the songs that i've repeated for hours


24 Mar 2007, 15:45

I guess everybody have been consumed by a track and just listened to it over and over.. It would be very fun if people started using the tag. I think it would be hilariously fun. heres my list of repeated songs. chronologically ofcourse with personal notes :) I'm certain theres good stuff in there if you like synths.

when it started playing on mtv I was hooked and i just put it on repeat and animated stuff in flash for hours.. brilliant. chorus is like top-ten!

My Sharona
this is one of those tracks that just clinge on even tho they're ain't that brilliant. however this was like the soundtrack for me on the hultsfred festival 2004. great track.

We Move
this reminds me of summer and lying in the sun. the melodies are really great in this song.

melodies and pads. mmm and the bass in the background.. wonderful.
This track was so great for me that everytime I got drunk around that time I always talked about it or propagated it to strangers.

Power Animals
this track is all about the chorus. the tom sounds really nice. this is more of a weird track I guess. I've always been a huge fan of Oneida so my mind is probably clouded.

Ready for Take Off
I use to listen to this kind of tracks when I have a hangover. droneish theres-something-in-your-ear-techno.

Up In Flames
nice bass and convincing lyrics. always thought the chorus was a bit boring tho.

We Interrupt This Program
everybody likes acid house

heard it first on mtv in a really short animation. i think it was called re:construct or something like that. the drums, vocals and blipps are really paralyzing. a must repeat.

Dancing Box feat. TTC
this track I really like a lot (together with silikon). techno meets hip hop in my opinion. love everything with it.

Like a Pen
when their last album came out this was the song i liked the most. amazing synths and nice chorus etc.

really like her voice. :> and this track is really hooky. I guess I hate it now.

This Is the Way
me and two homies was hanging around in the city and blasting this track everywhere.
was really fun and i loved how the track reverberated in food stores and the subway etc.

Get Together
I'm a sucker for pads.

I Feel It All
best on the new album by me.

When You Were Young
I first saw the video on mtv and his voice, the chords and video was just really nice. Now I can finally repeat.

so? any thoughts or recommendations? :)


  • CowboyChuck

    Sun Is Shining so tasty...

    24 Mar 2007, 23:05
  • Snabbdist

    no repeat quality on that one by me :(

    24 Mar 2007, 23:44
  • patrickisdunne

    i remember being particularily wasted and playing this for about four hours trying to write down the lyrics. an especially good drug song. oh and original by leftfield and paper tigers by beck.

    27 Mar 2007, 17:29
  • Snabbdist

    now we're talking :) thanks mate. the pink floyd-song was really interesting. makes me wanna remix. :s

    28 Mar 2007, 12:20
  • CowboyChuck

    Thick as a brick both part are so complete with every details and complexity you dream of.

    2 Abr 2007, 1:54
  • Snabbdist

    I dont know dude. :/ whats up with the flutes?! :o

    2 Abr 2007, 18:51
  • Absolutbestever

    The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet Just Brilliant

    23 Abr 2007, 23:18
  • Snabbdist

    Almost sound like thin lizzy - boys are back in town :) If that's a hit this one is too I guess.

    24 Abr 2007, 18:23
  • 5TG

    I think there was a day when I listened to this like 20 times in a row. :p

    4 Jun 2007, 1:37
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