best for sure xD I don't like that much BoA's songs but I'll listen the new album, Kiss My Lips already gained me <3

    14 May 19:50 Responder
  • LiirisC

    You can find it on youtube, just search for 'shinee world iii'!

    5 May 19:12 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Oh, this one I have downloaded, I watch it like everyday >< I was thinking you talked about the new that was released last month and now I found links to download, then if u want you can ask, thanks anyway. ^^ Hmm and besides Lay I like Suho too, he is so funny ^-^ and Baek too. Sometimes I have this impression about Taemin but then I watched one old dvd, and now I find that ALL them is not that much anymore, it seems they used to be more energetic :c But sometimes Taemin shows that now he is SO much more, like in the last japanese tour, I think that depends on his day xD They now are occupied preparing themselves for the next tour and comeback! Did you saw their new hair style? I understand, it makes me feel like a piece of sh*t seeing these young idols :T Shinee will be back soon then after I'll miss BEG :/ About Hyosung... I'm not that excited because I totally dislike her first album, Goodnight Kiss was not that impressing .-.

    2 May 20:36 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Yesss, I need to watch it NOW X-X Then please, send me this link! I dislike a bit Kai's voice but I must agree he is amazing. I don't know well the boys but I'm almost sure that Lay will become my bias. Haha, I like Wolf the most, this song is really incredible ^.^ Well, stupid things we can see ALL the time when it comes to fandom in k-pop, even more in Exo's fandom... Did you saw those things that some of them did lately? -.- I could never thought that Yeri is so young, I could even think that Joy is still the maknae O.o And I don't know shannon, only heard of her...

    27 Abr 21:39 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Where you watched the SW3? ._. You bought it? I tried hard to enjoy Exo’s songs and finally I got success IoI Now I finally find how good their songs are, before I just watched those MV’s and the songs didn’t impressed me. Wolf was the first that I listened and at first time this song is so... confused. I like Playboy the most, actually I'm IN LOVE with this one, the other songs are really good too. Yes, he wrote Playboy, maybe is just because of this that I’m more into this song haha. LOL, it made me remind of Excuse me Miss too xD I feel the same about RV's album. Hmm no, I really like Somethin KInda Crazy too, I like even more than Automatic. I loved the new member too, she is SO cute <3 and SO young too LOL

    1 Abr 15:14 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Yesss, and ofc Minho does better in singing than rap, he is notoriously growing as a singer and sm must give him a space. Not that I want him do leave the rap IoI I think the same, I don’t understand when jyj fans says that he has a SO great voice :~~ Anyway he is a good singer. Yeah, Mama is the best, XOXO is great too. What Is Love is so precious <3 Me too, even more knowing that Jjong wrote one song for their album ^o^ The only one thing that are making me sad about their comeback is that at this moment my Miss a is doing their comeback too, for sure they will KILL my girls and everyone LOL Did you saw Red Velvet’s comeback?

    29 Mar 22:58 Responder
  • Justisska

    Thanks for accepting me ;)

    23 Mar 20:51 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I dislike the other song of the single but well, it was soooo good listen to it and see Minho with that lot of lines! I’m so glad that finally he got his space, I just hope that in their next korean comeback will be this way too. As he is a great singer I think I’ll like, it was the same with Jonghyun, I took a time to get used :3 I heard a bit of Jaejoong but it didn’t impressed me, probably I'm the one because seems that everyone love so much his voice :T Right Now I have been addicted to Exo’s songs. It’s the first time I hear their songs, for some reason I used to have something against this group LOL

    18 Mar 16:45 Responder
  • LiirisC

    hahah I saw it later too, true bad fans t-t I respect Junsu A LOT, he is one of the greatest singers but I dislike his voice, it's so... exotic ;B But still I'm going listen. I loved the girls, the songs, concept, but I think they should improve that vocals sooon, almost all the girls are too bad live :c Do you already have one fav member? I'm so into Nahyun and Sumin, can't decide x-x'

    4 Mar 13:21 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Your Number is nothing but man, I TRULLY LOVEEEEEEEED IT, is a so fresh song, Minho finally had his spotlight, the choreography looks so creative and it’s definitely their best japanese single. Also It seems that they are slowly becoming equal each other in lines quantity and I would be so glad if I'm right. Luna for sure is one of the best singers, so sad that she is so underrated .-. Their new group is called SONAMOO, the girls are all so adorable <3

    2 Mar 16:26 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I just think they are paying much more attention to Japan lately, I hope after these shows at Tokyo Dome they will finally leave that country, can't understand why they are releasing one more single there :T At least it seems that this time will be a good one, maybe something like Fire or 1000YABYS... Amber's voice is so beautiful that I wanted she to leave rap and only be a singer, although she is so much better as a rapper .-. Now I hope Luna can have soon a solo too. Btw, did you saw the new TS's group? c:

    17 Feb 15:53 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I’m praying for a concept like Lucifer :V And I want a full album but I’m feeling that it must be another mini. Deja-Boo is really so catchy so I always though this song would get a lot of attention, but I was so wrong at thinking that Crazy would be well received too… So is it true that Amber are going in a solo project? ^.^ I don’t follow f(x) but I always was interested in a solo from that girl, love so much her voice <3

    9 Feb 18:41 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Maybe it is easy for some people who have similar pronounces, for me it’s quite impossible :T LOL, really? Never heard about this before haha. Maybe it’s because a lot of countries in South America speaks Spanish, actually Brazil is the one that not, I guess. Yeah, can’t believe he got it… To be honest the first time when I listened Deja Boo I was sure this song would have A LOT of attention, but since Crazy was the main promoted song I never thought he could win all those awards, a lot of people dislike this song

    31 Ene 20:39 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I heard about this in the last month and so far no one said it's true or not, but for sure it's fake. Oh, I listened about this too, but unhappily it's just a rumor :c Well, I'm sure that SM will give them a comeback till the half of the year at least. French is the most difficult language ever, the pronounce is almost impossible to learn. Since 7? So you must be a bit good, no? Yeah, portuguese and spanish are similar and that's why I dislike, it's like "a strange portuguese" to me :B LOL, of course I will have a lot of problems like all humans, even rich people have a lot. Yeah, and the lyrics is so beautiful, the choreography really don't matches with the song :V Agree, that's because Ace is more commercial. I keep on preferring Ace but now I started to think that Base is more precious. ~Now waiting for Onew's solo, I hope so much he can have too :I

    20 Ene 0:09 Responder
  • iamlkyu

    hi ^^ may i know where is this picture from? thanks a lot !!! ;)

    18 Ene 16:19 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I heard that they are going release another japanese single, is it true? :c God they need some korean release now. Those fans are missing them so much, we can see it so easily watching their last performances there ._.

    15 Ene 23:07 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Me too, even if is complicated I would like to learn a lot of languages, mainly german <3 Well, less spanish and french, the ones I totally dislike how it sounds, german and japanese are my fav. Hmm the thing is that some jobs are enjoyable. Must be the same to the whole world, no money = no future x-x But since I can live my life without any difficulty then it's ok for me, I don’t care about have a reaaally good job or sallary. Deja boo I loved at first listen, this song would be my favorite if had not Love Belt ♥ Neon still didn’t impressed me, I need to listen more times. Mono-drama is so lovely. About Hallelujah I just think that the choreography is too sexy, those women just… I not even know what to say haha x-x I prefer Ace just because of the Ace song, caught me completely, I think this song will be my favorite song during my whole life ¬¬ Yeah, and his songs are so deep. Did you saw Hallelujah’s lyrics? I almost cried.

    15 Ene 23:07 Responder
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