• Your number 1!

    11 Jul 2010, 2:59

    1. When did you first hear this band?
    I was 5, so 1994

    2. What was the first song you heard by them?
    Midlife Crisis, on my Dad's 'Classic Rock Anthems' CD.

    3. What is your favourite song?
    Oh sweet jesus...i'll go for Everything's Ruined and Kindergarten

    4. What is your favourite album?
    Angel Dust

    5. How many times have you seen them live?
    4, not bloody enough though!

    6. Describe a moment involving this band that makes you happy.
    Theres a few things..spending a few days redecorating my room around the sole fact that i was painting their logo on my wall but over everything, when i hear The Real Thing in full for the first time, seriously could not stop grinning for about a week, i just knew that i loved them straight from the bat.