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15 Jul 2011, 23:49

Ljungblut – Over skyene skinner alltid solen
Download release 12.08. CD and vinyl 19.08

Probably he is one of the most prolific and distinctive songwriters in Norwegian history. Kim Ljung has much on his conscience. Both Seigmen’s and Zeromancer’s career have stretched successfully over a decade. ”Over skyene skinner alltid solen” is Kim Ljung’s album no. 17 as a songwriter and lyricist. The album is his impressive return to where it all started.
In Norwegian.

Ljungblut was just meant to be a phase. Seven years ago the idea came up. Kim Ljung wanted a more personal approach to his fans. The plan was to do a four-track EP. The inspiration he found in a small studio close to a beach outside Tønsberg, was overwhelming. It ended up being a double album called, ”The other side of all things” . Two years later he followed up with, ”Capitals”. Both albums packed with stunning arrangements topped off nicely with Ljung’s seductive voice.

A surprise to some, Kim Ljung again decided writing in Norwegian. Something he hasn’t done since the platinum selling ”Metropolis” album by Seigmen in 1995.
Several of the songs on ”Over skyene skinner alltid solen” were recorded live in Athletic Sound in Norway. The same studio that Seigmen recorded their first album twenty years ago. ”Being back was really special,” says Ljung. ”The recordings were magic. We usually nailed the takes by the second or third one. Instantly a few seconds in, we knew it was the final take.” As with the previous ones, this album is created alongside many of his current and former band members. ”Over skyene skinner alltid solen” is mixed by Alex Møklebust. Erik Ljunggren (the man who recently maneuvered A-ha during their farewell tour) did the programming of the potential hit, ”Adelsten”

Unfortunately, Kim is not very available for this release. His chronic migraines have put him out of action this summer. All Zeromancer-concerts have been canceled. As well as Ljungblut’s first performances for the release of the album. However it won’t stop him from doing the same ingenious move as with the previous Ljungblut releases. The album will only be printed as limited editions. Both for the CD and the vinyl.
All numbered and signed by Ljung himself.

Release is August 19.... order here: thegarden.no
Available as downloads from August 12.
You can listen to samples here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Over-skyene-skinner-alltid-solen/dp/B005AF35MA
Ljungblut – the band:

Kim Ljung
Dan Heide
Ted Skogmann
Sindre Pedersen
Joakim Brendsrød




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