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  • LiirisC

    Yesss, and ofc Minho does better in singing than rap, he is notoriously growing as a singer and sm must give him a space. Not that I want him do leave the rap IoI I think the same, I don’t understand when jyj fans says that he has a SO great voice :~~ Anyway he is a good singer. Yeah, Mama is the best, XOXO is great too. What Is Love is so precious <3 Me too, even more knowing that Jjong wrote one song for their album ^o^ The only one thing that are making me sad about their comeback is that at this moment my Miss a is doing their comeback too, for sure they will KILL my girls and everyone LOL Did you saw Red Velvet’s comeback?

    29 Mar 22:58 Responder
  • Justisska

    Thanks for accepting me ;)

    23 Mar 20:51 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I dislike the other song of the single but well, it was soooo good listen to it and see Minho with that lot of lines! I’m so glad that finally he got his space, I just hope that in their next korean comeback will be this way too. As he is a great singer I think I’ll like, it was the same with Jonghyun, I took a time to get used :3 I heard a bit of Jaejoong but it didn’t impressed me, probably I'm the one because seems that everyone love so much his voice :T Right Now I have been addicted to Exo’s songs. It’s the first time I hear their songs, for some reason I used to have something against this group LOL

    18 Mar 16:45 Responder
  • LiirisC

    hahah I saw it later too, true bad fans t-t I respect Junsu A LOT, he is one of the greatest singers but I dislike his voice, it's so... exotic ;B But still I'm going listen. I loved the girls, the songs, concept, but I think they should improve that vocals sooon, almost all the girls are too bad live :c Do you already have one fav member? I'm so into Nahyun and Sumin, can't decide x-x'

    4 Mar 13:21 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Your Number is nothing but man, I TRULLY LOVEEEEEEEED IT, is a so fresh song, Minho finally had his spotlight, the choreography looks so creative and it’s definitely their best japanese single. Also It seems that they are slowly becoming equal each other in lines quantity and I would be so glad if I'm right. Luna for sure is one of the best singers, so sad that she is so underrated .-. Their new group is called SONAMOO, the girls are all so adorable <3

    2 Mar 16:26 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I just think they are paying much more attention to Japan lately, I hope after these shows at Tokyo Dome they will finally leave that country, can't understand why they are releasing one more single there :T At least it seems that this time will be a good one, maybe something like Fire or 1000YABYS... Amber's voice is so beautiful that I wanted she to leave rap and only be a singer, although she is so much better as a rapper .-. Now I hope Luna can have soon a solo too. Btw, did you saw the new TS's group? c:

    17 Feb 15:53 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I’m praying for a concept like Lucifer :V And I want a full album but I’m feeling that it must be another mini. Deja-Boo is really so catchy so I always though this song would get a lot of attention, but I was so wrong at thinking that Crazy would be well received too… So is it true that Amber are going in a solo project? ^.^ I don’t follow f(x) but I always was interested in a solo from that girl, love so much her voice <3

    9 Feb 18:41 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Maybe it is easy for some people who have similar pronounces, for me it’s quite impossible :T LOL, really? Never heard about this before haha. Maybe it’s because a lot of countries in South America speaks Spanish, actually Brazil is the one that not, I guess. Yeah, can’t believe he got it… To be honest the first time when I listened Deja Boo I was sure this song would have A LOT of attention, but since Crazy was the main promoted song I never thought he could win all those awards, a lot of people dislike this song

    31 Ene 20:39 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I heard about this in the last month and so far no one said it's true or not, but for sure it's fake. Oh, I listened about this too, but unhappily it's just a rumor :c Well, I'm sure that SM will give them a comeback till the half of the year at least. French is the most difficult language ever, the pronounce is almost impossible to learn. Since 7? So you must be a bit good, no? Yeah, portuguese and spanish are similar and that's why I dislike, it's like "a strange portuguese" to me :B LOL, of course I will have a lot of problems like all humans, even rich people have a lot. Yeah, and the lyrics is so beautiful, the choreography really don't matches with the song :V Agree, that's because Ace is more commercial. I keep on preferring Ace but now I started to think that Base is more precious. ~Now waiting for Onew's solo, I hope so much he can have too :I

    20 Ene 0:09 Responder
  • iamlkyu

    hi ^^ may i know where is this picture from? thanks a lot !!! ;)

    18 Ene 16:19 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I heard that they are going release another japanese single, is it true? :c God they need some korean release now. Those fans are missing them so much, we can see it so easily watching their last performances there ._.

    15 Ene 23:07 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Me too, even if is complicated I would like to learn a lot of languages, mainly german <3 Well, less spanish and french, the ones I totally dislike how it sounds, german and japanese are my fav. Hmm the thing is that some jobs are enjoyable. Must be the same to the whole world, no money = no future x-x But since I can live my life without any difficulty then it's ok for me, I don’t care about have a reaaally good job or sallary. Deja boo I loved at first listen, this song would be my favorite if had not Love Belt ♥ Neon still didn’t impressed me, I need to listen more times. Mono-drama is so lovely. About Hallelujah I just think that the choreography is too sexy, those women just… I not even know what to say haha x-x I prefer Ace just because of the Ace song, caught me completely, I think this song will be my favorite song during my whole life ¬¬ Yeah, and his songs are so deep. Did you saw Hallelujah’s lyrics? I almost cried.

    15 Ene 23:07 Responder
  • LiirisC

    Hmm, I will give you a true honest answer, to me as a brazilian is really aggressive haha. Our language has so different pronunciations so I imagine that portuguese must sound strange for you too. I’m exactly at the same situation, I really don’t know what I should do, I have not a dream when it comes to profession and I think I'd hate to do anything haha. Same here, everything costs a lot. I not even have a job, I’m just at my home deciding what to do with my hopeless future keke ¬¬ I loved the two songs, it’s a masterpiece, especially Love Belt ♥ and I loved the idea of SM make the album seem like a continuation of Ace. And with it now must come the comparisons, right? -.- I'm trying to keep away from shawols because I'm already anticipating this haha

    9 Ene 0:59 Responder
  • LiirisC

    You're right, but I think it would not help that much, because in the end my usb sticky would be contaminated by a virus also x-x So I'm always scanning my pc to prevent any damage this may cause. Oh, I'd love to be there to see it, must be very beautiful ^.^ -10°C? I do not know if I survive that hahha. Here the minimum is around 18°C. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I think that I can't pronounce it hahaha. I've had enough contact with the german language because of a band (I think you can guess what it is xD) and it's really complicated learn the pronunciations, more because of the 'R' and 'L'. Well, I do not know how it would be the right term to tell you, but what you will end in 2016 I have concluded two years ago, and after that I did not do anything. I'm too lazy to study :v

    25 Dic 2014 Responder
  • LiirisC

    I have my pc for something like 3 or 4 years and I never had any problem with losing stuff so far. But since it happened to you so I'll order one usb stick too, every week I have some problem with virus haha. All I know is that Onew should NEVER have changed his hairstyle since he became blond, I miss so much that blond hair .-. LOL, really?? At least on the last day of the year must snowing >< if it does not happen it definitely means that we are all lost omg x-x Here we never have at least 10 rainy days per year so it's really impossible have enough water. Btw, are you student?

    22 Dic 2014 Responder
  • LiirisC

    160gb is really good, but it wouldn't be sufficient to me, I'm always downloading a lot of videos and albums. xP My pc has a lot of space and I share with my entire family, I'm sure that at least 70%(or more) of the stuff are all mine x-x I think that if they break up with TS probably some other company will be interested in them. To me Onew is just ok, not that handsome but far to be ugly. Oh, really? I think all the boys become more handsome with makeup(especially Taemin) but to me none of them looks bad without it. I loved when Key was with black hair in the Boys Meet U tour, that was the best to me ♥ Now he is with a lovely hairstyle again, Jonghyun too, did you saw? The weather here is hot as hell like always but at least has rained lately, mainly because Brazil has been in trouble with the lack of water :L

    15 Dic 2014 Responder
  • MissBloodMaddy

    I have a little autumn depression)and I really miss SHINee :( need a comeback!

    9 Nov 2014 Responder
  • Arashio

    ଘ(੭ ˘◡˘ )੭ THANK YOU FOR THE ADD ♡

    19 Jun 2014 Responder
  • MissBloodMaddy

    hate politics(( let's not talk about the bad) i saw your tumblr blog) i'm 96 liner too)

    18 May 2014 Responder
  • MissBloodMaddy

    it's awful (and a lot of false rumors / ah so embarrassed in front of other countries in this

    18 May 2014 Responder
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