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  • mackcee

    Hello can we be friends ,My friend

    8 Mar 2014 Responder
  • leksand

    nice libery

    4 Mar 2014 Responder
  • DonMavis

    Although you haven't responded to the last post, I thought I'd tell you about wireelesss... as this was my first festival, I was not prepared.. I looked like mud xD dirt underneath my finger and toenails (yes I was wearing sandals!) and the ongoing cigarette smoke around me. Omw home, I also got stranded but that's another story lool - the music itself was great! I saw Daley, Big Sean, 2Chainz, ASAP Rocky, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Angel and JT & JZ.. I didn't care much for JZ but the person I went with loves 'getting crunk', so it was fun to shake my locs up and down LOL to 2Chainz and stuff.

    1 Ago 2013 Responder
  • DonMavis

    AH CUBAAA, I definitely would have loved it! Can you speak Spanish? LOL, I know pimpin' yet broke now... xD sad times. And umm yea probably but can't think of 'em lool, I'll let uknow though. I had a free ticket cause my Aunty was oh-so kind and offered me one... Umm, I'm really not too good with names. *checks playlist* so, the names that I've written to download are: Ghana Emoton, You And Me, Lift Off, Your Mess, All For Me, It's So, Gimme More, Lay It Down.. Missing any? And the thing that sucks moreso, is that there aren't many of my friends with similar music taste soooo, it's hard to drag along someone in the first instance xD how olds your bro? And whats it like going w/o anyone? And umm.. anything with pay really LOL.. atm, I got a job interview with Sainsburys and I'm applying to be an Audio Typist so fingers crossed! Oh yes, before I forget - Robert Glasper Experiment - 29th July - Shoreditch - ARE YOU GOINNNNGG?! :P

    13 Jul 2013 Responder
  • ThirstLight

    Thanks for added me :) www.facebook.com/thirst.light http://twitter.com/thirstlight1

    12 Jul 2013 Responder
  • DonMavis

    Ikr, I thought you'd disappeared Thanks hun *beams* !:O But PLANE though?! Where d'ya go? I think they went decently - will find out in mid-August though *bites knuckles* wbu? LOOOL for real? Aren't you gonna see the gorgeous Miguel? I'm going on Sun! And Lovebox for my mainman D'Angelo and Friday just because it seemed cost-effective LOL. I really wanted to see Omar (due to you), had a free ticket and everything buuuuut... it was the same day as my prom. And my friend flopped me on the day of when I wanted to see Bilal :( Besides that, just been chilling and applying for part-time work!

    11 Jul 2013 Responder
  • DonMavis

    Nooo, not even.. Had an exam today - I finish in 2 weeks! :O Medicine? You gwaan girl *bogles* Where did you study? Oh glory... I need to stop making myself known LOOOL! Just finding me everywhere smh. I'm gonna have to delete that video real quick - that was a good couple years back xD Favourites.. hmm .. let's see: Impossible To Kill, Victory, Day Dun, Blown Away, More Fire, maybe Paid In Full.. Tbh, I pretty much like 'em all. Tell me what you thinK! I've literally just got into the concert vibe ukno - I'm a yungen lool. I've seen a lot of gospel acts cause of Oraclez, Lalah Hathaway and Angel (of course). I know the price is giving me stress LOL.. I wanna go to Lovebox (w/ D'Angelo) and I'm hoping to go along with my bro to Wireless but Idk yet.. I'm open to anything tho pretty much. Wbu?

    6 Jun 2013 Responder
  • DonMavis

    Sorry for such the late response - I don't have any notifications to check my shoutbox so I didn't realise you replied xD It suddenly dawned on me when I was posting a shout on other songs and saw your avi lool. ..But yes, I'm guilty as well.. doing a lil azonto on the train and stuff LOL. Don't even get me started - best believe that was on repeat for almost a forenight - so I'm with you. I've got exams as well - what do you do? And nuhuh, I thought I just stated my interest in it.. oopsie. I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to go though, if somebody just blessed me with tickets xD I want to go to a festival this summer tho

    27 May 2013 Responder
  • DonMavis

    We truly do - I also noticed you like afrobeats! Hey hey! Haha.. Yeah, I do but Idk how that really works tbh, I haven't shared playlists before - noob, right? The way that you feel about Omar sounds like Angel & I's relationship lol - if you can really call it that xD So with respect to his album, I really am biased.. but I think the songs are pretty dope - if you want, I could recommend you some? And in terms of the Wireless festival, does it say that? oh dayam. I wish I was going to Wireless - I just like the idea that there's so much talent contained into one space!

    8 May 2013 Responder
  • DonMavis

    I hope you enjoy ittt... I've just taken a look on your charts and noticed your a fan of Omar's! I haven't really heard much of his stuff, besides a song I think he did with Erykah Badu.. .but do you ahve any recommendations?

    6 May 2013 Responder
  • menelikmusic

    INTERESTING LIBRARY, never really heard of most of those guys. but it seems like the could have some good music...peace sis

    22 Abr 2013 Responder
  • soulbeam

    Happy Sunday! Wonderful music!

    25 Feb 2013 Responder

    Welcome aboard, SpIrItUaL_1! Happy listening.

    18 Oct 2008 Responder

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